Good Doctor Episode 10 Recap

Si On was the lamp that was placed under the basket. Now that it has been brought out and placed on the lampstand, his light shines forth for all to see.

YS carry out GH’s surgery steadily as SO silently promises GH that he will preserve his dream. Just as YS is about the approach the stage where it might make a difference to GH’s singing ability, SO comes up with a brilliant method, thanks to his unique ability to see and map out the insides of the human body. Thus, SO makes good his promise to GH and the entire team is elated to have the surgery gone so well. I am grateful that YS thanked SO at the end as what he really needs are affirmation and trust. After YS and DH go out and breaks the good news to GH’s parents, SO sets on his task of stitching up GH. It’s another wonderful moment when intern Kim wipes SO’s sweat on the forehead and the kind Dr Han gives his thumbs up to SO, followed by Dr Hong. Only Dr Woo is unhappy, no doubt feeling more like a worm than ever.

YS is in DH’s room, she makes an excuse of asking DH for comments after the surgery, to which DH tells her he has nothing to say. That is supposed to be good because according to YS, she always gets a scolding from him after. YS starts by saying she understands why DH thinks it’s best for SO to be in the Clinical Pathology Dept and she is not here to tell him what to think. But she has one request: “Park Si On, just judge him as he is. Just the way he is.” I love how she puts it, so simple yet profound. She is spot on, DH and people around SO needs to judge him for his abilities alone. They should not cut him slack because he is autistic but neither should they add prejudices because of his autism. DH does not answer but I think YS’s words sank in. If only CK could take a cue from YS on how to talk to a man like DH, things might be better between them.

SO is walking to the wards when he suddenly gets a dizzy spell. Is this an after effect of intense concentration? He steadies himself and walks out to get some fresh air. He sits on the garden bench and his vision gets blurred. While he tries to get himself together, a voice calls out. A young man, a stranger asks him with concern, if he is all right. SO says it must be due to his nervousness. The young man takes a seat beside SO and asks why. SO tells him he has just taken part in a surgery for the first time, so he was really scared for the patient. He thinks he is a coward like his rabbit. The young man smiles and tells him that contrary to the common belief that the rabbit is a tiny and timid creature, it can actually leap very fast and has the smarts to boot. SO comically adds that the rabbit eats his own poop. Can you stop being cute for once? The young man goes on to tell SO that the rabbit has relatively the longest hind legs of any species so in the same light, SO should emulate the rabbit instead of shrinking his body like he always does. Then, the young man comments that SO’s finger nails look like the crescent moon. This catches SO’s attention and he looks into the young man’s eyes. The guy smiles at him and as he gets up to go, he holds SO’s shoulders and gently pushes them back, saying: “Roll your shoulders back” SO just looks at him, dazed. Seriously, tears are flowing down my cheeks. Darn you show, must you make me cry every episode? This is one of the best cameos I have ever seen. Such a brilliant performance by Ryu Deok Hwan (from God’s Quiz). The way this scene was framed in a dreamy, fuzzy way makes me think it is not real but SO’s hallucination of sorts. This strange man must be his hyung, right? The things he say, that comment about SO’s fingernails and the way he looks into SO’s eyes with such tenderness, make me quite certain. This is also interesting as it is the first time, his hyung appears as a grown up. Going along the line that this is part of SO’s imagination, does this mean he is able to see things quite differently now? No longer confined in that mind and memory of his 8-year old self? SO looks forlorn as the young man walks away with the green butterfly fluttering behind him.

SO walks back to the building, looking a lot better. He sees the young pregnant lady, crying on the bench. She is the same one, he had seen the other day. He walks up to her and without a word, offers her his handkerchief and she takes it. Awww….I want Joo Won’s hanky too! I can be pregnant! Okay, maybe not in that order.

YS is by the side of GH who has just gain consciousness after his surgery. YS tells him the happy news that the surgery was a success and he can continue to sing. Just then SO comes along and GH reaches out his hand to SO. I find it quite amusing that SO shakes his hand instead of just holding it. It is a sweet sign of victory.

After leaving GH’s room, YS cannot hide her curiosity any longer. She asks SO if he can really see things in 3-D. SO explains it in his usual style and tells her it’s more than just 3-D. He digs out a used can from the bin and demonstrates it to her. YS is still piqued, she wonders if he also has the ability to see through things like an X-ray? SO then asks YS to stand in front of him while he gives her body a good look then he closes his eyes. At this point, I also half expect SO to be an X-ray machine but there’s bound to be a good laugh whenever you put this 2 together. First, YS is all excited, and then she furrows her brow and starts to get impatient as SO takes longer than she likes. She gets more annoyed when SO looks like he is smiling. He gives this strange snort, which is kind of like laughter because we have yet to hear SO laugh. As SO opens his eyes and continues to look at YS’ body, smiling, YS gets really flustered. She starts to wrap her cloak tighter, as if it is necessary. SO finally answers: “Who on earth could have such an ability? “and walks off with YS totally embarrassed and shocked that the joke is on her. Has our boy the ability to make jokes, now? Or could he be just stating a fact? I can totally see how this guy can get away with some things, ha.

DH is looking at the proposal given by KHT and thinks of how KHT wants to parade SO as a celebrity doctor and contrasts it with YS’s earnest plea to see SO for who he really is. Tellingly, he tears KHT’s proposal into half and bins it. Meanwhile, YS celebrates the success of the surgery by buying the team Subway sandwiches, what else? That’s zero subtlety about this product placement. And they had to cut the sandwiches wrong so that they are short of one portion. Since SO is left without a piece, YS offers to share hers, not a second later, Dr Hong says he is not feeling well and offers to give up his share to SO. YS teases Dr Hong for being so obvious. Just then DH walks in and orders SO to stay in the hospital 24 hours tomorrow. Because he is DH, he just can’t announce it the usual way that he is making SO a proper resident. Of course, everyone knows what this means and there’s more to celebrate now. They give SO his initiation into the team by hitting his back and SO looks lost and adorable as usual.

DH is called in by KHT who has heard that DH is letting SO stay in the Pediatric Surgery team. He knows that by doing this, DH is rejecting his proposal. DH confirms it and at the same time, politely declines KHT’s other suggestions. KHT is obviously displeased and issues a veiled threat to DH who just bows and takes leave.

DH is in the basketball court, shooting the net to relieve some stress. SO comes along to thank him for not hating him and letting him stay. Just as he is about to leave, DH throws the ball at him and tells him to shoot. They play this over the top music which fools you into thinking SO is going to score for sure except that the ball goes high and lands almost right in front of him. It’s a replay of the earlier episode but such a hilarious one that I have no complains. The funny thing is that SO seems to have all the poise and perfect throw but the execution is terrible. He gives the ball back to DH and turns to leave but DH will have none of it. It has become a basketball coaching session with SO throwing ball after ball and DH standing beside him. Finally, SO nets the ball and DH tells him never to let him catch SO humiliating the entire Pediatric dept in front of others again. Well, if DH conducts more lessons out of the operating theatre, I will be the last to complain. Especially since that means more of sweaty DH and SO unwittingly showing his navel and underwear.

SO returns to the ward and is greeted with cheer from the nurses. Nurse Jo literally runs up to him, grabs his face and kisses him. Awww…so cute. Everyone is delighted that SO is a resident now. GH’s parents stand outside EO’s ward and looks strangely longing at the sleeping girl. Eh, are you thinking what I am thinking? Adoption? I just hope they don’t bring her home as a pet to GH. I know, I know, I am bad.

DH and YS are at the scrubbing area and YS just stares and stares at DH with a smile on her face. DH gets uncomfortable and asks her to stop. YS says that he looks cooler today than normal, even though he is pretty handsome. Cool as a cucumber, DH returns with: “As long as Beautiful knows” making YS look up at him in surprise. Geez, why doesn’t his conversations with his fiancé have the same kind of zing in it, even if it’s just 10%? I don’t remember when was the last time they said anything nice or kind to each other?

Another professor from OB/GYN dept walks in, looking for DH. She is Prof Min, DH’ s sunbae and wants to talk them about a case. It is concerning a fetus with a tumor around his neck and head. DH doesn’t think it’s a life threatening situation as they can deliver the baby through a specialized procedure. Turns out the bigger problem is that the baby’s grandparents are some ‘high status’ people who are the ones with a serious deformity. In humanity that is. They refuse to accept that their son, who is the only male heir in generations, will have an ‘abnormal’ child; hence they intend to put the baby up for adoption. Now, my mind is wondering how this man who could have possibly fathered a child? Since, I am quite cued on the Asian traditional way of thinking, these grandparents from hell must be putting the blame on the hapless daughter-in-law. YS is rightfully incredulous at the absurdity of it all, pointing out that the growth can be removed by surgery. But Prof Min points out that the grandparents think the child will not grow up normal and will stain the family, The mother of the child has decided to have surgery and she made her decision because of Park Si On. SO immediately gets called in by YS and DH and tells them that he told the pregnant lady: “Professor Kim Do Han will operate on you” YS and DH look as if they are going to tear their hair out but SO continues: “Was not what I said.” Okay show, this time you really had me there. Is SO becoming the greatest joker? Not that he wasn’t funny before but he is really getting funnier and wittier even if it’s not intended. In fact, SO told the lady to consult the OB/GYN department first. DH and YS heave big sighs of relief. YS breaks into a big grin, proud that SO did the right thing. SO tells them how he convinced the lady and DH tells YS to prepare for the meeting with the patient and her mother-in-law from hell.

YS tells SO that since he won’t be going home for a while, they should eat something special. Hilariously, SO looks at her suspiciously and asks if that something special is her cooking? Joo Won has this funniest expression on his face that it cracks me up. YS is not too pleased with his look and tells him she is not cooking, to which he lets out the most obvious sigh of relief that ever exists, LOL. This turns out to be a dinner planned by YS for SO’s mother to have a meal with her son.

At the dinner, SO is busy eating as usual and YS and SO’s mom talks. YS tells her that SO will be a great doctor in a few years’ time. SO tells the mom to eat but she places food on his spoon instead. SO looks at it for a really long time. Oh, does he remember something? YS asks him what’s wrong but he shakes his head saying its nothing. The mom tells him to follow his sunbae’s instructions well and be a good doctor. SO assures her he will because he had promised that to his hyung. At which, the mom can hold it no longer, excuses herself and dashes out to cry.

DH reaches home to find CK waiting for him. She is mad that he has decided to keep SO on the team. He tells her not to interfere. She lets out that she was the one who stopped the funds and kick Executive Director out. Her ultimate goal is to remove her step mom and assume power; she will make him the Director. DH is shocked that she had been behind all these and tells her to stop. She refuses and he shoots back saying she will never see him again if she does not stop. CK walks off without a word.

YS and SO walks home from dinner and YS is curious as to why SO stopped when the mom placed food onto his spoon. SO says it seems like something he has seen in his dream before. YS encourages him to think about it. Perhaps she is trying to get SO remember his mother? Then YS asks SO the same questions she had asked him when he first joined the hospital – “What is a doctor to you?” and “What is a Patient?” This time, SO answers differently. He tells her that a doctor is the patient’s last hope and the patient is someone like a friend to him but this friend is one whom he wants to treat well so that they will live healthily and not seek him again. YS is moved by how much SO has grown and thumps him hard in his back to show how pleased she is. I love the next part when she holds his hands in hers and tells him “The change in you is not because of anyone else. It was because of you, yourself.” “So, now believe in yourself more.” I am so glad that SO has YS by his side. She is not the kind of female, motherly figure who will smolder him by over protecting him. Yet, she truly cares for him and encourages him in the best way possible. Of all people, she knows SO best, she knows that what he lacks is self-confidence. And it is really lovely of her to tell him that he is ultimately the person responsible for his own change. Another interesting note from this conversation, SO does not hiccup in YS close proximity anymore. Awww…I am going to miss his hiccups.

SO is going from strength to strength as he starts his residency and even DH looks pleased with him. SO runs into CK along a walkway and CK asks if he is happy to get to stay in the department. SO answers in the typical SO style: “Yes, I’m very glad. I’m as happy as the first day that I got to buy a plamodel robot…” Ha!I hope this part of him never change or I will kill you, Show! CK tells SO not to make trouble for DH and SO looks perplexed, prompting her to ask if he finds her words offensive? SO denies it, saying that it’s just that he does not understand what does “doing something for another person” means? This is quite interesting. Does it mean that SO has no notion or concept “of doing something for the sake of another person”?

YS goes and find DH sitting in his sofa, deep in thoughts. YS comments that he looks drained. DH asks YS an almost identical question: “What do you think doing something ‘for’ someone is?” YS asks if this question is in the context of ‘between a man and woman’ or between colleagues. DH says it’s the former. YS smiles and says he must be feeling guilty about neglecting General Manager(CK). YS: “Doing something ‘for’ someone is when you keep an eye on them.” Why does that ring more true for YS and SO then for DH and CK? DH suddenly asks YS : “Are you keeping an eye on me?” catching YS by surprise. He quickly covers himself by explaining that he meant in the context of colleagues. Really, DH?

Chief hands Chairman(President) Lee his resignation letter but assures her that he will take care of matters before quitting. He seemed to have told Chairman Lee about Asst Director KHT but I am not sure if she knows the whole picture.

In the residents’ room, Intern Kim has a question and ask the good-for-nothing Dr Woo. He does not know the answer and tells her that as an intern, she does not have to go into that much detail. This guy is seriously inept, way more dangerous than SO can ever be. He quickly steps out of the room before his inadequacy is further revealed. Surprisingly, SO has been keeping quiet although it’s obvious he heard the question and knows the answer. But he waste no time giving a detailed answer when Intern Kim asks him. How cute. Intern Kim is surprised that he using formal speech (this is because SO is her senior and can use the informal speech). All this while, their exchange does not go unnoticed by YS and Dr Han. Dr Han comments that SO has changed quite a bit over the past 2 days. He used to be like a child. YS replies that on the contrary, he has not changed. In fact, he has gone back to the state when he first arrived here. YS is spot on when she opinionates that SO has gone back to the state when he knew how to control himself. Like when he saved the boy at the station. It was the hospital and them who curtailed what SO could do and cast doubts on him. Those resulted in SO withdrawing. Dr Han agrees. YS is thankful that the success of GH’s surgery has restored confidence in SO and just as important, gave him the acknowledgement he needs.

As SO gains more respect, Dr Lizard is now at his lowest. Even residents do not greet him with respect and that makes him more upset. Then comes along SO who greets him with a 90 degree bow. However it sits wrongly with Dr Lizard as he thinks SO is making fun of him. Dr Lizard cannot find fault with SO’s sincere explanation and can only wonder why SO is so fascinated with his hand.

The doctors are talking to the pregnant lady’s mother-in-law. Gosh, her make up looks like marginally better than the ghosts on Master’s Sun. No matter how they try to talk sense into her, she is adamant that ‘face’ comes first and her daughter-in-law will give birth at home. YS asks if they are really putting the child up for adoption. From the looks Monster-in-law gave the poor girl, it’s obvious she should not have divulged the fact. YS tells her off and of course, the Monster will have none of it and leaves with her poor charge. YS calls after the girl but DH stops her. They meet SO on their way out and SO tells her that the surgery can be done and has to be fixed quickly. The Monster-in-law tells SO not to interfere and sneers that he cannot even take care of his own disability. Shall we send her back to the abyss where she came from? SO actually runs after them and tells the pregnant lady not to cry. I think he is encouraging her and telling her it’s possible to have the surgery and keep the baby.

It is SO’s first time in the doctor’s bunk. He bounces on the bed like an excited child, so adorable! I really don’t know how Joo Won does it. He can make everything SO does so child-like without being childish. Dr Hong who is sleeping on the upper bunk tells him to stop shaking, ha. In Hae finds her way here and proudly tells SO that she knows the hospital inside out. Dr Hong is not happy with the disturbance and In Hae calls him out for having a huge butt. SO embarrasses him further by pointing out that his butt is spilling out of his underpants. In hae laughs and SO lets out his funny snort-laugh again.

Outside, In Hae continues her love counseling session for SO. SO tells her that he does not hiccup anymore but his heart beats very fast. In Hae pronounces that he has reached the 2nd stage- love sickness, ha. She tells him to confess to her but SO admits he cannot do it as he does not know much about liking and loving. In Hae tells him that the feeling is exactly what he is experiencing right now. If he cannot say “I love you” why not try “You are pretty, you are beautiful.” SO says that’s something he says to In Hae too. In Hae gets exasperated and tells him it’s not the same. She besieges him to try to express it, no matter what. SO nods. In Hae tells him: “The best miracle is making the heart of a person you love beat.” SO listens intently.

While YS and SO are looking over the preemie- Dong Soo, YS is sad that she cannot do anything for Lee Soo Jin(SJ) the pregnant lady. SO tells YS that he would like her to persuade SJ but YS says it’s difficult although it’s something she wants to very much. SO tells her she has a very pretty heart. Ha, is our boy trying already? “A pretty heart is like pollen in the way that it always flies somewhere and makes flowers blossom.” I think I will be awarding SO with the best pick-up line soon.

SJ is praying in the cathedral and thinks of SO’s words. She meets the doctor and tells them that she will go ahead with the surgery. Professor Min(from OB/Gyn) asks if she has gotten her MIL’s permission and she says she doesn’t need it because the child is hers. Exactly! YS asks if she has consulted her husband, she says he is away but it does not matter as he always listens to his mother. Useless chap. SJ is really determined this time.

YS catches SO sleeping over his cup noodles. His hair is a complete mess, so adorbs. SO’s first night is interrupted by a sudden flood of emergency cases. During a group briefing on SJ’case, SO nods off again. YS who is sitting beside him, gave him a hard knock to wake him up. Although our boy was dozing, he wakes up at the right time, stands up and asks DH some very pertinent questions regarding the various scenarios in the surgery. YS motions him to stop but not before long, SO asks another question. That’s what I love about SO. He just says and asks whatever comes to his head. He does not give pause to think if it is potentially embarrassing or considers, like we do, things that really shouldn’t matter. I love how he looks at YS who is trying to shut him up but he still stands up and asks in a totally adorable manner. His question is when it comes to saving either mother or child, who shall it be? Professor Min replies that it’s the mother. Looking at SO’s eyes, knowing his soft spot for children, I am betting my last dollar that he will try his darnest to save the baby.

DH apologizes to Prof Min for SO’s behavior but Prof Min is suitably impressed. She has never met a resident who knows so many variables in a surgery. She tells DH to groom him well as SO could be the next DH Junior. Wow. Back in the residents’ room, YS barks at SO for asking all those questions. SO says he actually had more if he hadn’t restrained himself, LOL. SO actually nods off standing while YS is talking to him. YS tells him to go get some sleep.

KHT is on the phone with his secret boss. He tells him there isn’t likely to be progress and it’s about time the boss steps in. Uh-oh.

SO is sleeping in the bunk. Why does Joo Won look so huge? SO is dreaming about the scene in the collapse mine again. This time, we see Chief furiously pressing Si Deok(SO’s hyung) chest and calling his name over and over again, “I am sorry Si Deok” Oh my, what can this mean? Did Chief make an error? Or could it be that he had to make a split second decision on which child to save first? Si On or Si Deok? Note that little SO already had a mask fitted over him so I presume Chief saved SO first. Could that precious seconds lost resulted in Si Deok’s death? Life is tough and sometimes decisions like these make a difference between life and death. SO will encounter more of these if he is to become a surgeon. And I think this scenario might present itself sooner than we think. SO wakes up from his dream and wonders why did Chief say “I am sorry.” Meanwhile, SO’s mother shows up in front of Chief.

Monster-in-law descends upon the hospital in an attempt to whisk off her daughter-in-law who is waiting for her surgery. SO gets called up by DH and meets him in the observation gallery. DH throws SO a challenge. He tells SO that to get recognized, it isn’t enough to do well. SO must show he is even better than DH himself. He puts it in a rather egomaniacal manner but I get what he is trying to say. He continues that SO must reach the point where people don’t see his handicap any more. SO wonders how he can possibly achieve it now since he is so inexperienced compared to DH but DH tells him he is stating the only way SO can stay in the hospital.

Monster-in-law has gotten her bodyguards to haul the hapless SJ out of hospital. YS tries to stop them, saying that they have no right. She gets in a scuffle with one bodyguard who raises his hand to strike her. DH stops him in time, yeah! SO joins in and says SJ must never leave. Monster-in-law threatens to get the doctors fired but feisty YS is fearless. SJ finally speaks up and says she wants to stay and get her surgery. MIL tells her to go ahead but prepare for a divorce. All this time, SO looks very worried about SJ’s state. True enough, she collapses.


This is a very satisfying episode on all counts. We see developments in the main as well as side characters.

First, the obnoxious mother-in-law of kdramas rears her ugly head again. They come in all shapes and sizes but all filthy rich and very nasty. Korean culture is quite similar to the Chinese so these mother-in-law figures are not uncommon in the Chinese stories as well. However, in dramas the Korean mother-in-laws are more terrifying compared to their Chinese and Taiwanese counterparts. Lest the rich background of this family overshadows the case, the stigma of having a child with an abnormality (never mind how minor) is still apparent in the Asian society. Instead of empathy, they get scorned not only by strangers but by their own family. The paramount importance of ‘saving face’ is also absurd but still happens. Can you imagine having home birth because it is shameful to give birth to a child who has an abnormality? How sad.

I am glad that DH did not take up KHT’s offer. I was concerned if he might get tempted by KHT’s promises of making the pediatric department central to the hospital. We all know how close this issue is to DH’s heart. In this vein, DH is just like Chief. In time to come, I can see DH assuming Chief’s position and exceling in the job, more than his teacher. CK’s ambition for him is not wrong but she has no faith in her man and chooses her own methods which are totally unaligned with his principles. One day, she might see DH in the position she had wanted him to be but she has already lost him in the process.

After all those oppression and bullying, it is heartwarming to see the doctors and nurses rallying around SO and more importantly, treating him as one of them. Although DH still talks to SO in his usual rough and tough manner, I can see that he has changed. He is teaching him how to become great and overcome the prejudices. YS makes a truly remarkable doctor and colleague. I love how she is able to talk to both DH and SO and touch their hearts. It is no wonder that DH finds a confidante in her, he opens more readily to YS than CK. It’s hardly surprising to see why. I noticed that YS is slightly affected by some of DH’s remarks but not as much as I would expect her to. Is she distracted by someone else? Even if she hasn’t realized it yet.

As much as I rejoiced in SO’s progress and see the significant improvements in his ability to stop his impulses, I was a bit apprehensive that we might lose the original SO we so love. Thankfully, the show still peppers many anecdotes where SO’s personality and unique way of thinking remain intact. These precious scenes are always the ones that make me laugh like how he candidly responds to CK’s question about being happy. YS was particularly insightful when she commented that SO is back to his original self. His autistic tendencies got blown out of proportions by the stress and the magnifying glass the hospital uses to scrutinize him. Even a normal resident will make mistakes under such circumstances. All SO needs are people to see him for his abilities more than for his autism because he is far more superior than inferior.

I love that we get more of In Hae and SO’s interactions. They are always a joy to watch. It looks like SO has absorb everything that In Hye said although he still has a hard time figuring how. I cannot wait to see how SO is going to ‘express’ his love for YS. I know it will be funny but I am hoping that it will be saccharin sweet too.

Many viewers deduced that the mysterious young man who appeared to SO in the garden is the grown up version of SO’s hyung. Whenever SO’s hyung appear, it’s either a flashback based on actual memory or as a figment of SO’s imagination. For the latter, I think it’s more accurate to describe it as an extension of SO’s own thoughts. Like when he needs comforting, he imagines his hyung patting his shoulder. So, is this young man Si Deok’s spirit or SO’s projecting himself into his hyung’s image exhorting him to believe in himself, stand tall and confident?

screencaps credit: Joo Won Baidu


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