A Love So Different, So Perfect (Good Doctor)

by mrdimples

*Minors, stay out*

He shifted a little so that she can fit more snugly in the crook of his arm. She let out a soft sigh and turned slightly but she did not stir from her sleep.  Her face caught the moonlight as it shone through the window. He stared at her, completely mesmerized by her beauty. This angel was sleeping in his bed, the most beautiful and loveliest woman in the entire world was lying beside him. Is this a dream?

He reached out his hand and touched her gently just to make sure she is real. A wisp of damp hair has fallen over her forehead and he brushed it aside to see her face more clearly. Her cheeks were pink and flushed and her lips moist from his kisses. He traced his finger softly from her cheeks to her collarbone, her skin felt little damp from their lovemaking. He remembered how he moved on top of her, of how her hands grabbed him and drove him to quicken his pace. He could feel her body respond to his. As his face hovered close to hers, she whispered his name “Si On…Si On..” Nothing he had come across prepared him for the indescribable feeling. His heart felt as if it was exploding, a tremendous pressure welled up inside him until he couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Afterwards, he cradled her in his arms and kissed her. He felt like he just ran a marathon. He was utterly spent but that feeling of being joined as one was too beautiful. He held her face between his hands and looked into her beautiful eyes. He opened his mouth but words cannot express how much he loved her. She smiled the most beautiful smile and caressed his hands, kissing his fingers.

“Si On ah, when did you start to like me”

“Ah…when you slept on my bed. You looked like an angel, doctor.” Yoon Seo giggled, he was so cute.

“When did you start to like me, doctor?” Si On was curious but Yoon Seo blushed and didn’t say a word before finally offering “I don’t know.”

Si On started to pout, and then he grabbed her waist and tickled her. She squirmed and protested but he wouldn’t let her go. His hands were large and masculine, whenever he touched her, she always felt as if a wave of heat rushed through her body. “Stop…stop! Okay, I will tell you.” Yoon Seo gave up; it wasn’t as much as feeling ticklish but rather, his hands on her bare skin drove her crazy.  

“Hmmm…I guess it was when you held me in your arms from the oncoming car. I, I felt…” she blushed, unable to continue.

He held her face and kissed her softly on her lips. He laid her head on his chest and gently caressed her hair. She felt so safe and so loved in the arms of her man. Slowly, she relaxed her body and closed her eyes, feeling his hand stroking her hair. She felt she was the luckiest woman in the world; she wanted to spend every night in the arms of his man. Her eyelids became heavy; she didn’t want to sleep yet. She wanted to savor every second but slowly she drifted into dreamland.

Sunlight streamed through the windows, she stirred and opened her eyes. He was still asleep, the sun rays shone on his back, creating an aura of light around his head. He looked so handsome even when he was sleeping. She moved her finger gingerly across his thick eyebrow and brushed against his eyelashes. He had the prettiest eyes she has ever seen in a man. What he couldn’t express, she saw it in his eyes. Although he couldn’t look directly at her all the time, she sensed the mood behind them. She used to see often, fear, doubt, anxiety, confusion and hurt in them. But these days, she saw joy, happiness and love instead. She saw herself in them. He need not put an electronic display on his heart; it was obvious that she meant a world to him. What a silly girl she had been, she almost missed the chance to love this wonderful man.

She continued to trace her finger down his nose; it was straight and perfectly shaped. His lips had just the right amount of fullness, they were cute when he pout and so sensuous when he kissed. He looked so child-like in his innocence yet he was every bit a namja. He was strong yet gentle. She blushed as she remembered how she shuddered and cried out. She sighed and knew she could spend hours looking at him. She took a glance at the clock, it was 7 am; she should get up and prepare breakfast. She slid carefully towards the edge of the bed and put on her clothes.

Si On looked for Yoon Seo and could not find her. Where did she go? Didn’t she say she would make him his favorite stew? He searched the entire apartment but she was nowhere to be seen. Then he spotted a piece of paper on the kitchen top, weighed down by the teapot. His hands trembled as he reached out; he took the paper and read the note.

“Si On, I have made a mistake. I don’t think I can love you the way you want me to. Perhaps in another time or another world, we can be a couple. Now it’s just not possible. I am sorry. I will come and find you when that day comes.”

A lump rose up his throat. He felt as if he had choked on a big piece of kimbap, he couldn’t breathe. His chest heaved and his face crumbled as tears rolled down his cheeks. There was a searing pain in his chest like someone stuck a red hot poker right through it. The pain in his heart was too much to bear. He knocked his fist against his chest repeatedly, trying to make it go away.

He woke up with a start and sat up at once. How long has he been sleeping? Was he dreaming? He remembered last night, he and Yoon Seo. Was that a dream too? But where was she? Was she ever here? Then he remembered.

“The letter, no!”

He scrambled out of bed and stumbled towards the kitchen counter, it wasn’t there.

The door opened and Yoon Seo walked in, holding two eggs in one hand and packet of sausages in the other.

“Good morning, you just woke up?

Si On ran towards her and hugged her tightly. Yoon Seo was taken aback by his fervor. He buried his face into her nape and did not let go.

“Careful Si On, my eggs! You’ll break them.”

He finally pulled back, looking rather sheepish. She noticed his eyes were red.

“What’s wrong? Tell me.”

He shook his head, “No, nothing is wrong, doctor.”

“I know you are lying. Look at me and tell me.”

“I…I thought you left”

“I went upstairs to get stuff for breakfast. You only have kimbap…” Yoon Seo started but when she saw his crestfallen face, she realized what had happened.

She placed the food down, sat him on the kitchen stool and held his hand, “Si On ah, I will never leave you. I love you.”

“Will you be happy with me? I want to be everything for you but I, I…” he choked on his words. 

“You are different because you are special. Most of all, you are my namja.”

Si On took Yoon Seo’s hands and placed it on his chest.

“Can you feel my heart? My heart beats for you only. I love you”

Yoon Seo smiled with tears in her eyes. She hugged him tight.

He held her face in his hands and kissed her deeply. They are going to be late for work.


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