Good Doctor Episode 14 recap


by mrdimples

In this drama, one of the important lessons is the power of words. Words can make build a person or destroy him. SO had lived his childhood filled with psychological and physical abuses. The fact that he survived and grew up to be a wonderful human being is a miracle in itself. Now that he is surrounded by people who encourage him and love him, I am sure he will grow from strength to strength.


SO stares at DH in disbelief as he tells SO to be the operating surgeon. DH barks at SO to get on with the operation but SO cries out that he is a first year resident. DH says it’s now a state of emergency, not unlike a battlefield. There is no other doctor who can operate and if they wait for one to come, the patient will die. Meanwhile, Yoon Heong’s vitals dip further. DH tells SO to hurry. Finally, SO agrees to do it. Dr Hong and Dr Woo go over to assist him. Yoon Heong is not looking good, she bleeds profusely and SO is twitching badly. Everyone tells SO to hurry. SO tries his best to get control of the situation, he closes his eyes. I fear he is going into paroxysm but he is actually trying to visualize the internal organs. However, he gets a whiteout and it looks bleak. SO stares at his dying patient and remembers his sunbaes’ words. YS had told him to believe in himself and DH had exhorted to him that the life of a patient lies in the surgeon’s hands. He closes his eyes once more and this time, he sees the insides clearly. He’s got his ability back! Spurred by this, SO carries out the rest of the operation with a confidence never seen before.


DH and YS finish their respective surgeries and come over to watch SO at work. Finally the last part of the surgery is accomplished and anesthesiologist reports that the vitals are back to normal and every one heaves a sigh of relief. The assistants compliments SO and as SO turns to DH, we can see that DH actually smiles at him behind the mask. SO notices YS standing outside, looking through the window. He tells her in his head “I finished up the operation well, Doctor. I pulled it off well.” As if YS can read his mind, YS nods her head in approval, tears welling up in her eyes, thinking “I am extremely proud of you. Good job Si On.”

SO breaks the good news to YH’s parents and I think he really relishes this moment. When he meets DH, DH gives him a critical assessment of his surgery performance and tells him that he should not expect to lead another surgery until 5 years later when he becomes a 2nd year fellow. SO shoulders slump in disappointment but DH continues with “I’ll tell you now what I’d tell you 5 years from today- Congratulations on your first operation.” The rest of the team comes back and everyone is happy for SO. YS is uncharacteristically quiet, she smiles at SO but walks out from the room. This does not go unnoticed by DH. Nonetheless, DH tells the team that they should celebrate over dinner and everyone is elated.


We go back to the meeting where Chairman Lee, Director are in talks with Chairman Jeong and KHT. Jeong insist that he is just an investor but Chairman Lee doesn’t see it that way. Jeong says he intends to buy out the hospital and has grand plans for it but he wants Chairman Lee to be removed from the board. He won’t be taking over though; instead he will get a young and smart chairman to replace her. If they refuse his demands, he can easily sell the hospital at a profit to people who will do a worse job. Chairman Lee gets livid with anger, telling him that her husband died because of him. He advises her not to repeat the tragedy and listen to him. He finally threatens that they have one month to repay their loans if they continue to refuse his offer.


YS is on the rooftop, pondering over SO’s words at their last meeting. She is clearly troubled by them. DH joins her and asks what is on her mind. YS tells him that it’s about SO, she has treated him too much like a child but didn’t realize that he is an adult with feelings. DH asks if that’s really what upsets her, he probes further but this time YS doesn’t tell him the whole picture. She says that she has hurt SO’s pride because his pride got stronger. DH agrees that it is possible but tells her to look at it from another point of view – without her caring for SO, he wouldn’t be the way he is now. He tells her to continue watching out for him but just gradually change her way of doing so. YS says that SO can do without her now. DH reminds her of the dinner but YS says she will take a rain check as she needs a rest.

KHT meets CK and congratulate her on her upcoming appointment as Chairman Lee. CK voices her displeasure with him for dragging DH into the picture and his intention to make SO publicity fodder. KHT defends his plan by saying that he did it for SO’s future but CK still thinks it’s despicable. KHT points out that she is no better because she took used Jeong to exact her revenge on her stepmother. CK can only smile awkwardly because KHT words are true.

Finally we get a peek into the man behind KHT’s mask. Apparently his wife and child are in the States and his child is sick. However, they have been turned away from hospital to hospital. His wife suggests that they return to Seoul but KHT tells her that it’s pointless because there is nothing that can be done here for their child.


DH and team are drinking to celebrate their success. The residents lament that YS is not here because she is known as the “Queen of Company Dinners” among the juniors. What a weird title but I supposed it means that she is the life of a party. SO chips in and asks innocently “Isn’t she known as God-give-body?” Godiva! This is too hilarious. Dr Han clearly knows but the juniors are clueless. SO launches into an explanation of the moniker but gets stopped by Dr Han who begs him to stop, ha. DH explains to the bewildered residents that “shin=god, naerin=given, ba=body” he tops it by telling SO that it is not a compliment given to her but a self-proclamation. Everyone laughs except SO who doesn’t get the joke.


While the team is making merry, YS is fighting mozzies at home. She takes one last lingering look at the rose SO gave her and places it gently into her trash bin. DH and SO leaves together after dinner and DH asks SO if he had visited his dad. SO shakes his head and says not yet. DH guesses that SO does not want to get his pride hurt or feel embarrassed. SO affirms it. DH then tells him that lacking in skill or not earning enough money doesn’t hurt one’s pride or makes it embarrassing. Rather it is “Fearing something once and being scared of it forever.” He continues by saying that this applies to not just to the workplace but also his life. Not being fearful does not equate to being courageous. Instead “It is courage when you experience fear but keep going.” SO listens intently, absorbing it all.

The next day, YS tries to maintain her cheeriness when she meets SO outside scrubbing for surgery. She asks about dinner. Although SO answers her, it’s obvious he doesn’t want to chat and excuse himself. YS smiles sadly to herself.

DH meets Director and shares what he knows about Chairman Jeong. He tells Director that Jeong is an expert in M&As. Director says that’s not the important that the fact that he and the ex-chairman go a long way back. 15 years ago, Jeong was even more aggressive in trying to acquire Seong Won hospital and the foundation. In the end, ex-chairman managed to stop the acquisition but died of liver cancer shortly. Eh, I never knew a person could get cancer from stress with such a short period of time. Anyway, Director mulls over the fact that Jeong has already chosen a new chairman and wonders who it is.

When DH asks, Director says that CK doesn’t know about Jeong because he and Chairman Lee sought to protect her from the truth. This people! I don’t understand why they had to keep it from CK. Now, it’s no use crying over spilt milk, is there? DH recollects CK’s words and connects the dots. DH goes to see CK immediately and tells her to stop joining outsiders to hurt her family. CK counters that Jeong was the only one who listened to her. No one understood her difficulty and anger and assumed that she was able to get over it by herself. However, she confesses that she is not strong enough. When she needed it most, DH could not afford her the time. DH knows that he has no choice but to reveal Jeong’s true identity. Afterwards, CK sits alone in her office with tears streaming down her cheeks. She realized too late that she has cut a deal with her worst enemy.


Dr Han and YS are doing their work at the office when he remarks that YS seems rather gloomy these days. YS denies it and suddenly, Dr Han remarks that she doesn’t seem to watch over SO as much. YS snorts and say that he seems fine on his own so she need to fret over him. Dr Han expresses his concern that not all is well with SO because he faces the issues with his bad. More than this, there are other things which might hurt SO.  Ooh, does Dr Han know that YS is SO’s crush? YS brushes him off but his words worry her.

SO goes to see Yoon Jeong and she thanks him for saving her because she needs to take care of her blind father. I got to admit I am confused. Is the mother present? This girl sounds like she is the primary caregiver but she is only a child. I supposed the mother is working her butt off. Anyway, this young girl spews wisdom like a sage. She asks SO about his father and finds out that SO’s dad is sick. She tells SO that he has to love his father more because he is sick and he might not be able to see him much longer. Yes, if only you know how sick his father really is. I mean in his head. SO seems to be taking in her words and looks conflicted.


SO goes to see the doctor in charge of Dad’s case. The prognosis is bad, there is nothing the doctors can do except to relieve pain. As SO looks at the CT scan he fidgets and twitches, I cannot imagine how he can confront him when he gets so nervous just by looking at this pictures. Nonetheless, SO remembering DH’s words is determined to be courageous and face his fear. He goes to see Dad who is a terrible patient, what else? The first thing Dad does is to cuss at him, calling him names. SO shuffles back and forth but he finally steps forward and closes the door, ack! He goes near his father and Dad reaches out and grabs him by the lapels of his coat. I hate this man. SO is twitching like crazy and avoiding eye contact as much as he can. Dad asks if SO can cure him but SO nervously replies that it is not his area of specialty. Dad sneers and says how it a thing like SO ever be a doctor, he must have gotten in because of the Director. Suddenly his eyes light up as he asks about SO’s wages, saying that SO must pay for his medical bills and take care of him because whatever he may be, he is still the father who bore and raised him. Oh, this man needs to burn in hell, like in 1 second? The gall of this man! Mom witness this as she stands outside the door.


Dr Lizard walks out of his consultation room because he has no patients to see and he overhears 2 mothers talking about how difficult it is to get an appointment with Dr Kim Do Han. This must annoy Dr Lizard. He goes to the vending machine which frustrates him further by eating up his coins and not giving him the drink. Then he feels a tug at his coat, it’s the sweetest thing on earth in form of a cute little girl. She holds out a can of drink for him. Dr Lizard smiles at the sight and takes the can, opens it and is about to drink when he feels another tug. The little girl holds out her hand. Aw, you only want him to open the can for you? This is so unexpected and totally hilarious.


Dr Lizard goes out of the building and finds SO sitting outside. Dr Lizard jokingly laments that first year residents like SO is already playing hooky, ha. Out of the blue, SO asks if Dr Lizard’s father is a good man. He says there are more and more things which he gets envious about. He says he wants his father to be proud of him and wishes that he too can be proud of his father. Dr Lizard wonders what’s eating up SO and deduces that he must be having trouble with his dad. Although SO doesn’t elaborate, Dr Lizard takes out some notes from his wallet and tells him to treat himself some food with it. At first, he takes out a wad and then realizes it’s too much so he stuff some back. I am really enjoying Dr Lizard’s scenes, he is so comical. SO does not take the offer saying he has enough money but Dr Lizard says when an adult offers you, you must take so SO thanks him.

Dong Jin is getting checked by YS. He seems to be recovering well and his mother has come to Seoul to accompany him back home since he is likely to be discharges in 2 days’ time. His mom thanks YS for taking care of her son. But not all is well when Dong Jin gets an abdominal pain and goes to the toilet to throw up. He has obviously been in pain but hid his symptoms because he was sick of staying in the hospital and misses his mom. SO is also in the bathroom and hears the sound. When SO asked, Dong Jin claims that there is nothing wrong but SO knows better. After the boy leaves, he steps into the cubicle and sees a bile-stained tissue in the bin. He picks it up and puts it into his pocket.


He runs into Mom along the corridor and they go outside to talk. SO wants to go back to his work and asks Mom what is it that she wishes to tell him. Finally, Mom brings herself to say “Si On ah…I am your mom.” She tearfully apologizes for not telling her sooner and as SO stay dumbfounded, she steps forward and puts her hand on his cheek, calling him her son and apologizing. As she says sorry over and over again, SO’s memory floods back. Mom had also said sorry to SO when he was 7 back then, sitting all alone in the house. Little SO is holding a farewell letter from Mom who apologized but promised that she will come back for him at a later date. Little SO cries “Mommy…Mommy…” and my heart breaks.


SO pulls Mom’s hand away and tells her that he doesn’t like her. Mom left him alone with just a letter and abandoned him. Then he steps back from her with Mom pleading with him. As she moves towards him, he retreats further and says that Mom is bad just like Dad. Mom admits that she made a terrible mistake but SO tells her that he doesn’t need Mom. He turns and hurries away leaving Mom crying. This is so so sad.

Mom calls YS to find SO as she must be worried. YS searches and finds him in his usual corner. She asks him if he has met his mother and if he is all right. He adds that he doesn’t really want to see his mom. YS questions why because he used to miss her so much. SO admits that used to be true but he now realizes that his mom does not love him. When he saw his dad, his thought was of his dad beating him. When he saw his mom, he remembered her abandoning him and he had hated her for it. YS says she understands but could he just hear his mom out? SO says there is no need to and tells her not to worry about him and walks away. However, it’s all a front because he finds a dark corner and sits there crying in silence.


SO bumps into YS as she is going home. He bids her farewell and is about to continue his way when she holds him back. YS asks him to tell her the truth about how he feels about his mom, he must be very sad, isn’t he? SO shakes his head. YS tells him that he should confide his troubles in her but gets disappointed when SO says he can tell DH instead. Later we see SO sitting at his table thinking of YS’s words at the café. Obviously her words still affect him and that nonchalance is just a front

In Hae goes to the bar where her sister works. Earlier she had found a business card bearing a strange name but with her sister’s mobile number. She steps in and sees In Young there. In Hae calls her sister out for lying to her and gets more furious when she learns that Dr Han knows it before she does. She says she doesn’t want to be healthy if it means that her sister has to work in such a job, and then she runs off. Back in the hospital, she runs into Dr Han and tells him off before storming to her bed and cries her eyes out.

The next day, Dong Jin collapses in pain and loses consciousness. His mom is perplexed as he had been given clear for discharged. As the doctors are puzzled themselves at the sudden turn, SO remembers the bile-stained tissue. Oops, he must have forgotten. At the discussion, Dong Jin is found to have intestinal obstruction and a surgery is required. They wonder why there were no signs of abdominal pain. YS is troubled and SO doesn’t reveal that he already knew. I wonder why.


As they scrub for the surgery, YS berates herself for not catching the condition earlier and DH tells her to stop and head in. During the surgery, SO looks at YS with concern. Later, SO is by Dong Jin’s bedside. He probes about the pain and Dong Jin admits to having lots of it plus vomiting too. He kept quiet because he wanted to go home badly and pleads with SO not to tell his mom. Outside, he witness Dong Jin’s mom giving YS an earful. She says she will not let this incident slide. SO sees how depressed YS is and he sighs as he looks at the piece of evidence in his hand.

YS is greatly affected by it but DH tells her that it’s a small mistake. He will settle it if things get blown up. DH is rather amused when YS attributes her mistake to a lapse in concentration. He does note that she has been acting strange of late though.


Nurse Jo and Nurse Nam are worried about YS. Apparently, Dong Jin’s mom has threatened to bring the matter to the reporters. Just as they were voicing their anxieties for YS, they see SO bowing repeatedly to Dong Jin’s mom in apology. They wonder what trouble has SO gotten himself into this time. Not too soon, Dong Jin’s mom asks to see DH. Turns out that SO told Dong Jin’s mom that it was his entire fault for knowing that the boy vomited and yet he omitted reporting it to YS. Dong Jin’s mom says that she does not want to destroy the young doctor’s future, moreover she heard from the other mothers how hard SO has been working.  So she will let this go.


YS lets out her anger at SO when they are outside. She says that it was clearly her fault and she doesn’t need him to sacrifice for her. SO says he doesn’t understand what sacrifice means. YS tells him that she knows he is doing this because he likes her. This makes her angrier and madder. He is having a more difficult time than she is and more than her, he cannot afford to make a mistake. She tells him that he is not doing anyone any favors by his action.

SO is called in for explanation by DH. DH tells him that he understands SO is doing it for YS’s sake but he should not just carelessly assume responsibility for something he did not do. SO differs and says that the Director told him that’s how the world works. DH is amused and ask why would he do that? SO says he wants to give comfort and care to others. All this while, he has been receiving so it’s time to give back. DH laughs and says that’s not the way to do it and he did not make YS happier for it. DH gives him some advice. He tells SO to comfort people for real, not a big gesture like this but the sincere kind. The small and warm comfort that he receives from people.


YS goes to the library and drinks. Later when she reaches home, she sees SO standing below her unit. She goes down and asks why he is standing outside? SO tells her that he is worried about her. He apologizes to her for making her mad and explains that he did what he did because he couldn’t bear to see her upset “I don’t want you to be hurt. I hate it more than me being hurt.”

YS says she knows SO is doing this because he likes her but besides being thankful, she is unable to reciprocate. SO denies that his actions were because of his liking, he did it to comfort her sincerely. He admits he has been avoiding her recently to make her more comfortable but he just had to do it today. What happened to Dong Jin wasn’t her fault. YS tells him to stop because she is upset enough over many things and tears start to roll down her face. That’s when SO steps forward and hug her.



I have some gripes with this episode. First, it seems that SO recovered his ability at that instant when he had to save the girl patient Yoon Heong. There was no mention thereafter. I would prefer if they had just address it because DH and YS were so worried in the prior episode.

I am most peeved by the character Yoon Heong, the blind man’s daughter. For one, I cannot understand how they all talk as if the mother does not exists. When SO came out to break the good news to Yoon Heong’s parents after the surgery, he only addressed her father. I was wondering who that woman beside the blind man is but I think she is the mother. It is very obvious that this case is featured to pave the way for SO to forgive and *gulps* love his father. I know I said I can accept that SO forgives his horrible father before the old man dies. However I am not appreciating how the writer rubs filial piety into our faces. If last episode was bad, Dad was even more deplorable in this one. This chap has the gumption to make SO feel responsible for him? This man has no conscience whatsoever. It is no wonder that he hasn’t changed all these years because he doesn’t see the despicable being that he is. At this point, I only want SO to stop hurting because of his dad. He need not forgive him but if that makes him happier, I will accept it.

I am also puzzled by the whole Dong Jin’s affair. It seems to be that SO is at fault for not relaying his findings to YS. At first, I had thought that YS should be able to diagnose it and not just rely on a young child’s words on his well-being. However, from what DH said, it’s a condition that could be easily missed. Hence, isn’t it SO’s fault? So why are the three (DH, YS and SO) behaving as if it’s YS responsibility and SO is taking the rap?

Thankfully there are many good things in this episode that I can rave about. Let’s start with SO’s first surgery. At first, I cannot comprehend why DH would risk the fate of a patient in SO’s hands? Aren’t there more qualified doctors around? Well, it seems that Dr Hong and Dr Woo are more junior than SO. I have to trust DH’s judgment that shaky as SO might be, he is still better than Dr Hong and Dr Woo. My heart was in my throat when I watched how SO fumbled and blinked his eyes in the beginning. I was chanting “Please don’t faint! Please don’t faint!” So it was wonderful when SO recovered in time and pulled off the surgery in gusto. The way he moved with confidence is a delight to watch. I missed Joo Won’s intensity in such scenes. I cried along with YS when SO turned to face her, telling her in his head that he did it at last. I hope this will erase that so called “lack of qualification” in his mind now that he finally succeeded in a surgery.

I love DH in this episode. It’s obvious that SO sucks up every bit of DH’s words and they are gems, really. For starters, DH’s attitude towards SO has changed. His nods of approval are just what SO needs. This boy only needs confidence to fly. When I saw how SO’s dad cursed at him for being a weakling and good-for-nothing, it’s obvious that SO has lived a life with guilt of being born and being the way he is. Confidence is not in his vocabulary. Now that DH has given him small but important doses of affirmation and even advice on life outside the hospital, I am sure he will be a nurturing force in the steps of Director Choi. SO values DH’s words so much that he plucks the courage to face his dad.

I have never been interested in the politics except that I find KHT an intriguing figure. It has largely got to do with the actor playing this role. He is such an enigma because he doesn’t look or behave outright evil. For the first time, we get clued to his motivation. I wonder if the condition of his sick child got to do with his attitudes towards hospital administration or is he motivated by monetary incentive offered by Chairman Jeong? It would be a coup if somehow his wife defies his orders and his child ends up in Seong Won Hospital’s pediatric ward.

I did not expect SO to reject his mom outright. He is right to hate his mother for abandoning him; there is no excuse for leaving a 7 year old child, not to mention an autistic one. Little SO could have died. I am sure it was Director who saved him. Despite being ineffective, I am sure SO’s mother was the only person who showered him with love besides his hyung. I cannot imagine after losing his brother, little SO pines in the orphanage, waiting for the day his mother would return for him. She never kept her promise. Now that she suddenly showed up in his life (doesn’t matter that she has been following him around since college), we can hardly expect him to embrace and forgive her. Yet, for all that stoic front, SO’s heart is filled with pain. Pain because he remembers his mother’s abandonment and pain because he cannot bring himself to hate her no matter how much he wills. I say the latter because I think he will come round to accepting his mom and don’t say I didn’t warn you, stock up your Kleenex. Where I had no sympathy for Dad, I do empathize with Mom. She was also a victim and too weak to protect and take care of her child. It’s quite unimaginable for parents especially mothers to abandon their children but it’s not unheard of. What is more important is that she knows the sin she has committed and is trying her best to do what she can for SO now, including sacrificing herself to keep Dad away from SO.  It is easier to forgive a person like Mom, who feels remorse and acts on it rather than someone like Dad.

Joo Won’s acting tugs at my heartstrings. I could almost smell his fear when he slowly approached his Dad. And all those tics came out in full force when he cowered like his 7 year old self in front of Dad. Besides fear, he portrayed the gamut of emotions so well in the scene with Mom. My heart went out to SO as he cried silently in the dark corner, his hand at his chest as though his heart hurt badly.

I never thought Dr Lizard could provide such entertainment. Ever since the popsicle episode, every scene of Dr Lizard and SO cracks me up and even a tingle of warmth. Although I always gripe that baddies in dramas do a 180 degrees transformation in most unrealistic ways, I am loving Dr Lizard’s evolvement from a slimy reptile to a sunbae who though nowhere near DH’s standing, is still one who can provide comfort to SO. I suspect that although he was not as capable as his peers, Dr Lizard was once a hardworking doctor. However, he sought to ride on the coat tails of his brother-in-law to elevate himself instead of relying on his own strengths. Soon, he lost all respect from his peers and even his hoobaes. Eventually, he loses respect even for himself. It took someone like SO who does not follow the world’s norms to see something good in a person like Dr Lizard. It must be a long time since anyone looked up to Dr Lizard. Now that he has this kiddo seeing him as a respected sunbae, I am sure that Dr Lizard will not let SO down. Dr Lizard’s encounter with the little girl at the vending machine simply oozes with cuteness. Although it would have been incredibly hard to resist pinching the little girl’s cheek, it is still nice to see this humane side of Dr Lizard. We assumed Dr Lizard never had a passion. Who knows, perhaps long time ago, he had dreams and passion just like DH and the pediatric team?

I dare say that there is little possibility of DH and YS ending up together. With 6 episodes left, the ship should have left port by now. It will either be SO and YS together or no pairings at all. The hug at the end of the episode is sweet and I love how SO hugs her in his hunched posture. It makes the hug tighter than it should. I really enjoy how SO takes everything at face value. After listening to DH’s advice, he admits to YS that his way of giving comfort is wrong and now he comforts her by giving her a hug which is exactly the way YS has been expressing her care and affection towards SO.

I wonder if YS’s sadness this episode is purely due to the loss of the closeness she once enjoyed with SO or could it be a sign of an emotion deeper than friendship stirring in YS’s heart?  I will prefer if they can go back to being friends first before something develops. Many lovers have started out being good friends so it is possible. Of course, not forgetting that this is a drama, things will move a lot faster than they do in real life. I will not complain because that’s one of the primary reasons why I watch dramas – to get a whiff of fantasy and not a dose of reality.


screencap credits: Joo Won and Good Doctor Baidu


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