GHOST Musical by farbarri – part 1 The Performance : Love & Trust

by farbarri on soompi

Ghost – performance fanaccount


 All videos with Ghost songs will be subbed, but it may take some time. Our translators and subbers are currently away for vacation, so we have to wait a little bit. Thanks, girls~

(Warning: This fanaccount may serve as a SPOILER to those who will watch Ghost. Strong recommendation to NOT read if you are planning on watching Ghost any time during its run. I have sliiiiight knowledge on theatre performance for I performed a couple productions before, so I may be talking about technical aspects of the production as well. This is also a detailed fan-account from a Joowon-biased fan, thus there may be a lot of biasness during comparison. Read at your own risk/pleasure)



The videos posted consist of other actors as Sam, but my fanaccount will be based on Joowon as Sam. So when I mention Sam, I actually meant Joowon’s Sam.  The videos merely guide you to imagine how the situation would be, but the casts improvised their dialogues and voice intonation each time, so it gets interesting for them and the viewers. I watched Ghost 4 times, all with Joowon as Sam, so I will be making some additions and comparisons.

[Note: Broadway/British/Others version of Ghost is different than Korean version of Ghost. I will be explaining in detail on the differences for the scenes involved]


When Ghost had their public rehearsal, Joowon performed with Ivy for Three Little Words. One of my concerns back then is that Joowon’s voice may get overshadowed by Ivy’s high-pitch vocals. I’m not too concerned if he’s partnered up with Jiyeon as in TLW MV, her voice is soft yet powerful. So I knew she could blend in with Joowon’s vocals perfectly. However, I need not worry at all about Joowon’s vocals as he was very loud! His vocal projection and harmonization with the casts are simply beautiful and superb.


The best thing about Joowon’s performance? He has so much emotion when he sings that without knowing the words, we can feel EVERY SINGLE BITof pain, anger and frustrations that he’s feeling. Added with his great body postures and facial expression, thus we get the best character in the whole production. Those who can’t see his face expression (far seats) are able to feel his singing and see his awesome body posture, so that’s still 2/3 great experience. I’m stressing on upset expression as happiness is an easy emotion to carry, but since this production requires Sam to focus on upset expression for 2 hours, this musical is definitely Joowon’s cliché. 




Once all viewers are seated, the production made an announcement on recording/picture restriction, and the show starts! Lights were dimmed, kissing picture fades, and the 3D screen zooms in on New York City like a roller-coaster ride, all the while playing Song 1 (I don’t know the title of this song, but it is used a lot throughout the musical, so please take note of the song). The roller-coaster ride finally stops in air-space with pretty lights, showing ‘Ghost’ words. Then we move on with our main casts.




Sam and Molly move into their new house they’ve just bought, with Carl coming in to help. Molly is so excited, planning where to put the furniture. They talk among themselves, even shining lights into each other’s faces by means of joking around. So cute~ Sam and Carl starts pulling down the cloths, and Molly starts singing Here Right Now. On the second time when I watch it, I was sitting riiiiiiight in front of the spot where Sam starts singing Here Right Now.


Oooohhhh, Joowon~ I just can’t stop squealing in delight upon seeing Joowon! But I had to control not to squeal too loudly, so I had to cover my mouth. He’s THERE, the man I’ve grown to love for the past one year is right in front of me, singing beautifully to me (not exactly, but a girl can dream)…. I can see his gorgeous dimples, that light-brown hair, those eyes, the high cheekbones…. Though he’s wearing heavy stage make-up, he still looks natural and so perfect. I love how he carries his body-posture: he stands tall and proud, totally opposite Park Shi On character. And his ARMS…. The man clearly works out~ Joowon said it before that he didn’t want to have a very muscly body, he just wants to have the necessary proportions. I can see that he did a bit more than that. His muscles are not as well defined as the Sam in the video, but I can definitely see those muscle-bumps. He has great skin color too, browner than most Korean guys, beautifully tan, yet he’s still fair.


I don’t know about other Sam actors, but at about 2:26 when Molly climbs up the box, Joowon-Sam tickles Jiyeon-Ivy-Molly thus causing them to crack their voices slightly or go out of pitch from laughing. LOL! So cute! He even back-hugs her! Aaaahhhh!!! So jealous~ Anyway, I know the casts sing using wireless microphones, but their voice projection (vocal throw to the audience) is very good. At 2:45 when the photo collages were shown on 3D screen, the pictures were so beautiful and funny! I’m sure they use the same background photo for all Sam-Molly. So awesome! I didn’t know where to look as all of them are pretty and some are funny. It’s like watching fireworks. So Sam and Molly continue to sing Here Right Now. Joowon is a pretty smooth dancer. At around 4:15 when the 3D screen lifts up and Sam moves to the right side of the stage, the light shines on him and I can hear the woman on those side squeals. LOL! Yes, he’s THAT gorgeous. Then audience “whoooo~”ed when he kisses Molly on the sofa at the end of the song, until Carl comes into the house.


The house is a mess! Molly’s sculptured structure is in front of their room (the room has a bed), huge painting of a woman by the refrigerator, sofa and refrigerator covered by cloths, the pottery-maker in the middle of the house, and next to the sofa is a small table with a guitar, which later where the phone and Sam-Molly happiness picture were placed.  gosh, I love their house~


This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

So Carl comes in through the door, disturbing the couple’s near make-out session. Pssshhh~ I’m not jealous…. The couple break apart:

Sam : Oh, you’re here?

Carl: Yup, I brought food~


Molly thanked him, and Sam fist-pump the air while kneeling. Sam takes the food from Carl and I don’t know what he does with it. Joowon’s arm is so distracting. Sam starts putting things away, cleaning the house. Carl sees the sculpture:

Carl: Molly, is this yours? Did you make this?

Molly: Yes, but it is not completed yet.

Carl: Daebak! *tries to see the sculpture*

Molly: No, no, don’t see it yet! *rushes to stop Carl*

Carl: Why? *laughs*

Molly: It’s nothing, it’s just that I don’t really like it yet. It’s not perfect.


The talked further among themselves in light-hearted tones. Sam walked to the left side of the stage and was about to put the woman’s picture away when he stopped to talk to Molly. I think they were talking about the woman’s picture and Sam shake his hips while moving up and down, saying “I like it” in a sexy voice. LOL! So freaking cute! Then he disappeared into the room. Carl and Molly talks some more, then Sam came back out. He sees Molly walking towards him, said “Oh, here it is!” like he’s been looking for something, but he grabs Molly’s face with both his hands and plants a sudden kiss on her lips. Molly can’t do anything but just squeal with her mouth shut. LOL! So random! Also, I’m NOT jealous. Seriously…. Jiyeon-Molly continues to talk to Carl, whereas Ivy-Molly hits Sam lightly with whatever she’s holding, laughing from the unexpected kiss.


They talked some more, and Sam told Carl that when Molly wants a RED sofa and RED refrigerator, he just keeps his mouth shut and not say anything. Molly said that the furniture is really pretty. Sam said he actually wanted a Coca-cola machine, and does a fist-pump again. Heh!  Boys~ The couple talked a bit and Sam tickles her. Molly then sat next to Carl and talked to him for one sentence. Carl replied again in one sentence, then Sam swoops in next to Carl, his back facing the audience, and plants Molly the most loving, deep kiss ever….. Carl’s reaction is priceless!!!! With Jiyeon-Molly, Carl just looks at them kissing while drinking his drink, then smiles and look away (towards the audience), pretending to seem normal and not affected by it. With Ivy-Molly, their kiss was so passionate that they were rolling around on the sofa and accidentally hitting Carl until he is forced to get up from his seat, laughing. Audience whooo-ed and laughed upon seeing Carl’s reaction.


Carl clears his throat as if to say “Can’t you guys stop it already? Hello? I’m right here…” but to no response. So he gets up to leave, then only the couple broke apart.

Sam: Eat first before you leave.

Carl: No need.

Sam: You bought the food already, come and eat together.

Carl: No, I’m not hungry. *in a ‘I’m sulking’ voice*

Molly: Thanks for coming by, Carl.


Sam and Carl shake hands and hug, then Carl left. Sam walked over to the right side of the stage, and start putting on the blue-chequered shirt with a far-away look in his eyes, and rolling his sleeves up. Molly approached Sam:

Molly: Hey…what’s wrong?

Sam: Hmm? Oh, nothing.

Molly: Eeyyy… tell me, what is it?

Sam: Nothing. It is just that everything is great here, right now. Our life is perfect now.

Molly: Do you know? How much I love you. Sam, I love you.

Sam: Donggam-ya. (means “ditto” or “me too”)

*Sam tries to kiss Molly, but she turned away, upset that Sam still has not said ‘I love you’*

Molly: Sam, why are you always like this?

Sam: Hmm? What?

Molly: Nothing. *walks away from Sam*

Sam: Molly, what is it?

Molly: Nothing…

Sam: Quickly, tell me.

Molly: Let it go.

Sam: Molly!

Molly: I said let it go.


Sam figures Molly is upset about the ‘I love you’ thing, so he picks up his guitar. Molly said “It’s not going to work this time” which tells me he has done this so many times before. Aigoo~ Sam-ya, why not just say it. Poor Molly. As a woman myself, I can totally relate to what she’s feeling. She can feel the love, but she must have felt insecure since he has never actually verified it by saying the words. Though they had a very loving relationship, even moving in together, there must be moments when she thinks “Is this all real? Does he really love me? He’s not just playing around with me, isn’t he?” And these thoughts move from one topic to another, to the point thinking along the line of “Is he cheating with me?” I’m getting carried away.



(Broadway version of this scene. Joowon does it funnier than this Sam)



cr: JW DC


So Sam picks up his guitar, take out the ‘plucker’ and starts playing Unchained Melody while Molly folds cloths next to the refrigerator. This is the funniest rendition of Unchained Melody EVER! With some growling, hips shaking, Elvis Presley interpretation, going all ‘lovey-dovey’ and hugging the guitar, Sam’s obviously getting through to softening Molly’s heart despite her arguments that “It’s not working~” Joowon is seriously amazing at this moment that I wondered whether the other Sam-s can do as well as this.  He is such a sweetheart~ I don’t know if this is Joowon’s amazing ability in conveying emotions, but when Sam sings those awesome lyrics, I can feel his sincerity in trying to apologize to her, to explain to her that she means everything to him, that nothing else matters if he has her love. This is one of the moments that we know Sam’s love towards Molly is absolute and complete, though he just can’t say it out loud. Yes, this is a funny version and audiences are laughing, but I am sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Sam loves Molly, there is absolutely no doubt about it. *tears* As he nears the end of the song, Molly who is now at the sofa, takes out her camera and take pictures of his silly dancing. LOL! Then she takes the guitar, puts both away and stares at him lovingly….


Sam: ….. saranghae~



cr: JW DC


Sam: ….jo~ *whispers*



Then both of them kiss~ The backdrop shows Sam-Molly’s passionate kiss in black and white recorded version, with all the right camera angles. But viewers don’t focus on that as we have the live version.  Sam leads the kiss all the way. Sam carries Molly to the sofa. She starts taking off his blue-chequered shirt first (lucky it was unbuttoned) while he kisses her, then takes off his white singlet revealing those gorgeously tanned body. Joowon definitely doesn’t have six-packs, but he is better that way. Having it only made him seem so bulky, and I dislike it. His arm muscles are more than sufficient to make me squeal throughout the scene. *blushes* There are wires on his back from the microphone, but somehow they made his body all the more desirable. Molly laughs as Sam playfully kisses her here and there, then carelessly starts taking off her overalls followed by her white shirt, leaving her with only her black upper lingerie. Sam then slowly lowers Molly onto her back on the sofa, all the while kissing her. Sam leans on top of her, with his back towards the audience. At this point, audience can’t tell if they are really kissing. But who cares? The gesture alone makes all of us go “whooooo~” and “noooooo!” at the same time. The light fades, and the furniture moves out of sight.

(from 1:35 = Carl’s More)



(from beginning until 1:42)



The scene continues with Carl’s solo song More which describes a bit about New York City. He also kept singing “More” which indicates to me that he wants something more than what he has now. For those of you who did not know the movie’s storyline, you will find out later as I proceed further. Carl and Sam went to the office together and Carl called Sam “Good morning, Boss!”, so I’m assuming that Sam is indeed Carl’s boss, and he may be the vice-boss. I really love the dancers at this point. The choreography is just awesome and the dancers were very synchronized. Sam wears a lovely suit like the one in Christmas greeting video and at one point, he said “Ni Hao!” LOL! So cute~ They go to the office together and goof around in the elevator. Later when Sam is about to leave back home, Carl stopped him for a work matter. I don’t understand what he actually wants but Carl said “Why? Do you not trust me?” Sam calls him over for a private talk, and he entrusts Carl with the important work matter. Carl asked him where he wants to go tonight, and Sam said he’s going to a Gallery opening where Molly’s work is involved, and invited him along. But Carl doesn’t want to. They both said “See you tomorrow!” and Sam left. Carl continues with More until the end.


-to be continued-

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