[INTERVIEW] Joo Won with Chinese media 轨客网 20150725


I’m having a cold these days and it feels quite serious, my nose gets blocked when I talk. I just finished shooting for drama ‘Yongpal’ yesterday. A big portion of the first half is my scene. Kim Taehee’s portions are mostly lying on the bed while I’m filming a swimming scene when the Han River is at its dirtiest. The filming process is quite difficult, we even filmed scenes of getting hit by cars. After finishing the shoot yesterday, I went home only at 4am and immediately went to catch my flight to Chongqing, I was surprised that I didn’t wake up at all on my flight here.


3) A web user asked why are you so tall? Do you workout often?

I’ve actually always been working out my body, for example swimming and walking. I have been working out specially before filming the drama. Currently I am living in Seoul but I am not totally familiar with Seoul. Thus I will walk for 5-6 hours every day, around 5-6 days each week. When I reach beautiful places, I will stop for a cup of tea.


4) Among the actresses you have worked with, Kim Taehee, Moon Chaewon, <name covered>, who leaves the deepest impression?

Speaking of actresses he worked with, he smiled faintly.

I feel that all the actresses I worked with before have good personalities and are pretty. Actually, I feel that I am quite lucky, because some actresses can be sensitive or have bad temper when they are filming,  but all the actresses whom I worked with before have good personalities. People who talked about Kim Taehee found her really pretty, when I’m working with her during ‘Yongpal’, I also felt that she is pretty and has a good personality.
When filming ‘Yongpal’, Kim Taehee would take the initiative to greet me. Actually when filming, we would speak in honorific to a sunbae, so I often spoke in honorific to her, but she offered to let me drop that while we are filming, so I became more natural during the filming.


6) Which Chinese actress do you wish to work with?

From China, I wish to work with Tang Wei and Zhang Ziyi, they are both famous in Korea too and I have often watched their works, such as Tang Wei’s Late Autumn. They are both classical beauties.


7) How do you think of Chongqing? Are there any dishes that you want to try? <can’t read the rest>

I have heard about Chongqing’s hotpot even from Korea. I have tried it once at Korea. I want to try it here as well but I am not too fond of spicy food, but I would like everyone to make a recommendation.
Finally, Joo Won greets everyone and hopes to be able to come to Chongqing often.


8) Fans came to receive you at the airport, is there anything you want to tell them?

Actually the weather in Chongqing is quite good. And when I reached the airport, I saw many fans who came to receive me. I know that many of them came from all parts of the country, but I was really touched by the fans who came to receive me. They are very respectful, but because of my body, I was not in time to greet them and I felt very apologetic to them. I had wanted to post my apologies on SNS but I was worried that the fans would be worried about me, so I did not post that.

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Interview and Photos: 轨客网 (http://www.cqdsrb.com.cn/thread-173599-1-1.html)
English translation: rionae (https://joowoncutie.wordpress.com/2015/07/25/interview-joo-won-with-chinese-media-轨客网-20150725)

T/N: Interview was posted as several forum post, so there is no proper introduction and closing.


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