GHOST Musical by farbarri Part 7 : A New Hope




Dancers came in and danced their hip hop dance. Sam rushes back and forth a couple times, as indication he travels a certain distance. Joowon’s hair was flying about here and there, and I couldn’t help but to giggle. Kekeke! He runs funny too because it’s short distance. After running around a couple times, Sam finally appears…. hanging in the air by his neck, lifted by Subway ghost who is angry that Sam ‘invaded’ his train. He beats up Sam. When the door opens, he bodily throws Sam outside.


This is a new scene. There is a street signboard, a vending machine, and a bench. Littered around are empty cans and newspapers. This could either be an abandoned train stop, or the production is showing the scene with just the two of them. So Sam was thrown, but he quickly gets up to face the Subway Ghost (SG). SG started yelling again for Sam to leave while beating him up, but Sam refuses point black to leave until he learns how to touch things. SG got angry, so he punched at the vending machine’s glass cover, and it broke. Ok, that was pretty impressive.


He took out a can, laid it on the floor, and told Sam to touch it, then he demonstrates. He started angry-teaching via rapping, complete with aggressive body motion. Awesome! At first, he rapped that Sam is not an existing person, that he’s DEAD, and that none of his physical body exist anymore. Then he said to Sam to focus, gather all his anger, fear, longing and emotions in his gut, fill up his body. And focus.


While he rapped, Sam tried again and again to touch the can, but he didn’t manage to. Whoosh~ whoosh~ He told SG it didn’t work, and he got beaten up for it. I LOVE IT WHENEVER SAM GETS BEATEN UP!!!! I don’t know how it is with other Sam actors, but with Joowon, his expression and body movement is extremely spot on, and his response is just amazing. The way he did it is like he was really beaten up. But the thing is, SG and Sam are standing about 2-3 metres apart, so obviously it didn’t hit Sam. But the metaphor is absolutely amazing. And there’s this BAM! sound each time SG throws a punch or kick.


SG demonstrates again with slow motion, and he placed an empty can at the back, and continues his teach/rap. Again, Sam tries and tries to grab/move it, but the cup still won’t move an inch! He frustratingly said that the method didn’t work, and SG beats him up again. BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM!




Only this time….. OMG…. It was SAM who threw the last punch! SG staggered by the impact, totally wasn’t expecting that to happen. Both are equally surprised by the turn of events. Sam slowly looked at his hands then tried to push a litter off the signboard… And it fell! Sam yells in triumph “That’s it! It worked!” and started running around here and there, throwing newspapers up in the air (he only moves his hands, and the papers go flying!).



SG said non-challantly “Good job” like he was bored or something. LOL! Aww, SG must have been a good guy when he was alive, to help out Sam this way. My guess is he was murdered, so he got very angry over it. Seeing Sam able to move things, I feel like a proud mother or something.


Anyway, Sam finally cools down from his euphoria, and approaches SG. Sam sincerely thanks him and extends his arm for a shake. SG takes it, but they feel an instant electric shock. Both snaps their hands away from each other. I don’t know what happened there… Sam asks SG how long has he been here, and SG replied “Since I was pushed”. Sam was shocked! SG yells at Sam, asking who sent him there, and tells him to go away. SG yells that he was pushed, that he didn’t jump, and it wasn’t his time to go. Then he runs and jumps onto an approaching train, still angry. So… SG must have been pushed off/in front of a train. Guess I was right about him being murdered after all…


Once SG left, everything turns dark. A happy song turns on. Only Sam was lighted blue in the middle of the stage. He turns around to face the audience, his face alights with hope. He looks at his hands, at his new power, slaps his hands on his thighs and a blinding light came on like lightning. Wow~ He looks at the audience, smiles triumphantly and said “Ije twaeso! (Now, nothing else matters!)” and left the stage, running with all his might. There’s only ONE person that matters to him at this moment…



Hospital ghosts stood around the stage, singing harmoniously. This time, they were singing about a miracle lady who can hear and talk to them, who helps them settles their unfinished business so they can move on. ODA MAE!!!! Aww, I have a soft spot for her now. OM’s house props were brought in, as she talks to a lady. Wait… Can she hear all ghosts now? I thought she can only hear Sam…?


Anyway, she sings/communicates with the lady while her ghost partner talks to her. She settles the customer smoothly, and tells her sidekicks to call for the next customer. She’s obviously popular now. Heh! A young woman was brought in. A male ghost got excited that she came, and told OM she’s his sister. OM told her to concentrate so they can call her brother, Orlando. And Orlando replied that there’s no need for that as he’s already there. LOL!



She begins talking/singing to the woman. But the thing is, the ghosts’ singing grew louder, too. LOL! OM yells at them to stop singing so loudly because she can’t hear anyone talking. They were practically singing right in her ear!

This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.


Sam walks in like it’s his second home, calling out “Oda Mae? Oda Mae?” I really love seeing their relationship together, really. Note that Sam opens and closes the door by himself, since he can already control it. Heh! Show-off. OM seems really glad to hear from Sam, though. Sam was very pleased to see more ghosts there, even his friend hospital ghost ahjusshi was there too! He was surprised but pleased to know that OM can hear all the ghosts now, and praised her amazing ability, but OM said she wasn’t happy as they keep bothering her even in the toilet and showers. LOL!


She said she has had enough for the day, and told the customer to leave. Orlando wasn’t happy. In slow motion, he jumped into her body. OM spazzes for a few seconds as the foreign soul enters her body. Then OM/Orlando calms, and looks around to spot Orlando’s sister. Once spotted, OM/Orlando comments on her hair from which she retorts back that it’s the ‘style’ now. LOL! OM fights against the soul, and with a BANG!, Orlando jumps away from OM’s body, and fell to the floor, writhing in pain.


Uh-oh… This doesn’t seem good.


Surprised, Sam rushes over to Orlando. The hospital ghost went over too. Orlando writhes and whimpers in pain, saying that he can’t get up at all. Sam asked him why is he in pain, and hospital ghost said something like it’s not their original body, and the bodies don’t connect. Something like dying again, I think. OM shoos her assistants and ghosts away, though she can’t see the latter. But as long as she can’t hear them anymore, that must mean the ghosts are away, right? Kekekeke!


Sam and the hospital ghost helped Orlando up, and together, they take him away. Sam and hospital ghost were at the back of the room, chatting when suddenly WILLY LOPEZ enters. OMG!!!! He asks OM is she’s a psychic, and OM asks back who he is. Sam turns around at that time and cries out “Willy…!” OM heard his voice and cried out “Willy Lopez!” and cowers in fear. Willy was obviously surprised that she knew his name, so he withdrew his gun. She attempts to run away as Sam ran over to Willy and kicks him.


The gun went off…


No epilogue… I am speechless…. perfect acting, perfect music, perfect emotion, perfect settings. everything is just amazing! the last part coming up soon.


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