Hills of Wind

fanfic by mrdimples


cr: SBS

Tae Hyun strode past the bodyguards who tried to stop him but Sang Chul took care of them.

Tae Hyun literally leapt up the stairs and ran towards Yeo Jin’s room. Chief Housekeeper was there at the door, she stepped forth to stop Tae Hyun. But one look at the desperation and anxiety on his face, she didn’t have the heart not to let him in.

He collected himself before he pushed the door, almost afraid of what he might see.

She was lying in bed, a pitiful form. She looked so small, so vulnerable. Tae Hyun heart ached. He regretted leaving her that day. How could he miss it? The signs were all there. Foolishness and pride had pulled a veil over his eyes. He should have known how much she needed him.  Most of all, he should never have doubted Yeo Jin’s love for him.

He could hardly see her face for she had pulled the covers almost all the way up. He sat down gently on the bed and put his hand on her.

“Yeo Jin ah, it’s me. I am back.”

Yeo Jin did not pull the cover from her face. In fact, she seemed to wriggle down some more. He could see her whole body trembling beneath. A tear rolled down Tae Hyun’s face, he swallowed hard and made another effort.

“Yeo Jin ah, it’s alright. Please…” his voice trailed as it broke.

Slowly, little by a little, she peeled the covers down. Her face was as white as a sheet. There was such a wild look in her eyes that it gutted Tae Hyun even more.

“Go away! I never want to see you again.”

Yeo Jin cried, tears were flowing freely down her cheeks. Tae Hyun couldn’t take it anymore, tears dropped as he reached out to hold her hand.

She shrank back instantly.

“Get away! Leave me alone!”

She was trembling violently by now. Tae Hyun pulled himself together. This isn’t going to work. He must get her to the hospital, she’s going to collapse very soon.

“Yeo Jin ah, listen to me. I am going to bring you to the hospital. You are going to get well. Please believe me.”

Suddenly, Yeo Jin threw back her head and let out a laugh so chilling that Tae Hyun could not help but shiver.

“Han Do Joon, you think you can put me to sleep again, don’t you?” she screamed.

Tae Hyun’s eyes widened in horror.

“Yeo Jin, it’s me, Tae Hyun.”

He started to draw closer to her.

Then, it was as if time froze. He could hear the loud sound ringing in his ears. Strangely, he was cognizant of the fact the doors were thrown open and a loud scream rang through the room. All he could see was Yeo Jin’s eyes that were wide as saucers and she looked like she was screaming except that there was no sound.

Suddenly, a cold wave hit him, his shirt felt wet. He looked down and saw the sickening crimson stain which grew bigger by the second.

Sang Chul rushed over and grab the gun which had fallen out of Yeo Jin’s hand. She did not move at all, seemingly frozen in time. Sang Chul hurriedly pulled Tae Hyun up but Tae Hyun did not want to leave. He struggled to get something out of his pocket and when Tae Hyun grabbed him by force and carried him out, the box fell onto Yeo Jin’s bed.

Yeo Jin stared at the blue box and after what seemed like a long time, she reached for it and opened the lid.

“Tae Hyun…”

The elderly priest was old and frail but not without a sense of humour as he behoves the young man to behave like a gentleman. The couple had a good laugh and smiled at each other shyly.

The night wore on but both could not sleep. She sat up in her bed and smiled thinking of how close she was to her loved one. Separated by a thin wall, she could almost hear his breath. He couldn’t sleep either although he had a tiring but fun day playing with the children. The thought of his girl in the next room made him too excited. He sat up and wonder if she was asleep.

“Knock, knock.”

She got up and went to the door. He was standing there smiling like a Cheshire cat. She giggled.

“You couldn’t sleep too?” he whispered. She nodded her head.

“Come, let’s take a walk.”

“Now? Where?”

“Sheeesh….Father might hear us. Bring your blanket, it might get cold up there.”

It was a long walk but with the torchlight lighting their path, it was certainly the most romantic thing she has ever experienced.

They were almost panting when they reached the top. The view was stunning. In the moonlight, they could make out the rolling hills in the distance. The wind blew, caressing her face and they seem to whisper into her ears. She was taken by how surreal it was.

He smiled when he watched her. This place was just magical, wasn’t it?

“It’s beautiful!” She exclaimed.

“I didn’t disappoint you, did I?”

“No, it’s really beautiful. You said there was a legend about lovers kissing on this hill and if they return to share another kiss, they will never be apart?”

“Yes, it’s true…” he started.

“Oh you little….you just want to kiss, don’t you? She laughed.

“I am telling you, it happened…” his voice grew a little upset.

Just as she was going to tease him further, something in the distance caught her eye.

A fog had just rolled in so she couldn’t be sure. But it looked like there were 2 figures standing at the edge of the hill.

“Ali, do you see that?”

Ali squinted as he looked at where she was pointing.

He could make out the silhouette of a man and a woman, locked in an embrace.

Although he couldn’t make out their faces, he knew who they are.

He held his girlfriend’s hand tightly as he watched the lovers standing on the hill, forever in love, entwined in eternity.


9 thoughts on “Hills of Wind

  1. Then Yeo jin commits suicide after seeing that box! Well written! It seemed like it came out of a novel. Hahaha. I was happy that both were happy with each other but it seems like their ending was tragedy or did I misinterpret it?

    • Well, we had a happy ending for out OTP in YP, that’s what matters 😀

      I wrote this before ep 18. I was so glad that YJ recognized TH when he broke into her room. If she had reacted like she did in my fan fic, then we’ll all be bawling 😦

  2. What ? Another FF and I didn’t know about it ? Very beautifully written, and boy I am glad we got a different ending for the drama , if not I would have flipped tables then, hehe. Thanks for sharing mrdimples

  3. Cool site!
    Loved your interview excerpts…

    You’ve seen most of joo won’s dramas.
    Which of his drama role do you like the best?
    Kim Tae Hyun in Yong Pal? Kangto in Gaksital?

    • Hi Shuerei, thank you for visiting this site 😀
      Wow, that’s a difficult question – Tae Hyun or Kangto.
      I usually give myself some time before I reach a definitive answer, if at all. Reason is my views changed over time. I am not sure if this happens only to me but time does make a difference to how dear a drama and character remains in my heart. Some rises in value and some loses.
      At this point, I would say Kangto pips Tae Hyun to the post. But it’s close, real close 😀

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