Good Doctor Episode 17 recap

by mrdimples


By now I should be well prepared for the rollercoaster rides that Good Doctor is bent on giving viewers with its effortless mix of comedy, heartwarming and tearful scenes. Yet, I find myself searching for the Kleenex box right after splitting my sides with laughter. Much of these have got to do with the fact that the show develops its characters well and gives us insight no matter whether it’s a good or bad character. This in turn gets us invested enough to laugh and cry along with them. This episode packs a whopper of character developments together with absolutely cute and adorable moments to boot. Why should I expect any less from a drama which has not failed to get our hearts week after week?

*this episode recap will be post later here after I finish recap for ep 18


I love this show so much that I hate the idea that we have only 3 episodes left. This will be one drama which I wouldn’t mind if it has an extension. I do not usually favor extensions even in dramas that I love because extensions are usually based on popularity ratings rather than necessity. However, with Good Doctor, I feel that there are still a few things which I will like to see develop further.

For one, I will like to see more of how Si On becomes a great surgeon and achieve his dream. As of now, he is still observing most surgeries. Another which is foremost in my mind is that of the romance between YS and SO. In this episode, Moon Chae Won and Joo Won played their parts to perfection. They have and always been such a joy to watch. And now with YS starting to fall in love with SO but in denial, it just gets better.

At the start of the drama, I had some apprehensions how writer and director will portray the romance between the pair.  I also thought it was not an important element because of its genre. However, I must say it has become something I look forward to in every episode. It is obvious that YS now sees SO as a man. It is hilarious to watch her getting jealous, trying to get his attention and feeling frustrated because he just cannot read her cues. YS cannot bring herself to confess to SO so this game will continue to be played with YS as the lone participant while Si On looks on totally clueless

I marvel at how this drama makes me laugh in one scene and cry in the next.  An example in this episode would be YS and SO’s “date” at the restaurant. I got this suspicion that she knew beforehand the meal setting was for a couple.  Joo Won’s face at the beginning of the scene where he wore those huge bow headbands and with the streamers raining on his head was just priceless. Moon Chae Won was such a delight to watch. I love how Yoon Seo hinted about the kiss and was so obvious about it. Another guy would probably get it but not Si On. Yoon Seo’s attempts at getting a response she wants from SO and SO foiling them make great comedy.  But before I could recover from laughing, the mood changed when YS found out why SO never told Dr Han that YS was the girl he confessed to. His words struck her so hard that she couldn’t get them out of her mind even after she got back home. She felt acutely SO’s pain in being different. I, too felt heartbreak for SO when I heard those words.

I cried again when Si On forgave that childhood bully and the guy hugged him. It could have easily been unrealistic or overly makjang. Thankfully, it hit just the right note. Si On did not accept the apology at first and I just love how he corrected the guy for wrong thinking. Probably the laws of karma or something says that a parent’s sins will be revisited in their child. So when that childhood bully blamed himself for causing his son’s illness, SO stopped him.

I am enjoying DH and SO’s scenes so much now that DH really cares for SO like his dongsaeng. When DH spotted SO sitting alone lost in his thoughts, he approached him to find out what’s on his mind. Although now SO has quite a few people he can go to when he has problems or questions, I think DH plays an important role which is that of a hyung to SO.

In a way, SO is like a child whose takes in everything he is told. Rather than seeing him gullible or impressionable, I view it as a positive trait in him. He listens tentatively to other people’s advice and after thinking through, he actually puts them to action. For example, SO asks DH about forgiveness. Thankfully, SO is never short of people around him like DH who can dispense little nuggets of wisdom. SO even absorbs what Dr Han says about love, that even painful love is still love.

For Dr Han, I am also relieved at how his story is coming along. Although I was not very interested in his romance with In Young, I must say the situation and their responses have been very realistic yet maintains its sweetness and a glimmer of hope. For this trio – Dr Han, In Young and In Hae, I really hope that nothing fatal happens to In Hae. First I love her as a character. Secondly, if she dies, it will be too tragic for her sister who sacrificed so much and at the same time, it will cast a pall of doom on Dr Han and In Young’s relationship.

One of the comic highlights for this week is again provided by Dr Lizard. In a hilarious scene, Dr Lizard ran like Flash Gordon when he was called to rescue the boy who suffered a hernia. He is so different from the sneaky cold-blooded ‘reptile’ who spent most of his time politicking and sending patients away instead of treating them. We also get to see his back story when he and Dr Woo had a drinking session. As I suspected, Dr Lizard had noble ambitions to start but he sought the easy way out when he realized that he was just an ordinary guy amidst all the geniuses. As time went on, he lost sight of his original goal and eventually his soul along the way. It took a person like SO to recognize that Dr Lizard had it in him to be a good doctor. It is a marvel how a little faith goes a long way in restoring a person. Hopefully, Dr Woo can now learn the right things from Dr Lizard. After all, they shared a night together; some of Dr Lizard’s newfound goodness must surely rub off him. The morning after scene was a hoot, who ever thought Dr Lizard would become a character that provides such hilarious comic relief.

Another hilarious scene was when YS returned from her blind date and went back to office instead of home. It is so obvious that she wanted SO to see how pretty she looked in that dress. Moon Chae Won was so funny in this scene. I laughed at how YS stood there waiting for SO to notice her but finally had to clear her throat to announce her presence. SO’s reaction was so cute when he did his signature “Wow” three times. She couldn’t hide her delight when he complimented on her looks but soon became miffed that he did not feel an ounce of jealousy. I can seriously watch these two forever, 20 episodes are not enough. Meanwhile, I will have to contend with what the show gives me and hope for the sparks to fly soon between SO and YS when YS finally opens her heart to SO and reciprocate SO’s love for her


screencaps credit: Baidu


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