Good Doctor OSTs

Part 3: [MV] BAEK Z YOUNG(백지영) _ Is Crying(울고만있어) (Good Doctor(굿닥터) OST Part.3)
Part 4 :Ha Dong Kyun – Look Good (좋아보여) Good Doctor OST Part.4
Part 5: Kim Jong Guk (김종국) – 모르나요 (Full Audio) [Good Doctor OST]
Part 6 : Joo Won (주원) – 소독약 (Love Medicine) (Full Audio) [Good Doctor OST]
Part 7 : Joo Won (주원) – 내가 만일 (If I Were) [Good Doctor OST]
Part 8 :  Joo Won (주원) – 내가 만일 (If I Were) (Park Si On 시온 Version) [Good Doctor OST]
Part 9 : Eye To Eye (아이 투 아이) – 보이나요 (Full Audio) [Good Doctor OST]
Part 10 : Various Artists – Dacapo (Full Audio) [Good Doctor OST]
Part 11 : Various Artists – Greenmes (그린메스) Good Doctor OST
Part 12 : Various Artists – The Importance of five stars (중요도 별 다섯개) Good Doctor OST
Part 13 : Various Artists – Daily Life (Good Doctor OST)
Part 14 : Various Artists – From Heaven (Good Doctor OST)
Part 15 : Various Artists – To My Partner (Good Doctor OST)
Part 16 : Various Artists – Dream of Zion (시온의 꿈) Good Doctor OST
Part 17 : Various Artists – Savant syndrome (서번트신드롬) Good Doctor OST
Part 18 : Various Artists – Opening theme (오프닝테마) Good Doctor OST
Part 19 : Various Artists – Butterfly (버터플라이) Good Doctor OST
credit: video uploaders on YT

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