Lee Chae Young (Chae Jung An Interview) Part on Joo Won

Regarding JooWon, she explained “JooWon is like a younger cousin (dong-seng) who you want to keep bugging/bothering.  And since we were able to act with a cool relationship, the delicate relationship of a single man and a married woman was able to be pictured in a healthy way.

*note: When a dong-seng (younger sibling) is really cute, you can’t help yourself but want to keep bothering and bugging him/her as a show of affection.

When I see JooWon, he feels like my real younger cousin that in reality I wanted to bug/bother him.”  “But when seeing him going through the painful scenes, I felt sorry for him and wanted  to bug/bother him less.”

About JooWon, she said with laughter “he has so much aegyo.  I felt like he was my younger brother immediately.   Looking at my eyes towards JooWon in the monitor, it looked very comfortable.  With JooWon we are about 10 years apart.  I felt like if I open up, I would be able to cover melo-acting with that much of age difference.”

From Korean article; m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000523848

English Translation : sdeehc@joowoncutie

Please give proper credits if re-translating.
Do not repost full translation without permission.


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