[Interview] ‘Nurse Hwang’ Bae Hae Sun “Joo Won is Genius in Acting”

The ‘Nurse Hwang’ Bae Hae Sun, a scene stealer in ‘Yong Pal-Yi,’ showed her affection towards the male lead actor Joo Won.

In her recent interview with Sports JoSun, Bae Hae Sun said of Joo Won, “seeing him digesting practically almost 100% of the beginning scenes of Yong Pal-Yi, instead of ‘you must be tired?,’ inquired ‘you are still alive, right?” and reveled in his performance.

‘Nurse Hwang’ had many confrontational scenes with Joo Won in drama. Bae Hae Sun praised Joo Won “Joo Won is very good looking, nice and an actor who’s acting is complete /perfect” and said, “the way he calculates exactly how to deliver long lines and acts, it seems like he’s an acting genius”.

Furthermore, “although he himself must be most tired, he comes to me and says ‘You must be tired. Fighting.’ He is an actor who encompasses even humility and courtesy/kind manner.” And emphasized “He was a junior as a musical actor but i looked up to him as a big senior in drama.”



She was able to dissolve her regret of not seeing Joo Won’s musical debut due to overlap in her own musical performance, during the filming of this drama.

Bae Hae Sun said “his always bright disposition and humble manner while he is about to collapse was so pretty in my eyes.  He is an actor whom I would like to meet again either in drama or on stage.”

Earlier ‘Yong Pal-Yi’ production team published the warm and friendly view of the12th floor after lights were turned off. Most of the time, Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) and her protector Tae Hyun (Joo Won), and opposing them, Chief Lee (Jung Woong In) and nurse Hwang (Bae Hae Sun), their match takes place here. However the actors at the site in reality are closely caring for one another while filming ‘Yong Pal-Yi.’  The picture with Joo Won holding ‘Nurse Hwang’ fondly especially drew attention.

‘Yong Pal-Yi’ is story about a highly skilled concierge doctor, who visits anywhere anyone with expensive payments, meeting the Conglomerate ‘sleeping beauty’ asleep inside the hospital. It’s a Spectacular Unique Melodrama. This popular melodrama is currently airing with a record high 2015 mini-series ratings.

English Translation: SdeeHC@joowoncutie

Original Article in Korean: http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0002794064

Writer: lyn@sportschosun.com

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