Joo Won in Singapore! Fan account

Fan account by Ma OO

10.10,1015 Joo Won Fan Meeting for Yong Pal

This is the day which I will remember for my whole life. I was finally able to meet Joo Won in real life although it was not as smooth as I wished to be. Nevertheless,who am I to complain? I am just so glad to see him.Almost upclose. Although there are 4 or 5 heads blocking in front of me.

Preparation for the day

I have a lot of ideas about gifts for Joo Won.A lot. But I was not able to do much due to my schedule. So in the end,I decided that I should just give him a jacket .So this is the one that I bought for him. And I added the 2 DIY movable eyes on the right side.Hopefully, he doesn’t mind.


Also,this is the drawing that I gave to Joo Won.


shoot…This was horrible…. I hope JW doesn’t throw away TT)

plus Muruku,snacks.

Before we went for the “fan meeting” We created the whatapps group to communicate one another.  @ Farbarri @ Rionae @Ai Fung @Tasia and @Pris0980

D- Day

I was still in my dreamland when Farbarri arrived at the venue.I think it was around 9:10 AM when the notification from my phone woke me up.I was totally in panic when she told us there are people queuing already. I quickly dressed up,took the presents and some “necessities”and run to MRT without taking my breakfast. Along the way,Farbarri informed us about the increasing numbers of people in queue.Scared that I will not be in first few rows,I took the taxi to the place.

Unluckily(or luckily) I went into the wrong building which turned out to be an office and I almost bumped into this Singapore actor. Ha! I was so embarrassed that I ran away from him. He must be thinking that I am a strange girl.

Cqh4ePeMg6RdJfGh98YLVU6MvY7VfOdRFdwBW-hpI reached the venue around 10 50 AM and Farbarri and Tasia were already there. It was so nice to see you all,ladies. :)

Both of them are so kind and friendly which I am thankful for.I am a very closed person and very awkward with strangers.So ya. I just zoned out for awhile. While they chatted,I sat and thought about my actions. I kept asking myself,why did I do that?Why am I queuing so early? Why? It is not that  I regret it(NOT at all) this is just so out of character for me.

Nevertheless,the awkwardness quickly erased away and soon we were chatting about Joo Won and other stuffs. :) Pris0980 joined us soon after and followed by Rionae.

This was the most painful 8hours for me. We were sitting on the floor,just doing nothing? At least for me. Since I rushed out from my house,I brought the unchargeable portable charger. So ya. NO using of Handphone until Joo Won appears.Or the battery will die. That happened 6 hours before the event. You know,living without checking the handphone for 6 hours,that’s hell…

Although,I brought the  books to read and study,I just can’t. So I just stoned a bit,chatted a bit.Like that,hours passed by.

We were allowed to enter into the designated area only at 3pm. And…. MORE WAITING @-@


Since,Farbarri arrived early,she was in first row so she went back to her place. Tasia was in 4th row on the right.Me and Rionae were in 5th row,middle. Pris0980 won the autograph pass and so she was separated from us. Everything was peaceful and fans were quietly sitting down… well,until MC arrived at 7 15PM.

Everyone squeezed to the front and the young fangirls screamed their lungs out in their dolphin pitch. I have to admit,I was not happy. First I hate crowds,next I am a bit sensitive. Their screams made me get goosebumps.Mind that JW was NOWHERE TO BE SEEN YET. The push from behind separated me and Rionae,I was slightly in front of her,still in 5th row.

While,the MC promoted One channel like no tomorrow,I was starting to regret everything. I kept telling myself,this is my last time and I will never ever do it again. Joo Won shi,why me? Why am I like that? As I continued to ask myself these useless questions, Park Hye Soo came out. I took some pictures of her and video. But Only 5 or 6 seconds.

PHS 3.jpg

Because I am very short,I have to tiptoe and while tiptoeing to see better view of PHS,someone stepped on me.Disappointed and angry,I didn’t bother to tiptoe anymore.I just listened to her sweet voice when she sang,wishing hard that Joo Won will come asap. Because,I really cannot stand anymore.

When PHS went in I knew JW is coming out very soon,I prepare my phone and slightly leaned forwards for better view. Just his face. Seeing just his face for awhile will do,I thought. Then,there we go,Joo Won came out.

O .  M  . G

Joo Won. Unbelievable. He is the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life. Tall and lean; the perfect height. The flawless fair skin and the FACE. OMG! THE FACE. He looks the same as we’ve seen on screen yet he looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo different. I am bad at describing features but Joo Won’s face is really like an angel,slim and smooth.Perfect eyes,mouth,nose… I’ve fallen in love with him at the first sight.I was totally out of my mind. The girl beside me screamed her lungs out again and Joo Won looked at our direction because of her. For a millisecond,we had eyes contact.Plus he was smiling. That’s it. I am done. The MC talked and talked,JW answered the questions and the translator translated. I heard nothing. NOTHING. My eyes were fixed at him. Like a mad woman. How can a guy be so perfect? I don’t know.It is humanly impossible for his to be that attractive.Is he human? XD

Oh..the only thing I heard is when JW said he is sorry for giving the fans so much troubles.Because MC said fans waited him since the morning. Everyone screamed. So Do I. I just let myself go. He was like a magnet attracting me. While some fans tried to leave during the autograph session,I moved forwards,forgetting everything. That’s included our Rionae. I am sorry :(

I moved from 5th row to 3rd row,How I did that? I don’t know. And I was tiptoeing the whole time he was on stage. And smiling like idiot. He said his goodbye speech and the event ended. I ran out to catch glimpse of him leaving,and I did. Barely. Almost cry for ending so early.

There is video about this event so I will not describe the outline of it. Joo Won looks tired but still you know,handsome like no other. He was not as lively as he used to be.More of; demure,shy and maybe a bit playful.It was visible that he lacked energy.

I understand him,he almost had no time to rest.After tiring days in Indonesia,he had to come to Singapore. IN Singapore he went for press conference,interviews,then fan meeting and finally flying back to Korea on the SAME NIGHT. GOSH. That’s really too much. He is not robot!  SIM Entertainment, you guys are second to SM entertainment. And that’s not compliment 😡

A few cute/memorable moments that I remember:

1)When Joo Won came out from backstage,he was curious and mindful. He looked at every,YES EVERY, directions and waved at fans.Then he smiled. Wah… I can’t believe he is THIS HANDSOME. There is video that I recorded. It is the links below.

2)When one of the winner was allowed to take selfie with him,her handphone has only 3%of battery left. When MC and translator informed this to him,he laughed. That’s was sooo cute. Like a child.

3) During the autograph session, as usual,it is his habit to check the brand name? Instruction? of markers. So cute. Then after autograph,he kind of helped the crew by taking care of the markers so that they will not roll around when the staff carry the table down the stage. He then gave those markers to one of the crews later.

4) That cute tongue-out while taking the photos. Plus,group Selfie.

The photos for Joo Won are here!!

JW 1.jpg

JW 2.jpg

JW 6.jpg

Jw 7.jpg

When you are in Joo Won’s event,you MUST not spend your time filming him or taking picture of him. The cameras are useless when it comes to JW. They don’t capture his real beauty or expressions. Just enjoy and look at his face. His behaviors.  You will fall for him again and again

Video for yesterday event :)

One thought on “Joo Won in Singapore! Fan account

  1. Hi anniyong..i really feel the same way like you when i met joo won in fan meeting in jakarta,i enjoy his present from tip to toe,he’s so handsome in real,he’s not chubby but slim,tall and perfect face,yes and he is the most handsome man that i ever saw in my life too,speechless,,i stand in 2nd row so i was so close to him,and he is really full of cute’s expression,and you really waste your time when you capture him in camera,I really enjoy to see him,the more i see him,wow why this guy is so perfect

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