Interview of Joo Won on Hong Kong ‘文汇报’

Part 1:
This interview is about the movie ‘Fashion King’. When asked about his character Ki Myung is always isolated from others, Joo Won said, ‘ Due to my cool exterior, my first impression from others is rude and not good. I still remember when I debuted in musical back then, there was 12 male actors. All of their first impression of me was same. Until we became closer eventually, they found I was someone who can play with. They wouldn’t imagine I am someone who will go to handle the things in theater early in the morning.’

About his role as Ki Myung and Shi On in ‘Good Doctor’, he admit there were some similarities between this two character. ‘ There was some similarities likes doing things cautiously, boring, even the tone of voice is almost same. So, I felt a bit embarrassed in filming. Although director and others say there was difference, I can understand if others have the though of the similarity about the two characters.’

Joo Won agrees about the ways of Ki Myung to change himself to win the heart of the girl. ‘During my school time, I have my first experience to buy the outfits from head to toes on my own for the sake of the girl. I still remember I bought a very weird yet feel stylish shirt, I even bought the hair wax but in my heart, I feel it was so unpleasant to use the hair wax. I wouldn’t do this now. My condition has become better. I just have to wear the clothes I have in my room if I meet the same situation.’

Part 2 :
There was a romantic scene which he sang birthday song for Hye Jin, Joo Won said, ‘I am not a romantic person. I used the white candles and arranged it to become a heart shape when I confessed for love a long time ago. (Isn’t this very romantic?) This is the limit I can do! Although I was very keen to do this at that time, I thought I couldn’t do it if it was very troublesome. I have grown up and really can’t do this anymore. At that time, the theater was handled by me, so it was not a problem but now, I would feel trouble to think how to find a place to do confession.’

In the movie, Joo Won got a part time job as an online model and need to do many weird poses. He revealed that he felt embarrassed when starting to do this but it got better eventually. ‘It was very warm and lovely on the filming set. Director and staff would said ‘Ki Myung, I love you’ to root for me. So, the feeling of embarrassment was fade in whatever I do in later time.’

Part 3  :
Joo Won never thought of being a model but he gives a big praise to Ahn Jae Hyeon who is very gorgeous in catwalking. When asked if he met an opponent likes Ahn Jae Hyeon in reality, what would he do to win over, he said, ‘I would win over him silently. I would ponder the ways to show off myself thoroughly. (What’s the way you would do?) ‘Backstab him! ‘ Haha, he laughed out loud after giving this answer.

The scene where his conversation between his mother on the backstage is touched and makes many people tear up. He personally thinks that scene is touching and still left a deep impression for the scene. ‘Actually, there was another very memorable scene on the script which is Ki Myung has a incurable disease but it was edited out, it’s so pity about this.’
Talking about what’s the message delivered by the movie, Joo Won said, ‘I hope this movie can arouse resonance for the audience. I think the most important message conveyed by this movie is hoping everyone do not give up their dreams and understand your value of existence, ha.’

English Translation: dimplelover@joowoncutie
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