Good Doctor – One Day with English translations

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English translation by
JSW: Joo Sang Wook
JW: Joo Won
MCW: Moon Chae Won
R: Reporter
N: NarratorJSW: Can I laugh?
R: Does he (JSW) treat frequently during normal days too?
JW: It’s the first time.
JSW speech bubble : Hey you! I have treated so many times until now!
JSW: My fan club is in the midst of preparing a big project. This (bento boxes) is a treat from my manager. When I treat, the size will become this big.
JW: When we go out for a meal, Sang Wook brother is usually the one that treats. When I go out for a private meal with Sang wook brother, his always the one who treats.
R: How was the bento today?
JW: It was delicious.
JW: Its my first time having such a luxurious bento.
Overlaying words: Kim Dohan who cool in the drama but warm in reality.
Joo Sang Wook, a superb senior that spares a lot of thoughts for his juniors.
His normal expression highly resembles his role
N: Sang Wook who acts as a senior that supports his juniors is also a superb senior in reality
JSW: It was delicious
R: Do you normally give a treat?
JSW: I always do that. Previously, Chae won gave us an even bigger treat. From now on our fan clubs will take turns to do it (treat/provide meals) on a daily basis.
R: How many times are you planning to treat?
JSW: It will still be me next week. Next will be Joo Won.
JSW: The week after that will be my fan club. The next is suppose to be Chae Won (‘s turn).
JW: And the next will be Chae Won too
JSW: And it will continue until the end.
JSW: You have a lot of commercial jobs right?
Chae Won’s speech bubble: Didn’t Sang Wook also appear in commercials~~
JSW: You (referring to Chae Won) appear in a lot of commercials and is very famous in Japan~
JSW: Princess Men was also very popular in Japan am I right? There was a possibility that we could have co starred in that drama but we were only finally able to meet in this drama.
R: Only the 3 of you were late (for lunch) right?
Overlaying words: Late?, The reason behind the lateness of the 3 of them?
N: On mention, the 3 of them were really quite late for their meal.
JSW: The reason behind why we were eating late? If its only the 3 of us, the picture becomes more beautiful and won’t look messy. I really don’t like that. I only want the 3 of us to be film beautifully.
JSW: Really?
Overlaying words: The reason behind their late lunch was..
Practicing (scene) with Joo Won.
They were late as they were practicing in advance for the scene that was to be film in the afternoon.
N: Of course that was not the real reason~. Actually, they were practicing for the afternoon scene with Joo won which ended late.
R: Filming for today is going to take place till late too right?
JW,MCW: Yeah.
MCW: There is a operation today.
R: Please allow me to observe later too~
JSW: I understand.
MCW: Shall we go?
JW, MCW: Let’s go! Thank you~
Overlaying words: The pre operation pose that has become so familiar to them
(translation until 3:00)

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