[INTERVIEW] Korean Star Joo Won: Works Hard Single-handedly ; Acquainted with Han Geng and Kris Wu



Last night, Joo Won held a fanmeet at The Great Hall, singing not only Korean songs but also specially prepared a Chinese song ‘Friend’ for the Chongqing fans. Before the fanmeet, Joo Won accepted an interview. Although he is a long-legged oppa, he talks in a cute way, sometimes showing a shy smile on his face. Joo Won is currently filming the drama ‘Yongpal’ with Kim Taehee, but this time he took time off from filming just to fly to Chongqing, making his first step of his China Tour Fanmeet.

Although he is (working) non-stop and talks with a nasal voice caused by flu, he still laughs a lot. He told the reporter that although this is his first time coming to Chongqing, he has already heard of Chongqing’s famous hotpot even from Korea, so he definitely wishes to try it during his visit here. Even the hot weather in Chongqing appeared favourable to Joo Won, “I really like the weather in Chongqing, Korea is covered by typhoons these days, the weather in Chongqing is very good, I’m very happy.”

It is said that the movie ‘Passion Heaven’ which Joo Won, Han Geng and Kris Wu collaborated in is expected to be released this year. Speaking of collaborating with these two Chinese celebrities, Joo Won smiled, “Han Geng-hyung is very kind, because he knows both Korean and Chinese, so he is very good at taking care of people ; Kris Wu can understand what the director wants to express when filming, and he is also personally very interesting. We are still keeping in contact now, sometimes Kris Wu would even send me messages in Chinese, but I can’t understand it, so I had to communicate with him in English.”

Having so much collaborations with Chinese actors, Joo Won also anticipates working with Chinese actresses.  He said that when he was little, he already knew of Zhang Ziyi’s name. He even had an awkward experience before when asked about actresses : “Previously there was a Korean media who asked which Chinese celebrity I wish to work with. At that time I answered ‘Tang Wei’, and I even answered while looking into the camera. But who knows, 2 weeks later, Tang Wei announced her marriage.”


Source: CQNEWS (http://cq.cqnews.net/shxw/2015-07/26/content_34851379.htm )
English Translation: rionae (https://joowoncutie.wordpress.com/2015/07/26/joo-won-cqnews-china-20150726)


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