Yong Pal Food Support Update!!!


Joo Won Cuties! Joo Won International Fans! You are AMAZING! You had proven time and again how much you love and support this amazing actor named, Moon Jun Won. No matter where you are. No matter how far we are. We show that we band as ONE for our Cutie, Joo Won.

Currently, we are still waiting for the actual date, from Sim Entertainment, where we can present Joo Won and the awesome Yong Pal cast, staff and crew, our Coffee Truck full of love. And if we will be able to gather MORE SUPPORT, we will be able to send not only Joo Won’s favorite coffee, but also a decent and delicious meal to the drama set!

YES! We are EXTENDing our CALL FOR SUPPORT for Joo Won Cutie International Fans: Yong Pal Food Support. The cast, staff and crew are working hard to give as a very exciting, heart-stopping and so much enjoyable drama that we are always left, asking for more when an episode ended. I held my breath, cried, laugh and giggled whenever I watch Yong Pal. And I rewatch it over and over again as I cannot get enough of the drama. Joo Won has showed as time and again, how great he is. He showed as who Yong Pal is and we are left mesmerized by how amazing his acting is. Let us, in our own way, show Yong Pal and all people who made it happen, how we love the drama and how we support them. It is up to us fans to make it happen!

So Palli! Palli! Let us all help to hit our target!

Please send us email at cuties2mjw@gmail.com if you wish to show your support!!!

Contributors will be invited to send us messages which will be displayed on the Coffee Truck!!! Come join us NOW!!!




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