Good Doctor Episode 20(Final) recap


by mrdimples

This drama has been such an exhilarating ride for the past 19 episode so why should we expect any different for the finale? Good Doctor is definitely not your run-of-the-mill medical drama. Although the writer did say he wanted to present a human drama instead of a medical one, I think Good Doctor not only achieved that, it did much more.

Many of us will attest to the fact that each week we sit at the edge of our seats, one moment splitting our sides with laughter, the next crying buckets of tears and often with our hearts in our mouths. It was full of fun, heartfelt emotions and suspense. There was never a dull moment save for the politics.

Now let’s fasten our seatbelts and hang on to our seats for one last time.

Episode 20 recap

DH, SO and YS rushed to In Hae’s side, her vitals aren’t good. There is internal bleeding and if it doesn’t stop, she will die. The team convenes to discuss her case. The test result is exactly what DH fears. Any method of intervention has its side effect which is as detrimental. DH says that the only hope is for the bleeding to stop itself.

In Young asks Dr Han about In Hae, Dr Han cannot bring himself to tell her the truth. She thanks him for making the experience more comfortable for In Hae and herself. Director goes to see In Hae. He says it’s a pity that the surgery ended well only to end up with a complication which no one, not even him could have predicted it. He tells them when there is no medical treatment left, the average doctor will take their hands off. But a good doctor will hold out in earnest hope for the patient to recover.

YS is exasperated over In Hae’s condition, lamenting that of all people why must it be In Hae? SO tells her that there is nothing they can do but hope for the best. YS says they have already been fervent and hopeful enough. SO comforts her and assures her that In Hae will wake up. It is interesting to note here that SO having endured so much in life is a more resilient person yet he is the most hopeful one. Afterwards, SO goes to In Hae’ bedside and reminisces their time together. He says sorry to In Hae.

SO goes to see Dad who is as vehement as ever. He asks if SO has come to watch him suffer and die, he tells him not to bother as they have never been affectionate as father and son. Oh Dad, are you going to be like this, cussing to your grave? SO is now totally unafraid of Dad, he looks at him with disappointment and probably disdain. SO does not rebut him but tells Dad that there is child who might not make it alive (referring to In Hae) and SO is very sad. He admits that he hates Dad a lot but he will be even sadder when Dad dies. He asks Dad to allow him to like Dad a little more. SO is effectively telling Dad that he will regret not having any good memory of him when he passes on. SO leaves with tears brimming in his eyes. Finally, Dad seems to be touched by his words.

KHT goes to find CK. Apparently he has told her which banks to approach for loans. He is betraying Jeong and CK asks him why he has turned around to help them instead. KHT says he does not know.


At work, SO cannot help but sigh dejectedly when he remembers the conversation which he overheard between the two doctors earlier. Nurse Jo notices his dejection and brings him aside for a talk. SO says in a voice as fierce as he can muster “I am going to break their legs and arms.” Nurse Jo interjects to say that’s his line because SO should only say refined things, ha. SO says he doesn’t hurt as much as he is worried about YS hearing unpleasant things on his account. Nurse Jo applauds him for being a man and tells him not to get blood on his hands. SO should just bring those rascals to taste Nurse Jo’s fiery fists. So sweet and funny. He tells SO that they are all behind him and slaps him hard on the shoulder making SO squirm in pain.

YS takes a coffee break with her friend Eun Jeong. The latter reminds her of the upcoming class reunion. YS has told everyone that she has a boyfriend so they are all excited to meet him. Eun Jeong says they do not know yet what type of person SO is. YS immediately takes offence at that. Eun Jeong tries to recover the situation but makes YS angrier. YS says she is going to bring SO along and SO will want to come too. Her voice falters a little at the end and I am sure she is not as confident about that as she makes it to be.

True enough SO does not want to go. YS presses for a reason to which SO admits he has none. YS asks if he is so lacking in confidence, how will they continue dating if he remains so. SO says that YS does not understand how he feels to which YS denies. In the end, she gives up and tells him to do whatever he feels comfortable with.

DH can’t help but worry about In Hae, he mulls over Director’s words and goes to see CK. They end up in a church pew with CK in fervent prayer. DH looks uncomfortable and unfamiliar but CK tells him to close his eyes and pray. For a man who had said he does not believe in heaven, what a departure. He was the one who initiated going to church and I am just glad that he has CK by his side. We might think man of science are more likely to be atheist but not for doctors. Research shows that most doctors believe in a god, perhaps it has to do with the fact that they deal so often and intimately with life and death.


SO thinks about the ending scene of the Peter Pan play where Peter Pan told Wendy that she must grow up and live with other people. Oh no, I hope he is not thinking of leaving YS, is he? SO receives a call from YS. It’s funny that her id on his phone is ‘God-given body’ but I can’t bring myself to laugh now.  SO does not answer. YS on the other end of the line, remembers what the tarot card reader says and hopes that it does not come true.

Dr Lizzie meets with his brother-in-law and gives him the name list he had asked for. Something is not quite right as the brother-in-law is shocked. Turns out that Dr Lizzie gave Director a name list of all doctors in the hospital who received rebates from pharmaceutical companies. Dr Lizzie tells Director that they must be gotten rid of in order for the hospital to run well. He is embarrassed to admit that he was once part of the problem but says he is willing to take any punishment. We go back to the scene where brother-in-law is fuming mad at Dr Lizzie’s betrayal, he calls ungrateful. Dr Lizzie says he is a surgeon before he is his brother-in-law and besieges him to give up trying to be the chairman.

At the same time, another betrayal is exposed. Jeong is incredulous at KHT has betrayed him and without any reason at that. Jeong demands to know the answer. KHT says that Jeong did not suffer any financial loss but Jeong is not appeased. KHT tells him that Jeong cannot use children for his mercenary objectives and takes leave.


Back at the hospital, YS confronts SO for not picking up her call. SO lies and say it was on vibration mode. YS knows he is lying and calls him out for it. She asks if her words have made him so uncomfortable. SO denies it and says that he just wants to think over things. SO brings up the play, he says they are just like Peter Pan and Wendy who lives in different worlds. In order to live together, there are many difficulties. YS asks if he is giving up and flares up. SO says she is always angry with him, not like before. YS gets exasperated, she tells him that is because they were like brother and sister to each other but now it’s different. SO says that might be better because then, she would not have to hear all those nasty things said about her. YS tells him to ignore those people but SO says he cannot. His heart feels like it’s being scratched by the sharp end of a metal piece whenever it happens. Then both their phone ring. Oh no, it must be In hae.

The attending doctor tells the team that In Hae is not improving. Despite all the blood transfusions, she will be brain dead in one or two days if the situation continues. Everyone is devastated at the news. Dr Han reads In Hae’s letter silently as he looks at the sleeping In Young. YS keeps by In Hae’s bedside, holding and caressing her hand. This is so sad. SO lies in his bunk, telling In Hae not to leave him because he still has many things to confide in her. He slowly drifts into sleep.

Oh darn, the garden again! SO is dreaming of In Hae in the same settings. She is dressed in all white, looking at peace and blissful as she stands in the garden. There is another girl running around with her. Honestly, this creeps me out more than seeing the ghosts in Master’s Sun. The girl is younger than her and looks vaguely familiar. Oh no, oh no, oh no! It’s Min Hee! The girl who died at the operating table, she was YS’s first official surgery case. She runs around with In Hae playing catch with her. Then when In Hae caught her, she turns around and…Wait! She is waving good bye to In Hae. In Hae waves back, turns around and leave. I am crying in relief now. This better be good!

SO wakes up with a start again. YS has nodded off at In Hae’s bedside. She is still holding on to In Hae’s hand. Suddenly, her finger moved and YS wakes up. In Hae starts to open her eyes and YS cries as In Hae smiles at her. Afterwards, the doctors are gathered around her. In Hae’s blood pressure and pulse have all returned to normal. YS wonders how it happened and DH tells her sometimes it just does. Obviously DH is not the cynical, logic driven professor anymore.

KHT meets Director who wants to know what his reason for the change of mind was. KHT tells Director that the Pediatric team had the best medicine which no pharmaceutical company can manufacture. It is also something that disappears once you try to buy it with money. Director thanks him for appreciating its worth. KHT laughs to himself as he mentions “Shing Shing”. This was what Si On was whistling after he had the talk with KHT about how he sees him. Director looks at KHT amused but KHT was obviously touched by SO’s words earlier.

As he walks out of the hospital, KHT bumps into DH. DH asks about his plans hereafter since he cannot go back and work for Jeong. KHT smiles and says he is going to play the part of a father. Before he leaves, he extends his hand to DH, telling him that he respects him. DH shakes his hand and smiles.

Dad is leaving the hospital together with Mom. He wants to go back to his hometown and spend his last days. SO hears of it and comes rushing to stop them. Dad tells him not to worry about him hitting Mom since he is too weak for that. SO calls him “Appa…” Oh, my heart breaks for SO. Dad is gruff as usual, he tells him to remember to offer him food at the memorial table in exchange for not hitting Mom. Then in the same breath, he calls himself pathetic. On their way out, they meet Director who has also heard the news. Director says he shouldn’t be leaving yet but Dad does not want to be a burden. He thanks Director for his hard work in turning SO whom he calls a clumsy punk, into a person. He says all these in his grudgingly manner which is about as nice as he can get. Whatever.

Nurse Jo tries his luck again at getting Nurse Nam to accompany him to the spa. She plays it cool but gets flustered when he raises his request. She slaps him lightly on his cheek but it turns him on and she gets more flustered. Cute.


The two gossipy doctors are at it again. One of them says it’s too much to see them holding hands outside the hospital. The other comments that YS looks like SO therapist holding on to his hand. YS catches them and hauls them to a corner. SO sees them with YS but does not follow. She asks in what way they are better than SO to talk about him in such manner. Can they even be a surgeon like SO? She warns them to stop talking behind their backs and hits them before shooing them off. Later, she sees SO standing at the stairs and asks if he had been listening to them all this while. SO does not answer. YS gets mad and asks why didn’t he handle it himself instead of just standing there. Then she realizes she should not have said it and walks off.


SO confides in Dr Han his problems. He asks Dr Han about what the latter had commented “Painful love is still love.” SO tells him he now understands Dr Han’s words because he had thought that love is a perfect painkiller but it hurts too.  Dr Han gives him an analogy. He tells SO “just love” and “painful love” have different antidotes. “Just love” is a painkiller but “Painful love” is a disinfectant. Although the latter hurts a lot at first, it cleans the wound and heals cleanly. So he should clench his teeth and bare the pain, painful love heals too.


YS goes hiking to clear her mind. She bumps into a group of hikers, one of them has sprained her ankle. The lady in question recognizes YS, she is the clairvoyant who read YS and SO the tarot cards. As YS applies ointment on her bruise, she asks YS where is SO. YS tells her that residents don’t get weekends off. Then the clairvoyant asks if they had broken up, YS says they can’t because they have only one bridge of souls. At this point, the clairvoyant turns sheepish and confesses to YS that all her words were lies. YS cannot believe her ears, she wonders how she could guess about YS having the alcohol and fire spirit. The woman says it’s because she reeked of alcohol when she came to see her and as for her personality it was easy to guess, ha. She also talked about the animal spirits because SO looked like a nice person who couldn’t possibly hate animals. YS gets embarrassed and says she was really fooled into believing the bridge of souls and all. The clairvoyant or fake says she tells the same thing to all couples so that they will be more mindful about their relationships. Then she leans near YS to tell her that from her intuition as a woman, SO is a great man. YS smiles and agrees. Just then, YS receives a message from SO. He tells her that he will clench his teeth and endure, awww…


DH paces up and down at his place. CK wonders why he looks so serious, then DH whips out a diamond ring in a box. CK says he has been very consistent be it in his confession and now, this proposal. I agree with you girl! DH is really bad at saying at sweet things but he makes it up with his sincerity. CK accepts his proposal and they hug. Although this couple annoyed me at the beginning of the show, I have grown to love them. It’s nice to see DH and CK happily in love with each other.


It’s YS class reunion and she walks in with SO, arms entwined. It’s all of 4 girls who are YS’s high school friends. They immediately comment how cute SO is. Eun Jeong pulls YS and says she has something to tell her. YS leaves SO with her friends. They aren’t going to eat him, are they? Eun Jeong is plain annoying. She says she has nothing against SO but what if this spreads outside their circle. To which YS asks why that would be a problem. Eun Jeong tells her to leave since she has already introduced SO to the girls, now I really want to slap her. They get distracted by the noise coming from within the restaurant. SO is standing up amidst the girls and making them laugh with his story of his first meeting with YS. The girls find him simply adorable and YS proudly says such a man is hard to come by.


The girls ask SO what does he like about YS. SO likens her to a Christmas present and everyone is baffled. SO continues “If I don’t’ see it, I miss it. When I see it, I am so happy. When she is here or not here, I am so happy,” emphasizing on the word so. The girls squeal at the mushiness saying that SO gives them goosebumps. One of them asks when YS and SO had their first kiss. They have not so YS doesn’t know what to say and throws the question to SO instead. She looks at SO for an answer she knows he does not have. SO stuns her by swooping in for a kiss.


Afterwards, YS berates SO for springing the surprise kiss on her. SO says she was the one who said it was something which could be done whenever and wherever. I knew it! I knew it would come back at her but I am sure she isn’t really complaining. Then hilariously YS probes SO on how he felt when he kissed her. In his typical fashion, SO describes the feeling as akin a shooting chill like someone putting an ice pack behind his neck. YS hasn’t have enough so she probes more. SO adds that he felt dizzy like the feeling he gets after doing a headstand. She asks for more and SO thinks of something but doesn’t say. YS gets more piqued and SO touches his lips and starts saying “On my lips, I felt..The feeling…” He doesn’t continue and runs off with YS chasing behind him. Awww…. they are beyond adorable. Can I have ten more episodes of this cuteness please?

In his office, DH stares at the Rubik cube and thinks about SO and his journey to where he is now. The pediatric surgery team calls for a meeting with Director to discuss about SO. Director gets apprehensive especially when they tell him they are ready to give their assessment after 3 months although the Director had asked for 6. Director braces himself for the worst but everyone has a good word to say about SO. DH gives Director a log of SO’s daily activities and his performance appraisal. The Director is speechless.

Upon Seongwon University Hospital’s verification, the national exams board reverses their nullification of SO’s pass. The Director holds up the letter and his eyes well up with pride.


SO gets ready for the official meeting, he struggles with his tie and DH helps him. DH tells SO that he has already surpassed DH, SO looks up in surprise. DH adds that it is because SO overcame everything.

At the ceremony to officiate his appointment as a doctor, SO gives a simple but touching speech

“I am still…a little different from others.”

“The way I speak and the way I act are also a bit different. That’s why I am working on overcoming those differences. However it is not going well…the more I work hard, the harder it was. That’s why until I die, I will think about living differently. But with the help from a lot of people, several of those differences were fixed.”

“That’s why I am where I am now. For filling in where I lack, thank you”

“Thank you for not avoiding me.”

“And also for loving me, thank you very very much.” At this part, he looks at YS only.


One by one, they stand up and give him an ovation. There was nary a dry eye. What a triumphant moment. Contrast it to 3 months ago where majority were against SO.

Later, YS pulls SO to a quiet walkway and holds his face in her hands. She tells him that she has always known he could do it. SO replies that he couldn’t have done it without her. YS says she would have passed by many things if SO did not open her eyes to them. They thank each other and hug, so sweet.

SO spends some time alone at the operating gallery, twirling the green scalpel in his hand. DH finds him there and asks about the green scalpel. SO tells DH that it is a precious gift bought by his brother and an inspiration for him to become a doctor. SO asks DH about his ‘green scalpel’ as in what motivates him. DH replies that it’s his younger brother. SO asks if the brother wasn’t well and then realizes he shouldn’t bring it up. DH says it’s all right. His younger brother is as precious to him as SO’s green scalpel. SO calls him an awesome brother and gives him his signature thumbs up. DH looks at it and asks SO if this is the way he plays with YS, SO replies that they both enjoy it. Ah, this is so hilarious.


DH suddenly calls “Si On ah” taking SO by surprise. It’s the first time DH calls him by first name. DH asks if they could be hyung and dongsaeng. SO is too taken aback and asks how can they be. DH pouts and say forget it. SO immediately retracts his question and calls DH “hyung”. DH teases and warns him not to call him hyung in front of others unless it’s just the two of them, otherwise he is dead meat, ha. Then, SO receives a call. It’s Mom, Dad has passed away.

SO returns to his hometown. Mom is sitting in her house, holding Dad’s funeral portrait. SO goes and hugs Mom.

One year later, in an orphanage, the kids are enjoying an animation film on 3-D TV. A tag states that it is donated by Dr Park Si On.


SO is staying with Mom, he goes to work but not before giving Mom a hug, awww. At the hospital, SO takes to task a junior by the name of Park Woong Ki. This is hilarious, it’s Park Ki Woong in cameo role. SO gives him a scolding because the poor chap has not been doing his duties properly. SO is really funny at scolding the junior and the rest tries their best not to laugh at the scene.

DH comes in and goes behind SO, pretending to knock his head with a file, then he steps out smiling. SO scolds Park Woong Ki some more and sends him off for his rounds. Dr Lizzie comes in next and asks why SO is scolding that nice and innocent kid, ha. SO says he needs to get a grip otherwise he will get into trouble. SO is totally funny being the strict hoobae. In the background, YS gestures to the team that it’s her teaching. I wonder what else she has taught him?


Now, it’s Park Woong Ki’s turn to sit on the bench outside. Dr Lizzie comes and offers him a popsicle. He breaks it into two but in unequal parts. He gives the smaller piece to Park Woong Ki but the latter asks for the bigger share, ha. Dr Lizzie laments that there is another stranger punk.

In Hae finally leaves the hospital. What? She stayed for a year? Anyway, everyone is sad to see her leave. Dr Han and In Young are a couple now. In Hae tells SO and YS to get along and not fight. SO says he will call her if he has a problem but In Hae tells him to solve it himself. They all laugh.

After a surgery, DH and SO walks out together. SO asks DH what does being a good doctor mean to him. DH replies,

“Every doctor who wonders what kind of doctor he is, is a good doctor.”


In a voiceover, SO ponders and concludes that all doctors who stop and wonder what kind of doctor they are, are good doctors. These are also good people. In order to become a good person, he has to receive a lot of scars. Because only by knowing what it is like to be hurt, then he can heal another person’s wound. And even if he gets hurt every day, he does not mind. He is in a place where people are and receiving love from someone. It’s all right.

The closing scene is that of SO and YS sitting in the operating gallery, holding hands. They smile at each other and YS places her head on his shoulder.


What an awesome end to a great drama. Good Doctor is truly a show with a lot of heart and has its heart in the right place. The ending is also a fitting finish to a story which central message is to uphold hope.

I must admit however that I was almost tricked by the writer when SO dreamt of In Hae again in the garden. My nerves almost broke down when the dead patient Min Hee appeared too. Thankfully, they parted and In Hae came back from the brink of death. Not only was In Hae a lovable character who influenced many around her, her story has an important lesson on hope. I think that In Hae made her miraculous recovery because of her strong desire to live. She was strengthened by the love received from her sister and all the doctors and nurses at the hospital. In short, she had people she loves and things to live for. Another thing we can take away is that there are times when even the best doctor cannot do anything more for the patient. In such instances, there is nothing the patient’s family and even the doctors can do but hope. And as DH learned, there is nothing wrong for a doctor to hope for the best even if medical science says it is impossible.

I am glad there were no theatrics on Dad’s demise or reconciliation with Mom. Dad remained somewhat the same, terrible person in his final days although there was just a tiny glimpse to his humanity. We never knew if Dad had given SO a chance to like him and I am happy to leave it as that. At least SO reconciled with Mom and for what’s worth, she deserves to be happy too.

This drama also shows that men are not outright, incorrigible monsters even if their actions are wanting. There are many examples in this show like Dr Go(Dr Lizzie) and KHT. All they need is someone to win them over with goodness and kindness. Then they can see that light is more attractive than darkness.

Although DH’s guilt over his brother’s death was never revisited, I think he has forgiven himself and moved on. There is another message there. In the first OST of the drama – Miracle by Lee Young Hyun, the refrain goes “Always love, love yourself” I believe that in order to love, one must love himself/herself. When DH slowly lets go of his guilt and grief, he starts to express his love and concern for others, including his fiancé.

DH’s offer to be hyung to SO was one of the sweetest moments ever. When SO came to SeongWon University, he had no one who cared for him except Director Choi. Now, not only does he have YS by his side, he has DH. There is something about brotherhood which cannot be substituted by a woman. Moreover, SO’s own hyung had been so instrumental in his life. Although SO is far more capable now to stand on his two own feet without living in the past, it is still comforting to know that there is a brotherly figure that he can look up to. It is the same for DH, SO is like the dongsaeng he can his brotherly love for. I am glad these two men have each other.

SO also realizes that the greatest obstacle to his relationship with YS is himself. No one can determine or decide on his qualification to love except him. Once, he accepted that, he was able to do things which he did not before.

SO’s influence on the lives of everyone around him was tremendous. He showed the doctors what it means to be a good doctor. The show could have made much about the wondrous savant ability that SO possesses but it did not. In this aspect, the writing has been very realistic. I had expected SO to head surgeries and perform many miracles. He did lead one but under special circumstances. And though his savant abilities had helped his team in many instances, he did not overshadow any one. Even in the closing scene, SO is looking on as he observes DH and YS performing a surgery. I give kudos to the writer for resisting the temptation to write more exciting cases to showcase SO’s brilliance. Instead he focused on the ability of SO to assimilate himself with the team and staff of the hospital and show them that love and care can be medicines to heal the patient.

In the beginning, not only were the bad doctors bad, the good ones like DH and YS were also jaded and succumbing to the inflexibilities of the system and bureaucracy. At times, they lost focus on what it meant to be a doctor. They are competent, effective and efficient but lack the human touch when it comes to treating their patients. This is true of any profession. Often we start our careers on purer and nobler ambitions. Over time, we get worn out by the rigidities of bureaucracies and madness of politics, so much that we lose focus of our dreams. It takes a person like SO whose childlike and pure heartedness give fresh perspectives and forces the people around him to re-assess how they think and do things.

SO contributed as much to the growth of people around him as they helped in his. SO changed DH from an efficient but cold and hard doctor to one who laughs easily, engages his young patients and is truly a leader worth emulating. I started to like CK after watching SO’s conversations with her. She was like another person when she was with SO. SO was also the catalyst of change for Dr Lizzie. From an annoying, unethical and incompetent character, he became the funniest and even lovable character. His case goes to show that believing in someone can restore the person and make him want to prove that your faith is not unfounded.

For a good part of the show, I could not understand how DH and CK can be a couple. Slowly, as the couple got back on their feet, I started to see the part of their story which was not shown. It may not be apparent to viewers but I think it could be a deliberate choice by the writer not to explain how the relationship faltered. From the synopsis we were also led to believe that there might be a love triangle involving SO, YS and DH. However, YS and DH remained good friends and colleagues even though YS had a crush on DH and he knows it. Thankfully there was no messy love triangle as the drama had hardly any time to touch on romance.

SO and YS’s romance is one of the best I have seen for a long time. Beforehand I had worried about how the writer, best known for God Quiz trilogy, would handle this aspect as he is not known for writing romantic stories. I am surprise that he delivered more than I had expected. Some viewers felt that the romance was too fast and some felt it was too slow. I think the pacing was just right. SO and YS had a booming noona-dongsaeng relationship from the start and on its own, they were a delight to watch. When SO started to fall for YS, it was adorable and cute to see SO’s change in reactions to YS. There were heartbreaking moments when YS did not reciprocate SO’s love but it was a realistic depiction. I had no problem buying into the fact that YS changed her mind within a short time. There is no fixed rule in love which dictates that one can develop romantic feelings for a friend only after a certain period of time.

I do not understand why viewers and even bloggers prefer SO and YS to stay as noona-dongsaeng or prefer YS to be paired with DH. I searched for answer but no one really gave one. I guess that it is because they cannot wrap their heads round the fact that a normal person like YS will fall in love with SO who is autistic. As the writer has aptly portrayed in this story, love is the last and most difficult hurdle for SO to overcome. The writer has put in much effort to write as accurately as possible the character Park Si On, I do not think he will throw in romance if it is true that autistic people cannot fall in love or have the need for romantic love.

Many people also called for an open ending which is to say that either YS and SO go back to being friends because a relationship between a normal person and an autistic person has no place in reality. Some thinks it’s better for SO to leave and use the time to grow into a better or more normal person before any romance can be contemplated. These are just hogwash to me. SO is as perfect a man as any woman can find. Unless, you think his autism taints it all. I was apprehensive that the writer might take one of these routes and forever diminish my assessment of him and the drama. It will be an entirely wrong message to send. That an autistic person who is capable of everything is not capable of love and to be loved. Thankfully, he did not. Instead, he made SO and YS’s struggles in romance and acceptance very realistic. Finally, what stand before SO and YS’s survival as a couple were themselves. This is true of all romances and in SO and YS’s. Once, they overcame their own fears and doubts, they learned how to get along and love each other like any couple would.

When this drama started, I remember there was a furor over part of the synopsis which says SO will be ‘cured’ of his autism by the end of the series. People even abandon the show because of this as it went against their views on the matter. However, it did not happen. Although SO changed and grew in some aspects, he still exhibits the same autistic traits at the end of the drama. Many of his earlier autistic tendencies were exacerbated due to very stressful conditions, misunderstandings and bullying. His paroxysm was due to his Dad. Once these were removed or overcome, SO behaved more normal although not to the extent of being “cured”.

At the end of the drama, SO accepts that he will always be a little different from others. Although this may cause him to feel hurt, he can use it to heal others and in turn become a better doctor and a better person. Rather than live in a different world on his own, SO is willing to face prejudice and rejection from some as long as there are others who accept and love him.

This is the central message the writer wants to convey through this drama – we should learn to understand and accept people with disability or people who are different, as a fellow human being with feelings, emotions and dreams. The fact that they cannot express them does not mean they are void of these. Through society’s help and rehabilitation, these people can lead also quality lives and contribute to the society. Love is the ultimate medicine which heals and strengthens. On all these counts, I will say the drama has achieved it and at the same time, entertained us with lots of heart, fun and exciting moments. It is a feat worth applauding.


I will write a review on Joo Won’s role and acting in this drama soon.


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  1. This is the one and only piece of recap that gave justice to this drama. Especially your comment section. I resonate your every thoughts. I cannot understand why people cannot see the brilliance this drama’s story. Everything was almost perfectly written and completely coherent.

    • Thank you, it’s great to know that my recap/commentary has struck a chord in a reader.
      I agree that this drama is an awesome piece of writing, played to perfection by a talented cast. In an industry plagued by obsession with ratings, ‘flavor of the month’ themes, rehashed plots, cliches and uninspired acting, Good Doctor is a refreshing change.

      • It is more up to me to thank you for posting such a wonderful summary. I rarely post any comments, but what you have written was just perfect. I was scouring the web for someone who would share my opinions and my love and respect for this drama and its author. I’m so glad to find this site. I mean, I have read Gummimochi from dramabean’s recap and opinion about this drama; and i wasn’t satisfied in many ways. I felt that many people did not appreciate the romance over platonic relationship between SO and YS. But like you said, I felt the author have brilliantly written the romance in a way where the pace was just perfect.

        One of the most amazing thing that really struck me was the ability of the author to slowly change our (at least mine) view about people with disabilities. Just like you mentioned, the author did not “cure” SO. He taught us that we can adapt and allow them to incorporate themselves into our society. Just a few weeks ago, I found myself in a position where I had to encourage a student with minor disability to hurry and finish their work. The thought of “Good Doctor” came to me and made me more patient toward him. It was then that I realize the impact this drama had on me.

        Anyway thanks for the great recap,
        I look forward in reading the review on Joo Won’s role and acting in this drama.

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