Actor Joo Won Interview -Thousands of Joo Won

Joo Won is a man who cannot be described in one word.


Q: I have watched the movie <Fatal Intuition>. It seems a long time since you have acted in a suspense film, I am curious as to why you have decided to act in this movie?

A: The role of Jang Woo in <Fatal Intuition> was one which I have eagerly desired. Similarly, the movie required a person with an image like mine. The PD said this: “Would the audience be more interested if we used an exemplary role model who looks like very weak and delicate to create Jang Woo?” Wanted to show everyone a different side of me.

Q: Recently, there appeared numerous praises of “Undefeatable Joo Won”. When you hear such praises all round, would you develop a sort of uneasy feeling of having to hold on to this position? Or would you receive more motivation from it?

A: I received the motivation(laughs). I belong to the type who will perform better when I get praised. So, I often go to fan websites because my fans always praise me and give me courage and strength(laughs). I never read criticisms. Everyone is different. In any case, I am the sort who will be energized from head to toe and even walk on air when I hear praises.


Q: You once said you are the “Actor who desires change”. In order to break the image which the audience would inherently have of you, what did you do in terms of acting?

A: I always persist on having variations in my roles.  I have also chosen dramas which others have rejected or dare not act in. <Good Doctor> was one of those dramas. Should it have the feel of a twentysomething youngster? Or should the acting be one of an autistic person? Then, who should be the one to act this role? When I read the script, I had this thinking that “I must act this role”.

Q: In the movie <That Guy>, you said you wanted to display a ‘manly image’, you even said you are very glad that there’s no romance in the movie. Then, what do you think a ‘manly image’ is like?

A: There are many forms of man. There is the rough and rugged type. Conversely, there’s the solitary and weak type. Through this movie, I wanted to present an image which I have never shown in front of the audience. I wanted to create an image of a man who seems simple and slow, tough and yet, very loving and caring towards his sister.


Q: What roles would you like to challenge in the future?

A: Batman in the movie <The Dark Knight Rises> suddenly changes into an <American Psycho>. The Aids patient in <Dallas Buyers Club> suddenly transforms into an astronaut in the <Interstellar>. We always circumscribe an actor by a certain image. However, my job is not just to display an image which the audience likes. Instead, it is to perform all kinds of characters which can strike a chord with everyone. I wish to play more varied characters.


credit: 韩国大学明日杂志社官方微博 post by Joo Won Baidu


English translation: mrdimples


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