[FANFIC/YONGPAL] 「Angel」 by Mrdimples


(warning: mature content)

They stood there with Tae Hyun hugging Yeo Jin from the back. The wind blew gently and the sound made soft whispers,  brushing against our lovers’ faces.

Tae Hyun nuzzled his nose into Yeo Jin’s hair and kissed the top of her head. He is the happiest man in the world now. As he stood on the pinnacle and stared at the rolling hills of green, he felt like he owned everything because he has the most precious thing – his beloved, in his arms.

Yeo Jin stared blissfully at the sprawling scenery spread in front of her. She pushed herself a little more into Tae Hyun’s embrace and felt his arms enveloped her like a protective shield. She caressed his hands and gently ran her fingers over the scars and the calluses. These are hands of a man who worked hard, unselfishly putting his loved ones above himself. These are the hands of a man who performed many surgeries and saved many lives. These are the hands of a man who never let go of her and held onto her despite everything. These are the hands of a man who loves her.

Tae Hyun drew one hand back slowly and dipped it into his pocket. But Yeo Jin turned around swiftly and caught Tae Hyun grinning sheepishly like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar. She giggled at him knowingly.

Blushing to the roots of his hair, Tae Hyun dropped to his knees, held up the ring and asked,

“Yeo Jin ah…will you marry…”

Before he could finish, Yeo Jin dropped down and kissed him on his lips.

“This is my answer…” she whispered into his ears.

Tae Hyun responded with a deep kiss and knocked Yeo Jin off balance. She fell back onto the grass pulling Tae Hyun along with her. Sitting astride Yeo Jin, Tae Hyun drew his face close to hers and planted little kisses all over. His hands which were holding her back started to move.

Yeo Jin could feel Tae Hyun’s breath growing hot and fast against her skin and her own breathing quickened. His hands were now caressing her all over with a randomness that was maddening. She wanted to feel his hands against her bare skin. She took his hand and guided it under her blouse while she slipped hers beneath his shirt.

Her skin felt so smooth and soft as he caressed her. He kissed her on her nape, soaked in her smell and planted more kisses in the hollows of her collarbone.  He felt like melting into her body. As his fingers brushed against her chest, she inhaled sharply.

Pulling his face back, Tae Hyun looked at her with eyes slightly glazed. Yeo Jin’s eyes were still closed, her mouth moist and slightly parted.

“Don’t stop…”

Her heart beat so hard that she could hear it in her ears. She arched her back towards Tae Hyun as he worked the tiny clasps behind. He slipped the straps down her arms and her body quivered in anticipation. She pulled his hips towards her and ran her fingers along the waistband. Tae Hyun moaned as her hands moved inside. The world came to a standstill as the lovers joined as one.

She lay there in the cradle of his arm, contented to see him lying there with his eyes closed.  She could spend the whole day looking at him.

Has he fallen asleep? He was snoring very softly and his chest moved with each breath. Her fingers hovered above his face and she traced his eyebrows, eyelashes, nose and lips gingerly.

“My husband is so handsome,” she smiled as she thought to herself.

She nuzzled her head against his shoulders once more. She felt safe in the embrace of his strong arms. She closed her eyes again as she thought how strong and powerful he felt as he moved inside her. She loves him so much that her heart aches. She can give up everything in the world if she can only have him.

Written by mrdimples
Pic cr SBS


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