[YONGPAL] Character Description (EngTrans.) – Kim Tae Hyun / Han Yeo Jin


Hanshin Hospital, General Surgery, 3rd year Resident

Kim Tae Hyun (Male, 29)

“Even though it’s like that, I am still a doctor.”

Kim Tae Hyun is a peerless general surgery resident at Hanshin Hospital whose emergency life-saving surgical skills leave professors and chief surgeons speechless.

At this level, world famous doctors like XX or ’s genius doctor, Jang Joon Hyuk come to mind. But our lead character, resident Dr Kim Tae Hyun or rather Yong Pal, is vastly different from all these.

First, he lacks upbringing and is totally shameless.

Second, as long as you give him money, he will go through fire and water.

So how can such a person become this drama’s lead character?

Third, Kim Tae Hyun is someone who does not even know humanitarianism.

Although Kim Tae Hyun is only a resident doctor, he is equipped with such astonishing ability that amongst professors and chief surgeons, he is known as the “Life Saver”. But he has a secret that no one knows…

That is he illegally treats underworld gangs who are unable to go to the hospital.

His objective is of course, money.

He has been called a money grubber or laughed at for being uncouth, he does not care.

But he will not accept money without reason.

He knows that once he accepts this kind of money, there’s a price to pay.

In that circle, the only person who knows Tae Hyun’s true identity is the loanshark, Man Sik who introduced him to this moonlighting and helps him do the runs.

Although Chief Surgeon Lee witnessed the police chasing after Yong Pal and discovered Yong Pal/Tae Hyun’s real identity, he saved him instead.

Because Chief Lee has some other motives up his sleeves….so our Tae Hyun has become “Alice”, dragged by Chief Lee into the trickery that is happening in the weird world on the 12th floor of Hanshin Hospital.

Who knows, there might be a bigger crime committed on the 12th floor of Hanshin Hospital?

Will Tae Hyun become their accomplice? Or will he be the prince who wakes up the sleeping beauty?

Now, let’s see what he chooses.


Hanshin Group 1st in line Female Successor

Han Yeo Jin (Female, 30)

“Might as well don’t wake me up…”

In the restricted area on the 12th floor of Hanshin Hospital, in a closely guarded room, lies a long staying patient, Hanshin Group’s 1st in line female successor, Han Yeo Jin. She has only contact with very few hospital staff and her brother, Han Do Joon, the group chairman. Shrouded in secrecy and cut off from any communications with the outside world, she can only exercise her vote through her brother on occasions.

But this is only what the outside world knows of her…

She is in a coma, a very deep coma.

This is forced on her by her brother and a few medical staff!

Trapped in her body, unable to move a single bit, what could Yeo Jin be thinking of in that dark and horrifying prison?

Could it be due to fact that she has been placed in deep sleep by the same medication for too long a time?

Starting show signs of drug resistance, Yeo Jin slowly regains her consciousness.

Then, from that crack in the prison’s door, Yeo Jin hears Tae Hyun’s voice.

And Yeo Jin can easily buy over Tae Hyun, that debt ridden watchman.

As long as there’s money, Tae Hyun can leap over fire and water, it was easy.

Of course, little did he know that by helping her, things would become so difficult…

“To find out what’s happening outside, in order to escape from this prison, I bought this fellow. Never in my life have I never seen such a thick-skinned person and he dared to be rude to me, he makes me mad. But this fellow is a bit of a mystery, every night he will bring news of what’s happening outside. Occasionally, I will also hear of his story. Actually, it turns out that this fellow is tsundere (ツンデレ), cold on the outside, warm on the inside. Although he pretends to be a money grubber, selfish and faked being bad, he is very soft hearted towards hurt victims. A person, who possesses such a personality, if managed well, should be easy to use.

But what is this heart which is always attracted to this fellow?

Perhaps, it is because I am been locked up in this prison for too long.

Note:  ツンデレ – Tsundere is a Japanese character development process that describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time.


Chinese Translation: ドラミ1987 from Joo Won Bar Baidu
English translation: mrdimples

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