Chief Lee (Jung Woong In Interview) Part on JooWon


Jung Woong-In with a smile said “JooWon is a good actor.”  “He shows smile under difficult situation/condition.  You cannot go up to that level/position just being good in acting. (I) Realized the person’s heart /inner character is important”

Furthermore he highly praised (JooWon), “When I see JooWon, I think of (actor) Hwang Jung-Min whom I worked with in movie ‘Veteran.’  I felt the same feelings/emotions with JooWon as  I had when acting with Hwang Jung Min.”  

Jung Woong-In added “JooWon does not complain even when he cannot selfishly take a day off to rest.  It was to a point where I asked to let JooWon rest for a day.”

From Korean Article :

English Translation : sdeehc@joowoncutie

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One thought on “Chief Lee (Jung Woong In Interview) Part on JooWon

  1. Wow,, oppa is pretty awesome inside and outside. Proud to be his fan. Still couldn’t forget the way he stares/smiles to me when I screaming “Oppa,oppa” at Jakarta FM few days ago. Happy indeed..

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