GHOST Musical by farbarri part 6 : A Lost Love

Ghost – performance fanaccount


This part 2 covers the half of Scene 2 after ending of Scene 1. It will not be as detailed as before, and will serve sort-of as a detailed summary. Do let me know personally if you would like to know how the conversation goes word-by-word and I will be glad to inform you.


Warning: This fanaccount serves as a SPOILER to those who will watch Ghost. Strong recommendation to NOT read if you are planning on watching Ghost any time during its run. This is also a detailed fan-account from a Joowon-biased fan, thus there may be a lot of biasness during comparison. Read at your own risk/pleasure.


However, if you are about to watch Ghost soon but does not understand Korean apart from ‘Omma’, ‘Appa’, ‘Saranghae’, ‘Anyyeonghaseyo’ and ‘Kangsahamnida’, then maybe you would want to read this as it will make you understand the whole conversation.

(some images are taken from and korean media because their pictures are more beautiful than my screencaps )


thank you @mindymoe for such beautiful gifs~




Now that we know the truth, feelings might get a bit confusing. Note that Oda Mae and Molly have no idea who committed these crimes, namely Carl and Willy Lopez. Molly especially, still believes that Carl is their best friend, who would be the last person she could think of that betrayed Sam. So her behavior towards Carl remains friendly.


Viewers may find it difficult to understand Molly, because we are seeing things she did not. For instance: we know Oda Mae is telling the truth about Sam, but she is an absolute stranger to Molly, who knows nothing about this lady until suddenly she came up with some information about her private life with Sam and murder and police. Do remember that they only meet for, what, 10 minutes? So Molly’s thoughts and beliefs toward Oda Mae can easily be changed. Things would have been different is Oda Mae is someone Molly had trusted before Sam died. *sigh*


Sam remains the only person who knows the full truth about Willy and Carl. Luckily, Sam did not lose his memories when he died, so he knows what to do regarding work as well. I’m not sure if Sam is a banker or a broker, but he knows how to deal with money and bank procedures. And with his memories intact, Sam is on a mission to get revenge….






The show starts with where the casts stood at the end of Scene 1, just as if we did not stop the show. It was raining, so Carl left followed by Molly. This time, Sam chooses to follow Molly…. So Molly walks one big round on the stage and back to the treadmill, and Sam stood at the back, watching her with anguish in his expression, unable to tell her the truth of what he had discovered.




(Rain, Hold On, Unchained Melody – full version)


(cut version, but close-up)


Molly walks and walks, all the while holding that piece of paper with Willy’s details. She reaches the police station where a policewoman laughed at the mediocrity of this situation. I don’t blame her, really, because for those who just do not believe in afterlife or ghost, they will definitely find it hard to believe Molly. Well, I’m still pissed off at her anyway for not having any sense to NOT laugh when someone is in distress. Molly must have told her that her fiancé died and someone killed him, etc. Yet she still laughs at Molly. I want to smack her head! Sam said sarcastically “You’re so funny”.


A policeman came bringing along a file on Oda Mae (OM). Uh-oh, this doesn’t seem good. He told her to have a look at OM’s file, full of fraud reports with evidences. This explains why OM bolts out the door when Sam told her to go to police station with Molly. Upset, Sam climbs on top of the table to have a better look at the file. Heh! Molly argues back with the policeman, showing him that small piece of paper and insisting that OM is telling the truth. But the policeman again came up with more evidences against OM, and at this point Molly started losing her faith.



The policeman left and Sam tried to go after him, but he knows it’s useless. Molly sings “It’s over. Everything is a lie.” and the settings changed. Molly walks on the treadmill back to her home, under the rain. Sam walks along with her (backwards), singing his heart out, as if hoping his singing could somehow penetrates belief through Molly’s heart.




As they walked, Molly’s sadness turned to anger. She arrives home at the peak of her anger, and starts throwing things around, singing “I was so stupid, how could I have believed you” etc.. Sam must have felt really hopeless for he just watches Molly from the sofa, unable to do anything. Finally, Molly stopped singing and decided to cool down by making pottery. She wears an apron, and takes the maker out.


How heartbreaking is this? All the while Molly was doing it, Sam sings to her, telling her that he is there by her side, that everything is not the end, and to keep believing. *sniff! I’m not crying* Unable to say/do anything else, Sam turned quiet.



The radio sounds grew louder. It seems like a traffic report or something. Realizing this, Molly went over to it to change the channel, and came across Unchained Melody. OMG! It’s the song that Sam sings to her each time she sulks. The memories…. Sam turns to face Molly to see her reaction to this, but Molly quickly turned off the radio. After some time, slowly, she turns it back on and pretended as if the song didn’t affect her at all. She went back to her pottery. Sam walks over to her, sat behind her back and caresses her lovingly, as if it’s the last time he gets to hold her. *sniffs* So sad!



Oblivious to Sam’s presence, Molly continues making the pottery while holding back the memories and disappointment of recent events. Finally, she just could not contain her feelings anymore, and surrendered to this outer force pulling her heartstrings. Little did she know it was Sam pulling her in for a hug…. *sniffs*




But it was over as soon as it started by the sound of someone knocking on the door.


DANG IT!!!! Sam jumps back, surprised, and Molly seems taken aback by what had just happened. She asks who is it at the door, and Carls’ voice answered “Oh, Molly. It’s me, Carl”.


Upon knowing it was Carl, Sam panics. He started yelling, begging for Molly to listen to him, that Carl is the culprit behind what happened to him and to not open the door, but to no avail. Molly composes herself, washes her hands, quickly gathers her thrown things, and opens the door. Eurgh! I am so frustrated! Something definitely happened there. Sam can almost touch Molly, whereas Molly is feeling a strong presence around her. It’s just that with Carl coming so suddenly, both of them could not ponder over these feelings and continued as if nothing happened. Anyway, do remember that the last time Carl and Molly met, it was when Molly was telling Carl about OM. So Carl thinks that Molly had gone or will go to the police, whereas Molly thinks that Carl has or will go to Willy’s house.


Carl walks in, playing the friendly ‘friend’ that he is. He brought Caramel Macchiato for Molly. Pssshhh~ I’m not amused, dude… And neither seems Molly, but she thanks him anyway “Thank you, Carl. I don’t have anyone else but you”. She did not drink it. Thank God! I was thinking maybe the drink was spiked or something. Molly and Carl talk for a while with Sam shooting daggers (with his eyes) at Carl, angry. Molly seems to be half-listening as she starts gathering her stuff to be placed along the treadmill lines, for easier transportation outside to the stage. Kekeke! I can’t help but to notice this part.


Sam watches the betrayer talks to Molly, then puts his briefcase on the sofa, and purposely spills the drink on his shirt and yells “Ahhh! Hot!” The sneaking two-faced b**t**d!! Shocked, Molly turned to see him wet with coffee and told him to change clothes. Without hesitation, Carl said “Well, then, that one…” and points to Sam’s dry-cleaned shirt hanging on the refrigerator.



OMG….. Why do I feel like crying…. Poor Sam has to see all these things…. *sniff* Time seems to stop for a while as everyone stares at the shirt, all three with different emotions. Bias asides, at this time, my heart goes out to Sam the most. Imagine seeing someone you love being with someone you hate the most and wondering what will happen to her, and seeing him trying out all these moves on her, while you’re just so helpless at not being able to do anything.


After a while, Molly smiles and said “Oh… Alright then” and hands Carl the shirt. Sam turns away, unable to watch what goes on. Sam…. Oh God… Joowon’s acting at this time is DAEBAK, I tell you. The music is not helping either, playing the slow rendition of Three Little Words. Carl changes clothes, but purposely not buttoning anything to show his abs to Molly. She’s not even watching you, Carl, you idiot…


Molly said that she went to the police station, and that Carl was right about everything. Carl prods her on what happened, and she told him everything that happened. Who OM is, how much of a liar she is and how stupid Molly is to believe her. As Molly explains, Sam watches her, upset that she’s giving up on him. But little by little, we can see that Sam is nearly losing his faith as well.


Carl tried to show his abs to her again, but she’s fully oblivious to that attempt. She steps away from Carl to sit on the sofa, then cries. Carl sits next to her and soothes her with a song, pushing her hair back against her ear, touches her shoulder and legs, in an attempt to calm her. Watching all these, Sam kneels next to the sofa, seeming like all energy has been drained out of his body. He’s losing hope…. Oh no…. *sniff*


I really LOVE the song that Carl is singing now. All his other songs are powerful, but this song is sung with a soft tone, intending to cool someone. Molly joins his singing. In their situation, just both of them are singing a duet, one after another. After some time, Sam sings too, but his singing overlaps to Molly’s. In the final part, Carl, Molly and Sam sing together.



You’re not alone ever, people love you so

You’re surrounded forever, with more love than you know

Your young you’re still young, and so gorgeous too

There are songs to be sung, a life waiting for you


I don’t know what’s real anymore

And even now I think Sam’s gonna walk through the door


Here right now


Molly & Sam (sings together, mixes the lyrics)

Oh my love, my darling, I hunger for your touch, a long lonely time


I don’t know what’s real anymore, and even know I think things can be like before

Every time I start to rise, feel like I’m going to sink. Going…

Molly & Sam

Down, down, down.


B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L harmonization between Sam and Molly for the last part. I think Carl harmonizes with both of them too, but I didn’t realize as my focus was too much on Sam. Molly tells Carl to leave, but he refuses. He sings again how she should not be alone, a beautiful woman like her has to have company, and all. Ok, Carl’s starting to sound creepy now. As he sings, he was doing so much skinship with her. Sam watches all these with disdain. On his last singing sentence, he kissed Molly’s cheek. Molly was stunned! She touches the part where Carl kissed her and moves slightly away from Carl.


Seeing this, Sam gets up, walks slowly to the back of the sofa but maintaining the middle stage position, while powerfully singing (overlap singing with Carl’s soft tone):

Don’t steal my love

You’re killing me twice!


As Sam sings his last part “…. jug iljima!!!!!”, he runs from the middle-back, through Molly and Carl’s back, and fell to the floor, crashing the photoframe with his hand. OMG! He can touch things! How did he do it? OMG! Yay!!!


Sam was so shocked! Even he himself cries out “How did I do that?” He gets up, and tries to grab the broken frame again, but he can’t touch it anymore. Whoosh~ Whoosh~ Carl and Molly stares at the frame, and Molly seems suspicious. She tells Carl to leave and when he tries to refuse again, she insists that he leave. So that coward quickly gathers his things and assured Molly that everything is fine.


Angry, Sam tries to grab for things to throw at Carl, but all goes whoosh~ whoosh~ Carl left. He curses again and cries out “Who the heck can teach me what happened?!” Suddenly, his face changes as he realizes…. that ONE person/ghost may be able to help him…. Sam rushes out.


Cue Subway Ghost song! Waaaahhhh!!!! All props and settings were brought out to leave an empty stage. I’m so excited I’m sitting so close to the edge of my seat that I am about to fall off!!!!




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