Good Doctor Episode 15 recap

SO learns another lesson – Standing up to fear is not enough. Sometimes, you have to hit back in order to protect your loved ones and yourself.

Episode 15 recap


When SO hugged YS, she was taken aback for a while and then she pushed him away. Obviously flustered, she asks what that is about. SO answers that he was doing what she has always been doing for him, comforting him in this way when he was upset. YS tried to recover herself and act cool because SO is right. I think there is a reversal here. Where SO used to get hiccups whenever he was near YS, I think we are going to see more of YS getting flustered whenever she is near SO.

Meanwhile a little girl gets stabbed while walking with her mother in the park.


YS and SO sit on a bench, feeling awkward and tries to diffuse the tension by looking at the night sky. SO describes the moon as a plain pizza with cheese topping. I never tire of SO’s out-of-this world descriptions of the most mundane things. YS asks if they can go back to the way they were before, being friendly and comfortable with each other? I just have this premonition that she will be the first to fail, ha. SO tells her that he is all right with it. He is aware that people feel uncomfortable around him. He even feels that those who liked him are actually burdened by him and so it’s not something he will like to impose on her. He thinks she feels uncomfortable with him and he doesn’t want it happening. YS has to backpedal and deny. She admits she is selfish to propose going back to the way they were, knowing full well that he has feelings for her. She offers to take back her proposal. SO reassures her that he will be all right and won’t whine like a child. He already feels that his heart is maturing with the experience. Besides, he wants to continue drinking and eating delicious food with her. This man’s mind is never far away from food. YS starts to ask him another question but stops. She makes a funny gesture but it is not shown what she wanted to ask or what is it all about. I think it’s got to do with her back, did SO hug her too hard?


SO gets a call, it’s from the hospital. The little girl who got stabbed arrived at the hospital in critical condition. DH gets called back too and they start on the operation immediately. Afterwards the residents and YS are talking about the case in their office. They are horrified that someone would knifed a young child. DH comes in and thank them for their hard work, he assigns SO and Dr Han to take care of the girl.


SO walks YS out as she is going home. YS teases that he doesn’t even try to find an excuse now. SO says he doesn’t want to buy another hammer, Taeyang Hardware is 3 bus stops away. If you want to find a boyfriend who can make you laugh, there is no one better than SO! SO tells YS not to feel uncomfortable, he can protect her from the crazy world out there. That’s either bravado or confidence talking, we shall see. YS asks doubtfully if he is indeed as strong as he make out to be. SO says he is. He gives another of his analogies and YS plays along. Then he asks her for a date. Not really but as good as one. He offers to buy her delicious dinner and YS agrees readily. SO, you got some smooth moves there, huh? After all, friends can always have dinner together, right? See, I told you. YS’s proposal is backfiring already. SO stares at YS’s back as she walks away and thinks to himself “This is sufficient for me. Seeing your smiling face and being near you always. That’s enough for me.” Back home, YS is still smiling to herself, hmmm…. She spots the rose she had dumped earlier in the trash. She picks it up and pins it on her board again.


Dr Han see In Hae sitting alone looking sad. He apologies to her but In Hae says she is not mad. She is upset because she wants him and her sister together. However now that he has found out the kind of work she does, she thinks that Dr Han will not be interested in her sister anymore. Dr Han assures her that he does not think this way. Though he was shocked initially, this has made him see how great a person her sister is. In Hae looks more comforted after hearing his words.


Dad is acting like a jerk to the nurse who brought him food because he does not want to eat porridge. Just then, SO comes by and witness the commotion. Dad tells him to get him blood sausages but SO summons the courage to deny him and tell him to stick to the doctor’s orders. Dad gets mad but SO is adamant. Once he steps out, we see how much it took from him to stand up like this to his father but nonetheless, he succeeded.


YS presents a case from Boston Children Hospital who requested advice from their facility. Yes, if you got it right if you have already guessed by now who this patient might be. A 10 year old Korean boy suffered a head injury which resulted in hydrocephalus. The hospital did a conventional method on putting a shunt draining the fluid into his abdominal cavity but it didn’t work. He has already been operated 10 times without success. The child was treated at TaeYang Hospital in Korea before he flew to US for treatment. YS and DH ponders if there is another way besides the shunt method since that clearly doesn’t work. They noticed that SO has stepped in and is looking at the case. DH asks for SO’s opinions. SO recognize the condition for what it is and says there isn’t any other surgical method besides shunt and ends his sentence at “but”. This prompts YS to ask him if he can see another solution. However, SO says he doesn’t know. DH takes his word for it and they look deflated while SO continues to look at the scans. Is there something he is not telling?

After telling her President Lee off for keeping her in the dark about Jeong’s involvement in her father’s death, CK backs out of the deal. She meets KHT off and doesn’t mince her words but KHT makes more scathing remarks about her and SeongWon foundation and she stomps off in a huff while he smiles.

The girl from the knife attack is suffering from post-traumatic syndrome. She cannot cooperate with the police to give an eye witness account of how her attacker looked like. As DH and SO leave the ward, SO describes the feeling the young girl must feel. He says that the psychological impact of getting severely hit at a young age has a long lasting effect and the gravity cannot be easily dismissed. DH listens and comments that he must then know the way to treat Yeong Seo (the knifed victim). SO says he does. She is now very afraid of the attacker so she needs to have someone warm by her side, who is stronger than the person she fears. This will convinced her that she is safe. SO continues “To me, Hyung was that person…and also you.” DH looks at him, doesn’t say a word and walks away, SO follows. There is someone suspicious sitting there unnoticed by all, it’s the attacker.


DH sees the children hitting punch bags during playtime. He tells them that fighting is bad but one kid retorted that if someone bothers him and hits him, should he just do nothing? Another boy tells him to try it out. At first he lands a wimpy blow and the boy demonstrates the right way to do it. Soon, SO is having fun punching the punch bag. I suspect this is the first time he tries his hand at throwing punches.

In Young tells In Hae that they need to talk but In Hae is still depressed. In Young thinks she is mad with her but In Hae says she does not want to be a burden to her sister and wants to get out of hospital. In Young says she has quit her job. And she has already amassed enough money for In Hae’s surgery.


At the cafeteria, SO sees his mom but he doesn’t talk to her. He joins Dr Lizard and Dr Woo who are seated together. Dr Lizard is astonished that SO doesn’t ask if he can join them before sitting down, he shoots nervous glances at Dr Woo. Dr Woo passes a sarcastic remark at SO who misses it all together. Dr Lizard stares at SO who just gulps down his food oblivious to the two. Suddenly, SO tells Dr Lizard that he should come over to his place and play again, ha. He is pleased with himself for successfully ordering on tv, the last 20 packs of Spicy Beef soup as hangover soup for Dr Lizard. Dr Lizard gets more embarrassed and starts denying about having been to SO’s house. SO invites Dr Woo who passes the offer but tells him to take care of Chief well, ha.

YS talks to Mom and tells her not to be overly sad about SO’s reaction. She tells Mom that SO being cold and all, is not showing what’s truly inside his heart. Mom laments that she can’t complain because neither she nor Dad has been of help in SO’s life. YS says some nice things which Dad doesn’t deserve a single iota. Mom is grateful to YS for being nice to SO and encouraging him. Make her your daughter-in-law now, Pali Pali!


SO and YS knocks off. YS is very high excited to know what good food SO has in store for her but SO is very secretive about it. She doesn’t let up and keeps guessing the food. She was so engrossed that she stepped onto the edge of the pavement just as a car whizzes by. Instinctively, SO grabs YS and whirls her around, shielding her from harm and holding her body close against his.  When the danger was over, YS pulls away from SO whose attention is still on the near miss and doesn’t notice how flustered YS is. YS curses the driver and doesn’t dare to look at SO for a good 10 seconds. When she finally turns around, she changes the subject back to dinner.


Next, we see them back in SO’s apartment. So this is SO’s secret dinner rendezvous, ha. A panicky SO tears at the onions and frantically searches the recipe book,  trying to cook a ‘storm’ for his girl while YS looks impatient and annoyed. I don’t have high hopes for that spaghetti. In the end, both almost puked at the horridness of it all. They strike an agreement never to cook for each other again. Wise thinking, docs!


DH is concerned about CK and has a heart-to-heart talk with her. CK admits her mistakes and feels terrible for what she has done. She realizes that she did all those things for selfish reasons and not for DH. Looking at how confused and lost she looks, DH goes over to her side and comforts her while CK cries onto his shoulder.

YS gets a call from her mother to go on a blind date. She tries her best to fend off her mother’s attempts and resorts to the old trick of a faulty connection to cut off mom. SO overhears the conversation and after YS hangs up, he tells her that she should have agreed as the date seems to be a good catch. He adds that he too would like to go on a blind date one day. YS promises to set him up and then she shows him a photo of her blind date. SO lets slip a giggle and says that the blind date guy looks like Voldemort. Now that he said it, YS realizes the resemblance and laughs. Then she flicks her hair and tells SO that she must be Govida-Hermione. However she deflates quickly as SO tells her that the truth about “Shin-nae-ba” was exposed during the dinner. YS berates SO for not standing up for her. SO says he was too distracted by the beef, ha. Plus, how could he say it was true when he only saw her face and not her body? Then he ends with “I will say it is so, Dr Shinaeba” Way to go, SO!

At the hospital the next day, SO tries to check on the young girl, Yeong Seo but she freaks out at the sight of the stethoscope. Observing outside are DH and the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist wants to treat the girl but DH says she needs to recover physically first, so they will do their best.


The children are sneaking snacks to their hiding place and eating forbidden food. SO chances upon them . Unlike the previous episode, the children beckon him to join them and offer him food. There is disapproval all over SO’s face and true enough he confiscate the food,  brings them back to the ward and lectures the kids on the type of food to eat and the type to avoid. The children’s mothers are impressed with SO.

DH thinks back on what SO says about having someone who is stronger and warm by his side. He walks out of his room and see YS looking at the case from Boston. She feels bad after giving their advice to Boston, she wants to see if there is a way to cure the boy somehow. DH tells her to work hard and wait for SO to come. Me too.


SO is having problems checking on Yeong Seo. She gets upset whenever he brings out the stethoscope. Then DH comes, smiles warmly at Yeong Seo and whips out the child stethoscope, it’s the yellow bear one which SO gave DH for his birthday. SO looks utterly surprised at DH. The girl lets DH use the stethoscope on her and he boasts that he is really good at fighting, something which this doctor here(SO) can testify to. Ah….DH has really taken SO’s advice to heart, hasn’t he? SO chips in to say that DH is just like Won Bin in the movie “Ahjussi” Even DH couldn’t resist laughing at the reference. Later, both doctors walk out of the ward and SO has this cute, skip in his steps, no doubt delighted with what has just transpired. DH calls him out for snickering all the time and SO hurriedly denies it. Then he points to the stethoscope which is now back in DH’s pocket and thanks him for using it. Both men smile to themselves as they go their own ways.

Meanwhile the stabber lurks in the corridor looking suspicious. Heck, he looks darn suspicious in his get up. Black jacket and pants, cap that covers half face. His entire look screams “Look at me! I am BAD!” Yet, no one cast a second glance at him. Yup, drama.


Earlier, Nurse Jo finds the emptybottle of moisturizer in Nurse Nam’s trash. Taking it as a positive sign  and indication of acceptance on her part, he presents her a spa gift voucher. However, Nurse Nam is appalled when Nurse Jo says he can accompany her if she needs a companion. She overreacts and throws the gift onto the floor, Nurse Jo’s heart must have sank further than that.

Mom is in Dad’s room clearing some stuff. Being the awful person that he is, Dad taunts Mom and says he won’t go peacefully, he will make sure she suffers too. Mom pleads with him to make it up to SO before it’s too late but of course this just makes Dad madder. He raises his hand to strike Mom who just stands there. SO comes in just in time and tells Dad not to hit Mom but Dad raises his hand again, this time to strike SO. SO catches Dad’s wrist and holds it there while Dad shakes with fury. SO tells Dad that he is now stronger and he won’t let him hit Mom anymore.


Later, Mom thanks SO for protecting her. But SO asks Mom “Until when are you going to get hit by Dad?” Same question here. SO continues that he doesn’t like to remember Mom being hit by Dad, however since nothing has changed, there is no difference between memory and what’s happening in the present. Mom says sorry to SO and he tells her “Please don’t say things like you are sorry. Why…do you feel sorry only towards me?” Such awesome words, SO!

YS thinks she has found a way to operate on the hydrocephalus patient. She checks with SO who concurs that it is possible. He looks at her happily while she is elated. YS reports her recommendation to DH who beams reading it. He too thinks it’s possible in theory and clinically. YS lets on that she copied SO in drawing the surgery in her head. DH teases her saying that they got another genius on their team and YS happily laps up the compliment, calling herself “God-given Brain”, ha.


Dr Lizard is on the roof, firing himself up for a comeback. He reminisces on SO’s words of awe and admiration for him. Without any more hesitation, he calls Dr Woo to consolidate all files within their department over the last 2 years. As he turns his face up to the heavens, breathing in the sweet fresh air of change, a blob of bird poo lands right smack in the middle of his brows. That’s a stamp of approval from the heavens above, Dr Lizard.

KHT gets a call from his wife, it’s good news. Finally there is a hospital which says they have a way to operate on their son. His happiness turns into shock when his wife tells him it’s Seongwon Hospital. Which other hospital did you expect in dramaland?


Adorably, SO buys a chocolate muffin for CK who is having coffee alone. He is on an errand to buy coffee for the seniors and is told to be back in a jiffy before they get cold. CK assures him that like Prof Kim DH, they all drink cold coffee anyway because they are too busy. Like a child, SO is somehow convinced and agrees to chat for a while. CK asks him about his confession and SO answers that he isn’t really clear on the outcome. CK takes it that he was not rejected outright and SO keeps silent. Ha, so SO does read the situation better than I thought. CK thanks SO but doesn’t elaborate. She tells him that he can look for her for advice anytime, how nice. Just then, YS catches sight of SO and CK and lurks in the corner, looking at them. She turns up her nose, not too pleased at the sight of SO and CK happily sharing the muffin.


Afterwards, she catches up with SO and launches her probe into CK and SO’s relationship, she wants to know how and why is SO so close to CK, ha. She also ask why didn’t SO tell her that he is close to CK. To which SO simply replies “I forgot” with a smile and shrug. She gets more annoyed when she finds out that SO consults CK on “all of life’s problems”, she complains that he never comes to her about such things. SO looks puzzled, then YS lays a common trap “The Manager is really pretty, right?” SO falls right into it when he agrees too quickly and enthusiastically “Yes. She’s really a beauty.” Wrong answer, dude! She tells him to be closer to CK and although he knows something is not quite right, SO looks lost. I am telling you, buddy, a woman’s mind will be the hardest thing you’d ever diagnose.

Back at the hospital, YS sees DH checking on Yeong Seo and remarks that she is seeing more of Director Choi in DH recently. DH laughs and attributes his change to a certain new resident who is like a textbook. It makes DH reflect on things like “Am I a good doctor?” and other textbook questions. We all know who he is talking about. They get interrupted by the girl’s mom. Yeong Seo starts to give description of her attacker. Although she is stuttering and the description scarce, the policeman thinks it might be useful. DH raises a question, what if the perpetuator comes back for Yeong Seo now that she is revealing how he looks like. YS also thinks that they should beef up the security. However, these get dismissed by the police officer. Even Nurse Jo pipes in but the police officer says they are the experts and should know better. Of course, otherwise we won’t have any drama, right? YS is still unconvinced and asks if they could get the hospital security guards to help but DH says they are understaffed.


That night, DH looks at Yeong Seo’s mom sleeping by her bedside and feeling a little assured, he walks back to his office. On his way, he brushes past the stabber. It’s amazing how this suspicious looking man works around without anyone noticing him, even SO just takes a second look but no more than that. DH steps into the lift and briefly the image of the stabber flashes past his mind and he realizes that this guy might be dangerous. He quickly runs towards the ward. The stabber has already made his way quietly into the room and mom wakes up just in time. She grabs her daughter and two cower in fear as the stabber approaches. Just then, SO steps in and Yeong Seo tearfully tells him this is the man. SO talks to the guy but obviously it’s not working. The stabber touches the knife in his pocket and moves menacingly closer to SO who stands rooted at the door. DH comes charging in and kicks the stabber who stumbles back. DH holds down the man and yells at SO to take Yeong So to safety. After handing the girl to the nurse station, SO runs back to see DH scuffling with the stabber. They are locked in stalemate until the stabber reaches for his knife and plunges it into DH. DH falls back in shock.


Although SO has always been hit by his Dad as well as bullies, young and old, he has never fought back. His mantra is that hitting is bad. He figures he will not do to others what he dislikes being done to himself. However, he is learning that there are exceptions to the rule. There are times when he will have to fight and hit back in order to protect the people dear to him and for himself. Already, we have seen how instinctively protective SO is of YS, shielding her from the oncoming car is just a start. And he learns from the children that fighting back is necessarily bad. Why stand there and get hit when you can defend yourself? He applied this new thinking when he stood up to Dad and stop him from hitting Mom. More importantly, he will come to DH’s aid. He used to be the one who needs protection but he is slowly but surely becoming the protector.

I am glad that the drama did not make Mom to be victim of abuse and circumstances with whom we should all empathize with whole-heartedly. It exposes her weakness and stupidity of ‘noble sacrifice’. At first, I applauded the fact that she sacrificed herself to get Dad away from SO by suggesting that they move to another city. However, I could never understand why she continues to let herself get hit by Dad? Couldn’t she do something more than just stand there and wait for the blow to land? I am not saying she is to be blamed for being abused but victims of abuse often cannot break the cycle even when it is possible. In the past, contributing factors could be finances or the stigma of divorce but there is nothing in the present that gives her reason for behaving the way she did. If she had the courage to stand up for herself, she could have done a better job too in protecting her children.

When Mom told Dad to be a better person, she said she intends to spend her entire life begging SO. We all know that the guilt she carries but I totally agree with SO when he tells her to stop saying she is sorry. It might be the most sincere apology but when repeated once too often, it loses its effect and becomes annoying, especially when there is no action to accompany the words. Besides, why is she only feeling sorry towards SO? I think SO wants to see Mom not as a victim but as a person in her own right who can stand up for herself. It was telling when he said he sees no difference between Mom in the past and Mom now. Mom has got to forgive and love herself without waiting for SO’s forgiveness.

CK was right to be thankful to SO because DH is indeed a changed man. He smiles more easily and any trace of the dour sourpuss man is gone. I love the way he approaches the girl Yeong Seo, he oozes such empathy and warm which was lacking in the past. It is also a treat to see SO and DH interact with each other these days. DH obviously values SO’s insights and listens intently to his words. This is a far cry from those days when he simply dismisses SO. At the same time, SO no longer fears DH but deeply respects him. It is everything a sunbae-hoobae relationship should be and more. There is even hope that DH will see SO as his ‘dongsaeng’. SO is already seeing DH in place of his hyung, as someone who can protect him.

I am glad that CK and DH’s relationship seems to be on the mend. It has to start with CK realizing the follies of her ways and thankfully she is not blaming anyone but herself. Even when DH offers her a convenient excuse, she refuses to take it. More than CK and DH’s talk, I love her interactions with SO. She was one of the last people I had expected to be nice to SO. Yet, to my surprise, other than the initial dismissal, she has been a great noona to SO. She never condescends him and always values his words. She is one person who quickly sees the value in SO’s unique and fresh introspective take on things.

It is obvious that YS is fostering a different kind of feelings towards SO, it is no longer the noona-dongsaeng feelings anymore. She is now the one who is affected by him physical closeness just as SO was when he was hiccupping in her presence. She gets hilariously jealous when she sees him with CK. They are very adorable and cute to watch because SO still takes many things at face value and misses all the cues that YS throws at him. I am predicting tons of funny hissy fits and misunderstandings, we seriously need more than 4 episodes. Yet for all his cluelessness, we find out that SO does not think he got rejected outright as revealed in his conversation with CK. I hope he will step up in pursuing his girl because he is right, all is not lost.



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