Yong Pal Timeline

by @gilaswan

Preface by mrdimples

@gilaswan created a fantastic timeline of events in Yong Pal which might help you in watching Yong Pal. Some viewers have a problem understanding the amount of time that passed between events. For example, one rant was that Tae Hyun was so absorbed with Yeo Jin that he plain forgotten about his sister Seo Hyun. The timeline will show that 3 days elapsed from when Tae Hyun got up from hospital bed to him going back to settle Seo Hyun’s overseas treatment.

Day 0 Show starts with TH out on a housecall. He returns to the hospital thereafter.

Day 1 TaeHyun meets Chief Lee for the first time in the OR and goes to 12th floor where he sees DoJoon for the first time as well and recognises him to be the Chairman of the HanShin Group. He hears a group of men, one of whom is President Go make reference to a “YoungAe”. This is the same group of men who will eventually plot a coup with ChaeYoung against YeoJin by the end of this series. That same day, TaeHyun goes out for another house call and saves DooChul. He makes it back to the hospital in one piece in the middle of the night and is seen by Chief Lee.

Day 2 TaeHyun gets assigned to “YoungShik”, a Chinese patient in the ICU that is in need of surgery but unable to get the treatment needed because of hospital policies. He meets X-Ray Nurse (who will become Nurse Noona) for the first time. We get a glimpse of TaeHyun’s personality in this episode when he goes to the hospital administration in order to get YoungShik transferred into a state care hospital so that he gets the treatment he is being denied in a (presumably) private hospital such as HSMC. The police track the scalpel to HSMC and TaeHyun’s moonlighting as YongPal gets found out by Chief Lee. He is made to see the Hospital Director the same night and gets redeployed to 12th floor starting the next day. Before he makes his transition into a “12th Floor doctor”, he performs a secret, emergency surgery on YoungShik with Nurse Noona. This is also the day we see YeoJin wake up from her induced coma as her body starts to become stronger against the drugs that have been used to keep her in her induced coma. She breaks a ceramic vase and uses the shards from there to slice her wrist in an attempted suicide. This is when TaeHyun sees YeoJin for the first time in the OR that night where he is performing his unauthorised surgery; he saves her for the first time when he takes the ceramic shard from her hand to stop her from attempting to slice her own throat. He is the first new person YeoJin encounters in the 3 years she’s been kept in HSMC

cr: smollychun on Joo Won Baidu

Day 3 TaeHyun starts work on the 12th Floor and encounters ChaeYoung for the first time. This is YeoJin’s 1165th day in the VVIP suite. TaeHyun gets sent out on his first 12th Floor house call. TaeHyun also requests (on Cynthia’s instigation) to gain access into YeoJin’s room. He is successful and “mets” YeoJin for the first time in the VVIP room. On this day, TaeHyun also gets his 12th Floor makeover.

Day 4 DooChul admits himself to HSMC. TaeHyun discovers that YeoJin’s reflexes are responsive. Cyclotron incident. Also the day TaeHyun takes a call from ManShik in YeoJin’s room telling him how much is still owed. YeoJin wakes up and offers TaeHyun money.

cr as tagged from JW DC

Day 10 YeoJin’s 1172nd day in the VVIP room. TaeHyun finds out SoHyun is dying. He decides to wake YeoJin up. Within the day, YeoJin manages to drive Nurse Hwang nuts and gets her off night duty. TaeHyun asks YeoJin if they can be friends. They have their first lengthy conversation. Nurse Hwang discovers them.

cr: smollychun on Joo Won Baidu

This takes us up to the end of Episode 5.

Wow… It all seems quite fast. By Episode 6, this is what we have:

Day 11 Kim YoungMi attempts suicide in the wee hours of the morning. President Go proposes a monetary exchange with TaeHyun. TaeHyun updates YeoJin in the day about things and they discuss plans forward on whom they should ally with. Nurse Hwang installs the camera and discovers the plot to kill YeoJin and stabs the Hospital Director. The plan to kill YeoJin which would have been the next day, gets brought forward to the same day this plan is discussed. The 12th Floor scuffle happens and TaeHyun is shot.

Based on this timeline, even as a doctor, TaeHyun would be lacking LOTS of rest by this time… Looks like he didn’t even sleep much because he was on night duty with YeoJin, and then called out to the HanShin Electric site in the wee hours of the morning.

cr: smollychun on Joo Won Baidu

By Episode 7…

Day 12 Chief Lee declares YeoJin’s death at 1:19am on 21 Aug 2015 (though the subs give it as 1:15am). The date given (21 Aug 2015), a day after airdate (20 Aug 2015). TaeHyun comes into the OR 12 minutes later and saves YeoJin; Kim YoungMi dies in the OR next to them and YeoJin takes on her persona in the ICU. Chief of Surgery operates on TaeHyun who fainted from excessive blood loss while operating on YeoJin. DoJoon visits him, followed by ChaeYoung who demands best treatment for him.

cr as tagged

Day 13 TaeHyun is still unconscious

Day 14 TaeHyun regains consciousness late in the night and goes to see YeoJin. He sneaks her out to the roof top where she gets to see city lights for the first time in 3 years. Cynthia comes by to bid her farewell to TaeHyun and tells YeoJin she should treasure TaeHyun. But it is at this point YeoJin gets angry at TaeHyun.

cr: smollychun on Joo Won Baidu

In Episode 8…

Day 15 The nurses and hoobae Doctor tease TaeHyun about “Lavendar”. ChaeYoung comes to see TaeHyun and proposes he be her boy-toy. He rejects her politely. Kekeke…Chief Lee’s Lady MacBeth moments start. Police come looking for DooChul and YongPal. TaeHyun talks to YeoJin and realises she is angry with him for making decisions against her original directions. [I notice he starts calling her “Dangshin”?] That evening, TaeHyun and Chief Lee go to Han Manor for dinner. TaeHyun learns that it is YeoJin’s father who put her in the induced coma to begin with. That night, TaeHyun takes YeoJin out of the hospital.

Day 16 TaeHyun and YeoJin arrive at the church in the early morning. He leaves her in the sanctuary, after leaving her with a phone and telling her as much that he is in love with her. She wheels herself out into the church yard and thinks about him and contemplates the number she should dial. She overhears the priest and nun talking and realises TaeHyun has not left and calls him. He makes it to her under 30s [I timed. hahaha.]. Nurse Hwang gets flattened. TaeHyun and YeoJin stay the night in the church. And rendezvous in the sanctuary.

So all in 2 weeks he’s fallen in love with her…

cr: smollychun on Joo Won Baidu

In Episode 9…

Day 17 TaeHyun’s and YeoJin’s first morning in the church. He does physio with her; she has her first confession in 3 years. YeoJin and TaeHyun share childhood stories about their siblings with each other in this episode. They go to Windy Hill for the first time. The murders to cover up pyramid plans begin. Director of Hospital is dead; Chief Lee makes plans to flee. ChaeYoung warns DoJoon not to touch TaeHyun. By nightfall, TaeHyun returns to HSMC because of the emergency C-section he performed for the illegal immigrants and our couple is separated.

Episode 10

Day 18 TaeHyun is back at the hospital and realises that his sister has been held hostage by DoJoon. They try to escape but TaeHyun receives a message warning him not to attempt an escape. TaeHyun knows his days are numbered. By night fall, we see Chief Lee getting his fake passport delivered.

Day 19 Nurse Ajumma asks TaeHyun why he came back to HSMC. He tells her HSG is after his life. TaeHyun is summoned to see DoJoon and he begs DoJoon to spare SoHyun and let her go for her treatment. This is the episode where TaeHyun asks Sec Min when his expiry date is. TaeHyun writes a letter to YeoJin and gets the priest to deliver it. Nurse Ajumma overhears their conversation. SoHyun leaves immediately for the US for her treatment under DoJoon’s account. TaeHyun bumps into Chief Lee at the airport and witnesses the attempt on Chief Lee’s life. The police get a tip off and are at the crime scene. Nurse Ajumma pays YeoJin a visit in the church. TaeHyun returns to HSMC only to find Chief Lee there in the ICU with no doctor willing to treat him. YeoJin returns to HSMC as Kim Young Mi by the end of the day.

 Episode 11 begins…

Day 20 (Day 31) YeoJin-KYM is given a check up by a neurologist and then taken back to the 12th floor by TaeHyun. YeoJin tells TaeHyun she’s back to reclaim her rightful position in HSG and to save him. TaeHyun tries to get YeoJin back into her throne room only to be interrupted by DoJoon and President Go. He is made to officially pronounce YeoJin’s death on 9 Sep 2015. Now this is when TV Land takes liberties with timelines and dates because they are following real time airing dates. This episode aired on 9 Sep 2015, so she was declared dead using this realtime date. When Chief Lee declared her dead, it was on 21 Aug 2015, which was a day following airdate (i.e. that episode was aired 20 Aug 2015). If we follow calendar dates then, 19 days would have passed from the 12th Floor incident though based on events, only 8 days are supposed to have passed. So if we take “published dates”, then we are now at Day 31. A press conference is held the same day and the funeral is announced to be held 5 days later. TaeHyun appeals to Nurse Ajumma to help him out one more time in relation to plans to get Chief Lee officially treated.

The wake begins. Nurse Ajumma is questioned by Sec Min and Security Chief. They then instruct TaeHyun to operate on Chief Lee. This is presumably all still on the same day cos they’re all still wearing the same clothes.

Overlapping with Episode 12…

Day 24 (Day 35) We assume the surgery for Chief Lee is not scheduled immediately, and takes place only a day before the funeral because that’s the same day TaeHyun goes up to the roof top to meet YeoJin again, where she proposes to him. We know this to be the day before the funeral. TaeHyun manages to leave the hospital with ChaeYoung’s help and retrieves YeoJin’s passport. He makes one last illegal house call where he’s betrayed by ManShik who regrets his actions, is almost killed by Scarface, and by night saves Detective Lee’s life before making a run for it. On this same day, YeoJin makes it back to her throne room, gets her hands on the slush fund USB and calls Sec Min to her side. He now pledges allegiance to her.

Other things that happen in Episode 12 on the same day…

Day 24 (Day 35) ChaeYoung realises YeoJin is still alive and pays her a visit at the hospital. She makes a bargain with YeoJin to help her with the makeover and springing out of the hospital to the funeral parlour in exchange for TaeHyun. YeoJin agrees.

Begins in Episode 12 and carries over into Episode 13…

Day 25 (Day 36) Day of the funeral. Also the day TaeHyun successfully gets their marriage registered and makes it to the funeral parlour in time with Detective Lee’s help (following DooChul’s presentation of “The Gift” of Scarface to the cops).

DoJoon and President Go are apprehended by the prosecutor’s office and police respectively. Kim YoungMi is given a proper funeral. ChaeYoung is chased out of the Han Manor. TaeHyun returns to the police station with Detective Lee and watches for a while as President Go is being interrogated. They also settle TaeHyun’s “YongPal charges” with a fine and he is released. Meanwhile, DoJoon is held in the Prosecutor General’s office and the lawyers come to President Go with a “message from his son”. TaeHyun returns to Han Manor late and spends his first night there as “the Chairwoman’s husband”. ChaeYoung goes drinking and feels displaced from her position of privilege. By the end of the day, TaeHyun would have diagnosed Butler Yeo with a tumour in the pituitary gland and President Go commits suicide while in police custody.

cr: smollychun on Joo Won Baidu

Day 26 (Day 37) TaeHyun wakes up to a breakfast fit for royalty and YeoJin carries out her first cabinet meeting.

 Episode 14 begins on…

Day 26 (Day 37) TaeHyun arrives at the hospital and is given the grandest greeting he is not accustomed to. He finds refuge with Nurse Ajumma and X-Ray Nurse whom he calls ‘Noona’ for the first time. Butler Yeo goes to the hospital as instructed and gets a proper diagnosis. TaeHyun says he will schedule a surgery for her then engages her help as he goes shopping for YeoJin’s ring. Meanwhile, ChaeYoung returns to Han Manor only to be snubbed by YeoJin. Chief Lee seems to be recovering from his surgery but is now on the brink of losing his mind as he fears for his life. TaeHyun meets with him and he begs TaeHyun to intervene on his behalf and save him. Tae Hyun assures him that YeoJin is not one to seek blood revenge, but Chief Lee corrects him that people in that circle are above the law of the land and live by their own manner of justice. At Han Manor, Sec Min asks YeoJin about plans forward for Chief Lee; YeoJin does not wish to be bothered by such matters which Sec Min takes as cue for him to ‘deal with’ the matter as he deems fit. She then receives a call from the Prosecutor General about DoJoon. Their conversation centres around the release of DoJoon. By nightfall, he is free to walk out of the PG’s office, but not without incident – he is involved in a planned hit and run and taken away to HSMC, the entire episode witnessed by ChaeYoung who had gone to receive him on his release.

On this same day, we also see the police vehicle escorting Scarface being hijacked by hitmen hired by Sec Min. Scarface is buried alive in Sec Min’s presence. While this is happening, TaeHyun comes into the knowledge of the connection between YeoJin’s major surgery 3 years before and his mother’s death resulting from the lack of surgeons available on that fateful day. TaeHyun also returns home to Han Manor and sees for himself the long line of directors and presidents of HSG’s subsidiaries seeking an audience (of pardon) from YeoJin. In particular, he sees her high handedness in dealing with one of the presidents who would turn out to be part of the team that would attempt a coup with Sec Min against YeoJin months later. He dejectedly walks about the Han grounds and finds himself in the former lavendar garden where he learns more about YeoJin’s childhood from Butler Yeo. This is also the day where he finally appeals to YeoJin to stop her plans for revenge and manages to pull the plug on Chief Lee’s intended murder.

What a heavy day!!!

 Episode 15 opens on…

Day 26 (Day 37) Late in the night after DoJoon’s accident, TaeHyun is called into the hospital by ChaeYoung.

Day 27 (Day 38) DoJoon is brought into the VVIP throne room following his surgery and TaeHyun and ChaeYoung are denied access. YeoJin arrives to see him and threatens to keep him in a comatose state for 3 years, just as he had done to her. What’s amazing then is that Chief Lee who was still in a state of psychiatric mess the day before is now all cleaned up and Doctor-in-charge of DoJoon in the VVIP room now.

From the hospital, YeoJin adjourns to the shareholders meeting where she is successfully appointed as the new Chairperson of HSG. TaeHyun witnesses her successful return and they have another long conversation about her quest for revenge in her office. TaeHyun tells YeoJin Chief Lee’s back story and she clearly wavers in her plans. Sec Min reminds TaeHyun to be subservient to YeoJin, but he in turn tells Sec Min firmly that while he does not crave power, he also intends to be subservient to no one.

This is where the timeline might not fall into a day-by-day interpretation of events, but by nightfall, TaeHyun is told of the party to celebrate YeoJin’s ascension to the throne. Since there are no dialogue or other type of indications as to how time is to pass from here, I’ll give them the 1 week needed to inform and invite. Aaaaaand…

Day 33 (Day 44) (Day 27/38 if this happens the very next day) Party time! This is also when we get introduced to Old Man DaeJung who gives YeoJin 3 days to hand DoJoon’s dead body over to them or expect a showdown. So YeoJin heads straight to the company headquarters to prepare for war.

 In Episode 16

Day 34 (Day 45) (Day 28/39 if no time lapse) D-2

YeoJin is at HanShin headquarters prepping for war; TaeHyun is at home, prepping the Lavender Garden.

]Day 35 (Day 46) (Day 29/40 if no time lapse) D-1

Hacker Boy gives YeoJin what she wants – game on!

Day 36 (Day 47) (Day 30/41 if no time lapse) D-Day

YeoJin wins the war against DaeJung; Old Man DaeJung is now 2.5 trillion won under. TaeHyun tells SangChul about his plans to get DoJoon out of HSMC and enlists Chief Lee’s help. DoJoon is sprung out of the hospital only to die by his own stupidity. And we see the heartbreaking dinner scene of betrayal, regret and absolute loss of trust of YeoJin in TaeHyun. Aiyoh.

cr: smollychun on Joo Won Baidu

Day 37 (Day 48) (Day 31/42 if no time lapse)

TaeHyun leaves Han Manor, but not before the couple share the secret code of what it means to be on the 13th floor and to come down from it. And DoJoon is incinerated. (I shouldn’t be so irreverent about his passing, but, well…)

cr: smollychun on Joo Won Baidu

 Episode 17 begins a whole

…6 months later

6mos + Day 1 We see TaeHyun at work in his new clinic and SoHyun well and in good health back in Korea with her brother. SangChul is a housemate. YeoJin is still at the helm in HSG and looking tired and weary of life. Old Man DaeJung springs a surprise visit at one of her working lunches and after an unsuccessful appeal to her to help him financially, warns that she would see her end soon. ChaeYoung looks to be a volunteer at a children’s home with TaeHyun and all seems nice and happy, but not really. Back in Han Manor, YeoJin is revealed to be in weak health which we write off as stress related at this point.

TaeHyun spends the afternoon with his Noona Nurse, Nurse Ajumma, DooChul and DC’s Number 1 who seems to have no other shirt except that red one in his wardrobe. ChaeYoung joins them – she appears to have changed, but I shall assume it’s because bathing children can make you grimy, so we’re still on the same day since TaeHyun and DooChul are still in the same clothes. YeoJin sees them from afar and determines she will leave the 13th Floor.

6mos + Day 2 YeoJin faints at the ribbon cutting ceremony and the news is broadcast by late afternoon. SangChul takes TaeHyun straight to HSMC where YeoJin is getting a scan done. We learn that YeoJin has stage 2 cancer and ChaeYoung is the mastermind of this poisoning that has brought YeoJin to her current state of health. TaeHyun and YeoJin meet briefly at the lobby of the hospital and exchange strained pleasantries. So sad. TaeHyun visits Chief Lee while he is there and asks Chief Lee to check on YeoJin’s medical records. Things become suspicious when he realises he cannot see her medical records despite his level of security clearance.

Back in the manor, Butler Yeo encourages YeoJin to seek TaeHyun out, if nothing else, as a patient. She finally agrees and goes to see him, only to have ChaeYoung intercept that visit. Nevertheless, our dearest OTP get to meet because it has been willed that YeoJin will almost run TaeHyun down and faint at the wheel! [cut] The most romantic rooftop make-up scene ever – and then TaeHyun discovers something amiss when he back hugs Yeo Jin. Something is not right with YeoJin’s liver. Min the Rat arrives to take her back to the Manor, and the day ends with Rat Min and the other minions revealing their plans for a coup to Butler Yeo.

pics of rooftop kiss galore!

cr: smollychun on Joo Won Baidu

cr: smollychun on Joo Won Baidu

cr: smollychun on Joo Won Baidu

6mos + Day 3 Rat Min closes the war room team at HanShin headquarters and Hacker Boy is suspicious. He tries to access some files but is unable to. Back in Han Manor, YeoJin wakes up to a vision of DoJoon sitting by her bedside and she screams in horror.

Episode 18 (Finale) opens with

6mos + Day 3 YeoJin’s shock from the vision of DoJoon sends her into a catatonic state. Butler Yeo manages to manoeuvre YeoJin into the safety of the guest house – she has successfully guessed at the water being the source of YeoJin’s poisoning and tries to prevent her from consuming anymore of it. TaeHyun receives an unexpected restraining order from the court supposedly requested by YeoJin. Hacker Boy arrives at TaeHyun’s clinic with YeoJin’s scans – TaeHyun confirms a diagnosis of cancer and realises the scans belong to his wife. After a series of phone calls to ChaeYoung asking for help to clarify things with YeoJin, he realises that ChaeYoung has been lying to him about her conversations with YeoJin.

SangChul reveals he is still under YeoJin’s payroll and both he and TaeHyun piece together the puzzle of YeoJin’s situation. A call to Butler Yeo where she speaks to them in code confirms the need for TaeHyun to return to the Manor and assume his position and role as YeoJin’s husband. They successfully enter the manor and kick the baddies out with Detective Lee’s help. So easy when you are well-connected.

YeoJin faints and they go straight to HSMC.

6mos + Day 4 YeoJin goes through dialysis while poor, exhausted TaeHyun is asleep by her bed. Chief Lee tells YeoJin of her current state of health. YeoJin expresses her desire to go through surgery if that would help extend her life long enough so that she can live happily with TaeHyun (). Butler Yeo offers herself as potential donor for the liver transplant YeoJin needs. As YeoJin rests, TaeHyun consults Chief Lee on YeoJin’s condition and they attend a video conference call with other eminent doctors in the field to see if they can establish a surgical team to operate on YeoJin. No one wants to participate in the risky procedure. TaeHyun is devastated and begs Chief Lee to save YeoJin; Chief Lee is torn.

6mos + Day 5 YeoJin is aware that there is a very slim chance she can get the surgery. TaeHyun refuses to admit that to be the case. She asks him about the ring she is aware he bought for her (because Chaebol Intel, yo) and asks why he has not given it to her. He tells her it’s because he wants to take her back to Windy Hill and give it to her then, and he wants to take her there after the surgery. She however, being far more pragmatic than idealistic YongPal, tells him she wants to go to Windy Hill pronto – it could be her dying wish. He accedes albeit unwillingly.

cr: smollychun on Joo Won Baidu

cr: smollychun on Joo Won Baidu

They finally make it to Windy Hill and kiss that second time to make all wishes for a firm and fast future together to come true. In that time, Cynthia is back in Korea with the 3rd surgeon that would form that team with Chief Lee and TaeHyun (because counter nurse somehow knows what’s going on and took the initiative to call Cynthia to 빨리 들어와!) So Chief Lee summons the couple back from Windy Hill and they go straight into the OT! The surgery begins at 8:05pm. At 8:15, they open her up enough to see it won’t be so easy after all, but TaeHyun calls it and they get cracking.

We can only assume that the very last scene takes place at 6mos + Day 6. YeoJin is alive and well. Prognosis is positive.

cr: smollychun on Joo Won Baidu

The End

So from start to finish, the couple would have known each other for between 7 to 8 mos… and what a ride it has been!


cr: smollychun on Joo Won Baidu

cr: smollychun on Joo Won Baidu

cr: smollychun on Joo Won Baidu


pictures not credited are all taken from SBS official stills

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