GHOST Musical by farbarri – part 5 : The Truth

Ghost – performance fanaccount

Please note that song Romanization (pronunciation and words) and translation may differ than what is written in this fanaccount. Hopefully the songs will be released soon and the subbing team will get to it once it does.

Warning: This fanaccount serves as a SPOILER to those who will watch Ghost. Strong recommendation to NOT read if you are planning on watching Ghost any time during its run. This is also a detailed fan-account from a Joowon-biased fan, thus there may be a lot of biasness during comparison. Read at your own risk/pleasure.

However, if you are about to watch Ghost soon but does not understand Korean apart from ‘Omma’, ‘Appa’, ‘Saranghae’, ‘Anyyeonghaseyo’ and ‘Kangsahamnida’, then maybe you would want to read this as it will make you understand the whole conversation.


We’ve covered the sad parts. We are now venturing into a play of the seeing and unseen. As audiences, we are shown into everyone’s perspective, but as the actors and actresses, they need to make sure that they do not know the things that audiences know. For instance, when Sam was interacting with Oda Mae (with Molly overlooking the situation), we need to put ourselves into her shoes and think ‘how weird is this conversation? Molly can’t hear Sam, so she doesn’t know what he said. She’s only looking at a lady who is talking to herself…’ so we can’t blame Molly for reacting the way she did, because she can’t see or hear Sam. I will point out more of this kind of scenes as we go along.

Since this point forth, we are introduced to a new character, Oda Mae. She is simply amazing! She’s so funny with her words and action. Her words may sound simple, but with the correct intonation and actions, she colours those words to make them funny. She is the sunlight in a cave…

The …. part is where I’m not sure what the person is talking about, so I left it blank.



Oda Mae shuts the door behind her, leaving Sam unable to go after her for more help. Molly stares at the address and then to the door, where Sam is standing, but not knowing if Sam really is there.

Molly: Sam, are you really here?

Sam: Yes. I’m right here.

Molly starts singing Suspend My Disbelief. Korean version is different than English version, where they changed the Suspend My Disbelief words to “Modu-neun shimul poryo” which means “I’ll fight for this with all my heart” or “I will not let go”. Some words are also different. Molly sings the song full of hope and determination in finding Sam’s killer.


I apologize if my translation of this song is wrong, but I think this is how it goes:

Naega hal su i-neun han gaji (If there is one thing I can do)

Poiji anh-a neo inneungol (I could not see you(??))

Hal su-isseo (I can do this)

Modu-neun shimul poryo (I will fight for this with all my heart)

Naega hal su i-neun han gaji (If there is one thing I can do)

Deulriji anh-a neo inneungol (I could not hear you(??))

Hal su-isseo (I can do this)

Modu-neun shimul poryo (I will fight for this with all my heart)

Jigeum yeogi naye gyeote niga isseo (You are right here by my side)

Naneun gyeojo (I know it)


She sings some different words, but generally her words meant almost the same. As she sings, Sam steps closer and closer to her, and raises his hands to touch her face, but Molly turns away at that time, not knowing Sam is next to her. As she approaches her last few notes, the settings changed to the restaurant. She sits down at the table where she had dinner with Sam the night he was killed, but this time she sits with Carl. I was so relieved she went to Carl first! At least someone else might believe her words, and who else but their best friend? Molly explains everything that happened with Oda Mae mere minutes before…



Carl: How can you believe the words of a fortune teller you’ve met only once?

Molly: But I was there, I really see her talking to Sam.

Carl: I don’t believe this at all.

Molly: She knows everything, she really does!

Carl: What kind of things?

Molly: The picture Sam took on our bus trip to …., it was only Sam and me. We were all alone on together. There is no way someone else would know these things. That’s not all. The woman said… She knows who killed Sam. He was set-up, murdered.

Carl: That’s ridiculous. You’re talking nonsense, Molly!

Molly: She gave me his name and address.

Sam: Molly, you’re doing great! *aww, he’s praising her even when he’s dead… cries*

Molly: Willy Lopez, apartment ….! Sam told me to go to the police.

Carl: Police? Molly, please! What are you going to tell them? A dead person talks to someone and telling you all these things. This is what you’re going to say?

Sam: Carl, I know this sounds crazy, but please believe what Molly said. *sits behind Carl and grabs his shoulders in a soothing manner, though it seems pointless. this was not shown in the picture above, but Joowon does it so desperately*

Molly: Modu-neun shimul poryo *sings facing audience*

Carl: Stop this, Molly. This is not it, really.

Molly: Modu-neun shimul poryo

Carl: Is that woman crazy? What’s wrong with you? Stop this now, Molly!

Molly: Modu-neun shimul poryo

Carl: …. (You have to let go) *sings facing Molly*

Molly: Jigeum yogi (Right here)

Carl: Jeongshin charyeo (Get to your senses / Wake up)

Molly: Naye gyeote (By my side)

Carl: Anh-a deulryo (Don’t listen to this)

Molly: Niga isseo (You are here)

Carl: Nan geureyahe

Molly: Nan halsuisso (I can do this) *song starts changing slowly for Carl’s solo*

Carl: Fine, fine. If this is what will make you satisfied, I will go and check out the address.

Molly: Carl, thank you! But I will go to the police.

Carl: No, don’t. There is no need for that yet. I will call you tomorrow. Is that alright? *Carl gets up and kiss Molly’s forehead*

Molly: No. I really will still go to the police.

Molly left along with the settings towards the left side of the stage. Carl walks along the treadmill towards right side of the stage. Sam gave Molly one last look, then made to follow Carl. As Carl walks, he (emotionally, like he really meant what he’s singing) sings:

I don’t believe it, it’s so sad

Where are the good times we once had

Such a high that we were on

I can’t believe that it’s all gone

How could this happen, we were friends

Don’t forget something that never ends

We’ll get over it somehow

All we’ve got is here and now

This is a misunderstanding

Sam & Molly: I sunggan~ I sunggan (voice over)

Carl: This is a misunderstanding

Sam & Molly: I sunggan

Carl and Sam arrived at Willy Lopez’s apartment. He knocks several times, and Sam looks around nervously. Sam warns “Carl, please be careful. He’s dangerous.” The door opens and Willy step aside to let Carl in, one hand holding a beer bottle and the other holding his gun. Sam quickly steps inside too. *cue nervous music starts*

Willy: Carl! *delighted at seeing him. Wait, WHAT??!!* What are you doing here?

Carl: Who did you talk with? *do they know each other???*

Willy: What are you talking about, are you crazy? Who cares? I didn’t talk to anyone.

Carl: Some fortune teller woman knows all about you. You name, address, what happened, everything. Where’s she getting it from, HUH??!! *music peaks, and stops at maximum after ‘huh?’ *OMG! BETRAYOR!!!! )&^%$#!*

Sam: Carl… *disbelief*


I swear Joowon is absolutely A.MA.ZING at this point. His eyes immediately pooled with tears, and his shoulders dropped due to shock and despair. The 3 times that I see him up close, his eyes well up and shine due to tears pooling in them. Oh gosh…. It was so heartbreaking, seriously. His best friend… He enters the house ready to protect Carl despite not knowing how he can do so, but he ended up finding the truth that Carl stabbed him in the back. Did I mention he’s Sam’s BEST FRIEND??? Stupid idiot jerk bas#$%d!!!!


The way he stares at Carl now is just… If he was alive and he heard this, I’m sure Sam would make Carl suffer sloooowly until he begged to be killed. THAT look, but with tears in his eyes from losing the trust of one of the persons he trusts the most. Oh gosh, I can’t explain Joowon’s amazing acting…

*cue music for I Had A Life (no singer)*

Willy: I didn’t talk to anyone. *lies on the bed, totally not caring at all*

Carl: Then how the hell does she knows your name and where you live?

Willy: A loooot of woman knows where I live. *laughs*

Carl: This isn’t a joke you jerk! ….

Sam: You bastard…


As Carl continues yelling at Willy, Sam slowly walks over to Carl who is standing in the middle of the stage. Sam’s expression… His anguish, depression, despair, sadness, upset, and anger are all mixed together.

Carl: I want you to find this woman, whoever she is… and just… just kill her. Got it? I’ve got 10 million dollars stuck in that computer! If I don’t get those secret codes and that money’s not transferred soon, I’m dead, we’re dead! Those are major drug dealers!!

Willy: Why don’t you tell them …. *takes a swig from his beer bottle*

Willy: You crazy bastard! We cant’t screw with them, they’ll kill us just like that! And what the hell is wrong with you? Is everything a joke? You killed a man! Didn’t you understand what I said? You were just supposed to steal his wallet, but you killed him instead!! Was that your idea of a joke?

Willy: Aah, yes, I was just having fun. *I WANT TO KILL HIM!!!!*

Carl: Ya, you crazy bastard!!!!

As Sam approaches Carl, he raised his hand to touch Carl’s face like how he did to Molly. His gesture is somewhat telling me that if only Carl tells him this is all a joke, he would have forgiven Carl. I can see Sam really loves Carl, and values their friendship together. But hearing this betrayal… It’s like killing him again and again and again.



cr: original owner of fanart. Carl is looking at Willy, right through Sam’s chest.

Carl screams his last swear words and turned away from (Sam) middle of the stage to go closer to Willy’s bed where he was lying around. Sam immediately started singing I Had A Life. Carl continues yelling and screaming at Willy, but at a lowered volume than before. Some yelling words I can make out were “Is this what you meant by doing well?!” Then I totally lost focus on these two, didn’t even know how they exited the stage. I was too focused on Joowon. Sorry~ Sam sings in the middle of the stage, not moving anywhere.

I will not translate the song as I don’t fully understand the lyrics. Hopefully a recorded version will be released soon and the subbing team will get to it. This is the broadway translation. The lyrics are not much different in meaning, but the words may be different. For instance, the first sentence is “I had a life” broadway version, but Korean version is “I once had a life”. So generally the meaning should be more or less similar, albeit different rearrangements of sentencing.


I Had A Life:

(1st verse: at 3:12; semi-whisper voice – anguish & disappointment)

I had a life, I had it all (Hanbyeongedo nae insaengi, Ttana issungane sarajeoso)

From such a height, but so far to fall

You took all I had, torn apart at the seams

You’ve taken from me everything I see

You’ve stolen my dreams (Na kkuma chyeodo)

(2nd verse: powerful – anger)

I had a life, I had it all

From such a height, but so far to fall

You took all I had, torn apart at the seams (at 3:32)

You’ve taken from me everything I see

Stolen my dreams too (Na kkum ajeo tto)

(3rd verse: not shown at all in video; semi-whisper – lost hope; gradually increase in emotion and vocal tone which indicates change in emotion to revenge. Settings change to the apartment, where we see Carl searches through the house to find Sam’s wallet. Red words are my translation, which is different than broadway version. It might be wrong though. Molly overlaps her voice-over singing with Sam at this time, singing just like how she did before, with determination.)

Stolen my dreams (Kkum ajeo tto)

Naega hal su i-neun han gaji

My love/life (Nae saranghae / sarahe)

Poiji anh-a neo ….

Because of you …. (Neo ttaemune ….)

Modu-neun shimul poryo

I believed you, …. (Nan noreul midoseo ….)

Naega hal su i-neun han gaji, Poiji anh-a neo ….

…. just like a stupid person, I believed you (…. dommu pabo cheorom, neo midogiye)

Modu-neun shimul poryo

Carl managed to find the wallet in a box by the sofa. As soon as Sam stops singing, Carl shouts “YEESSS!!!” and sings a different version of New York, a bada$s version. Sam follows him all the way.

(at 3:46)

We’re just playing a numbers game

Every second the numbers change

This is what I live to feel

It’s the beauty of the deal

This is the essence of high finance

So many steps when you do this dance

This is always such a rush

Making millions with one touch

New York, New York, New York

The city that knows everything

Where and when, who and what, and which and why and how

New York, it’ll give you everything

Think it, dream it, hey you got it

Here right now

As the song approaches the end, the settings change to Carl’s office, and he makes a phone call. Despite being dead, Sam’s memory is really good. He watches whatever Carl does and listened intently, ready for revenge…

Tony! This is Carl, I’ve got the codes, I’m all set, we’re all set to go. So what you want me to do now? Alright, transfer the money into a single account under the name Rita Miller. Account number ********, is that right? Yes, Friday, 4:30pm transfer the full account to *********. Yes, Rita Miller, this Friday. Don’t worry about it, I completely understand.  I’ll call you when it’s done. *just when the person on the other end is about to hang up* A..a…and… please tell Mr Ballastrary that I’m sorry for all that has happened. I assure you it won’t happen again. Next time… there won’t be any more problems.

(B&^%$#D!!!! He’s surely indicating that since Sam is now gone, he can freely do what he wants, right? Stupid idiot!!! Imma kill him!!!!)


(at 2:13)


Carl hangs up and yells in triumph “YEESSS!!!” then leave with the office settings towards right side of the stage as in the public rehearsal video at 4:12, as Sam starts another round of I Had A Life, 1st verse. This time all three of them sings together, overlapping each other. Sam starts first with him alone on stage and back-up dancers behind him, with Molly singing in voice-over. Molly is pretty much singing with complete determination like before.


Carl came out wearing a coat and walking on the treadmill, drinking alcohol from a flask. He looks very troubled and quite emotional. It’s like he is glad that his work is done or in the process of completion, but he really didn’t mean for Sam to die. Which is why his lyrics are all “This is a misunderstanding (Naega igeos-eun ohae ya)” and “Just here right now (Balo i-ssungan)”. Carl’s notes are not very high, but he needs to hold the notes really long. He sounds amazing! After he left the stage after his triumphant yell, he came out shortly after and walked on the treadmill, still on the right side of the stage.

When 2nd verse starts, Molly came out from the left side of the stage, holding a folded piece of paper with the killer’s details, and starts walking on the treadmill that Carl has just left from like at part 2:12 in the video above. Carl moves to the left side of the stage, and Sam goes to the right side. Everyone’s very emotional at this point: Molly = determined; Sam = reminiscing his life, anguish, despair and ready for revenge, Carl = sorry yet determined to move on, convincing himself that he’s doing the right thing, scared.



This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

As the song approaches the end, at the background screen, we can see a short clip of the happy times shared by Sam, Molly and Carl. They were laughing together, with Sam’s arms around Molly’s waist. The dancers left the stage one by one, Sam goes towards the back of the stage (blue lights following him like a shadow), and Carl and Molly exchange places yet again and finish off with “I had a life…….”. Music and lights go off.



I seriously don’t understand how the audience could remain calmly seated throughout the performance, especially in the last part with Sam, Molly and Carl. At the start of the song (actually at the beginning of the musical), I am already at the edge of my seat, binoculars pressed hard against my glasses in order to focus on Joowon. Therefore, I missed watching the overall scene (for other scenes too), because my focus was towards Joowon only. J I’ve been listening to this song every day on replay before I go to bed. Since we didn’t have the full song, I only listened to the one from press release, by Woo Hyung, Ivy and the other Carl actor. They were brilliant, no doubt. But again, I am stressing that the trio combination of Joowon, Jiyeon and the elder Carl is the best I have seen.

What’s great about Sam-Molly-Carl trio singing combination is that all of them were arranged in perfect order. What I mean is that one person will sing their line and hold the end note for a few seconds, then someone else sings their line. For instance (please excuse my incorrect Romanization):

Sam: Han byeon gedooooooooooooo

Molly: Naega hal su i-nneun han gaji

Sam: Nae il-saegiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Molly: Poiji a-na nol chogaka neungol

Sam: Tana i-sseunganeeeeeee

Molly: Modun shimeul poryo

Sam: Sarajeoso

Well, you get what I mean~ kekeke! So you can easily hear what everyone sings. There are moments when some of them overlaps and you can’t get to hear what they sing, but it only happens once or twice. The amazingness of their vocals and the situation has fully made people mesmerized, so we don’t bother with such tiny overlapping. J

When Joowon was with Ivy, he has to increase his vocals when they sing together because Ivy is loud. Her voice is very loud and clear, so she over-shadows the others. This is an advantage to her, but when we listen to a song with 2-3 singers, we want to be able to listen to the others as well. That is the beauty of the song. Ok, fine, I want to listen to Joowon’s vocals more. But when they are singing together in the ending song, there were times when Joowon practically yells in order to make himself heard, which made his voice cracks slightly a couple times. Ivy on the other hand, must have knows she needs to tone down a little, so she’s not singing her full potential.

Ivy is amazing, no doubt about that. But partnered with Joowon, she has to tone down whereas Joowon has to go beyond his ability, which are not good combination for duet songs. I’m sure Ivy is able to go all out with her vocal ability when partnered with other Sam actors who are quite powerful, more powerful than Joowon due to their years spent training their vocals and ability.

The earlier part of the song (With You) is very soft, and this is where Jiyeon shows her weakness. The song should be soft, but Jiyeon’s voice is originally soft. So at this point, it was hard to listen to her. Moreover, she was facing the right side of the stage, not the audience. I didn’t even know she had started singing until I use my binoculars and stare at her. Bit by bit, her voice increases to her maximum potential, and she showed her great singing prowess. But she got breathless after ¾ into the song, since the song requires a lot of high-long notes. In the end also, she goes back to being soft, but it’s more audible than the beginning part. However, audience apparently were not ‘moved’ enough by her performance, thus they did not clap for her.

With You song is definitely Ivy’s strength. Her loud vocals were audible at low parts. And during the high parts, she goes all out and shows great emotion. Her expression and strong vocals earned her applause each time after she ends this song. In the video above, it seems to me that Ivy’s eyes were roaming around a lot. I guess Ivy just didn’t want to look at the audience seated really close to her. Looking at an audience might prove as a distraction for theatre actor/actresses, thus it would be better if they didn’t look at a person. We can see the stage and actors clearly during the performance, but the actors will only see a dark theatre, and they won’t even be able to make out how many people are present. But during the real performance of With You, Ivy was very stable, performance-wise and singing wise. Out of the 7 main actors, Ivy was the most powerful when delivering solo songs.

This is why I prefer Jiyeon and Joowon combination. Jiyeon’s soft voice is still powerful, but she matches Joowon’s vocal power perfectly well. She can go all out with her vocal ability and so does Joowon, and their vocal pitch matches each other’s. Neither overshadows the other. When Jiyeon sings, I can hear Joowon’s amazing vocals (which is what I want to listen to), but at the same time, her voice is perfectly audible in the background. Even when Joowon sings with extra power, I can still hear Jiyeon’s vocals. They make a great duet partner.

I especially love the part where Sam sings I Had A Life the 3rd verse and Molly sings with him too. The contrast in emotion is absolutely beautiful. Molly is full of determination to find Sam’s killer, but Sam was devastated having just found out the truth. Beautiful synchronization~

I remember the public rehearsal and press release videos where Jiyeon sings with other Sam actors, and have voiced out this concern: Jiyeon’s voice may be a tad too soft to match the other Sam actors, who are very powerful. And in YHY’s sketchbook, I have to listen using headphones in order to hear Joowon’s harmonization. Jiyeon-Joowon make a great pair, as also Ivy-other Sam actors.

Carl~ The elder Carl… What can I say? He’s a gem! His vocals are amazing! He sings very powerfully. His vocals are very loud and clear and he controls his vibrato amazingly. What’s great is that he knows when to control his vocals so as to not over-shadow his peers, but at the same time he can give his all. He must have been in musicals for a long time. I especially love how he controls his anger at Willy and yells at him a lot, but his voice is at a good enough volume for us to hear Sam’s whisper-singing louder than his yelling. I think the audio person lowers his microphone volume so that he can yell as much as he want, but still doesn’t overshadow Joowon’s vocals. J

Younger Carl (Joowon’s friend) is good too, but I feel less emotional with him. I know he’s angry, but not angry enough. He plays with his intonation too, and he adlibs the songs. But… I don’t know. I just prefer the elder Carl better. J

Oda Mae. Now, I have watched Choi Jung Won (Oda Mae) 3 times, whereas the other actress only once. But just once is enough as I think she did not add the funny characteristics of the character. For instance, when Molly finally came down after Oda Mae called her, Sam called out “Molly!” to which Oda Mae replied “She can’t hear your voice”. Jung Won said it in formal tones, monotonously which is so hilarious! The other Oda Mae said it harshly, as if angry at Sam. No one laughs. It is a pity for that is one of the best moments for Oda Mae. also during the “counselor” part, the hand sign should be shown, and Jung Won paused at both times she did it, which emphasized it. The other Oda Mae barely raises her hand to do so. Of course, these are all my personal opinion and preference. J

Molly might think that not being able to say “I love you” is Sam’s biggest weakness. But in this case, “donggam” proves to be Sam’s biggest strength. If Sam is able to utter the words when he was alive, in that scene with Molly where Oda Mae wants to convince Molly that Sam really is with her, they may run out of ways to convince her. That “ditto” managed to convince her well because no one else she knows said those words, and that is Sam’s punch-line. It was the best way to convince Molly.

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