[FANACC] Joo Won Thai Fanmeet 2015 by rionae

Finally I’m done with the fanaccount~ ^_^
It’s quite long… 7k words ^^;
I had also written about meeting the Joo Won Cutie eonnis.
For the fanaccount of meeting Joo Won at the Press Con and Fan Meet, you can just read my Day 3 and 4 (and 6?) portion ^^

Day 1. 29 Jan 2015 (Thursday) 「Hello Thailand!」
Day 2. 30 Jan 2015 (Friday)   「Joo Won Arrived in Thailand! Hotel stakeout?」
Day 3. 31 Jan 2015 (Saturday) 「My First Meeting: Press Con at Aetas Lumpini」
Day 4. 1 Feb 2015 (Sunday) 「Joo Won Sweet Melody FM in Thailand」
Day 5. 2 Feb 2015 (Monday)    「Joo Won… Departed Bangkok?」
Day 6. 3 Feb 2015 (Tuesday)   「Goodbye, the Land I First Met Joo Won!」

29 Jan 2015  (Thursday)  「Hello Thailand!

After much planning and coordinating difficulties, it was finally the day to fly to Bangkok! I had arrived at the Bangkok Don Mueng Airport in the evening of 29th Jan~


Upon arriving, I registered for the airport WIFI. It gave a very complex login but speed-wise, it was quite fast (not that I’m loading large media files anyway). But while queuing at the immigration, it suddenly went poof ^^; Geez lol. But at least I managed to get @meg15’s location before the connection died.

Cleared immigration and had a simple dinner at a café with @meg15 who arrived hours earlier. Eonni you have waited long ^^; I also bought an unlimited 7 days data plan (around THB250) for my phone so that we can, well, access the internet and be updated and contactable on Joo Won’s information kekeke. Then we waited for @farbarri’s arrival before taking a taxi to our hotel at downtown Bangkok. We had agreed not to stalk Joo Won, so we did not stay at Aetas Bangkok where he was going to stay at.

30 Jan 2015 (Friday )  「Joo Won Arrived in Thailand! Hotel stakeout?

The next morning, we head out to do a little shopping at MBK Center which is located opposite Scala Theatre where the FM was going to be held. Spotted several FM posters around while walking there!

(Ah… I kept thinking of Scala Theatre as Selca Theatre…. Haha)



Pfft. It was a bad idea to walk there from our hotel. Was all sweaty walking around Bangkok which is hotter than my already-very-hot country of Singapore! Aigoo, Bangkok was 33°C which is around 2°C hotter than Singapore and it’s quite unbearable for me already. How will it be for Joo Won who came from Seoul which was around 1°C that day?!

While having our lunch at MBK, we saw from Twitter updates that Joo Won had arrived in Bangkok at around 12.35pm! Looking at his arrival photos on Twitter, it seems that he was still wearing thick clothes at Bangkok airport. Kekeke Joo Won, you’ll need to take those off soon!


MBK Mall at the right…. and Scala Theatre is somewhere behind those buildings at the left.

After shopping at MBK Mall, we tried to search for Scala but took the wrong direction and ended up going one big round x.x But now we learnt how to get there for the FM! It was… hot there. No air-conditioning outside the hall. Uwaaa.

After dropping off our stuffs at our hotel, we took a taxi to Aetas Bangkok to meet @coolreborn~ This is also the hotel that Joo Won is staying at. The moment I walked in, I saw @jwthfc eonni! ^_^ And there were several Thai FC members there too. And then from the corner of my eyes, I could see someone peeking over like a suspicious cat… and it was @coolreborn eonni!! Pwaaaah!!


Kept staring at the lift area exit, hoping to see Joo Won~

So, I guess we were waiting around to see if Joo Won will come in/out. @farbarri, whatever happened to us saying that we’re not going to stalk?! We practiced taking selca in the meantime kekeke. After quite some time, we still did not see him. And so, we head out for dinner! ( ̄▽ ̄) We split with the Thai FC, so it was just me with @farbarri @coolreborn and @meg15. We decided to go to Terminal 21 mall which is relatively nearby. But we wanted to take a taxi (hehe, lazy and tired tourist xD) Geez, it was a BAD decision. We had already walked quite a distance from the hotel to the main road, and it was only 2 stops if we took the BTS. But we board the taxi at the wrong direction and it took us a big round – and in bad traffic!

If there was one good thing about going a big round, it’ll be being able to spot the FM posters along the way lol!

JWTHFM15-006 JWTHFM15-007

And what! ↓


It was Joo Won’s greeting video for the Thai FM! (photo is kinda blur as the taxi was moving). And then we realized that was Aetas Lumpini where the Press Con was going to be held at on Saturday (31 Jan). Lols. I wonder if they played the audio… Ah, just imagine hearing his voice on the streets of Bangkok lol.

Finally we reached Terminal 21. Pwaaah. Did the ride take 1 hour? It sure felt so. Time for dinner!


Terminal 21 has some pretty nice interior design.


After dinner, we head back to Aetas Bangkok TAKING THE BTS THIS TIME. Puuu that was quick. Then we went up to @coolreborn’s room. Waaw. Such a big room! And it has a big living room too!
(The other people sharing the room hadn’t arrive yet. Sorry to intrude ^^; )


Look.. before that screen was lowered, the bathtub was right behind the glass xD totally transparent! And even with the screen lowered, you can still peek abit of the shower! LOL! Hmm Cutie, is your room like this too? @coolreborn are you going to rappel into his room?!

Ah, @coolreborn has a photo of the bathtub! (Of course she will take a photo of it! xD)


Errrrhheemmmm. Great view eh? You can TOTALLY see everything.

Anyway, while chilling around the room, I was looking out of the window and spotted two white vans parked below! The one in front is a normal van size while the second one is like a mini-bus. So I casually said “Hey! Maybe that’s Joo Won’s car!” and for a moment, we all stared at it, hoping to see Joo Won coming out pwahaha. But the cars were totally still, so probably no one is there anymore. And then!! ANOTHER white van pulled in! OOOOoooOOHHH?! We started getting high by ourselves. Well, in our hearts we know we won’t see anyone but we just wanted to feel that excitement I guess ^^; Pwahaha. So we all rushed out of the room and went down~ And there were three white vans there now. Then, hmm? All the vans have like two rows of head lights, just like the car in the background of Joo Won’s Weibo!


But, ALL three vans had the same headlight design, so I thought maybe it’s a common design in Bangkok? Then, just as I was walking from the carpark area back to the lobby to get a taxi, the Thai fans just returned too! They said… they saw Joo Won after their dinner!!! At Siam Paragon! Omg! Waah! What luck! I guess this is all fate… And! it seems like those 3 white vans are indeed Joo Won’s! Uwaaaaaaa~~~~

Then the Thai fans went up to their rooms while @coolreborn waited with us for the taxi. We chatted with the lobby ahjussi and heard that Joo Won had returned only 10-15 minutes ago! That’s around the time we reached the hotel too! OMG! Huuu… I guess, as the saying goes, what’s not meant to be will never be… T^T Then the ahjussi said he wants to take photo of Joo Won too haha!
And… I guess Joo Won uses the back exit so, there was no point in waiting for him at the lobby ( ̄▽ ̄!)

Back to the hotel we went~ Time for a good night rest and prepare to see Joo Won the next day!!

31 Jan 2015  (Saturday)「My First Meeting: Press Con at Aetas Lumpini

Finally the day has arrived! The day where I’ll meet Joo Won for the first time with my own eyes!! This is also the first time I have ever gone for any celebrities’ event.

Met up with @kleimleyz who was staying at another hotel near ours, and we took a taxi to Aetas Lumpini! Ah… the driver got it wrong initially and brought us to Lumpini Park ^^; But luckily it was quite nearby.


Went into the hotel to cool our body first. The weather was too hot!

Joo Won’s event was displayed on their LCD screen.


Hah. The moment someone takes a photo of this signage, they’re exposed as Joo Won’s fans. xD

Then I went back out to try waiting for Joo Won’s car. Oh??? White vans!


But apparently those were the hotel vans. And only one row of headlights? Pwaah. I’m sensitive to all white vans now.

Taking photos here and there, trying to act like a clueless tourist so that we won’t be chased off? Pwahaha.


After some time, we heard from the hotel group that Joo Won had left the hotel but was going for another interview first. So we decided to just go up to the Press Con hall.

There was a small queue already! But it wasn’t so bad. We were still considered rather early. We just chatted around for a while and then the hotel group @coolreborn @maymay @0708july and some Indonesian friends came.

After some time, the Thai fans at the front of the queue suddenly started shouting o.O I was thinking, ‘Eh? Did Joo Won arrive already? Can they see him from there?’ and then I realized, Joo Won was shown on TV program which they were streaming. I suppose that was live. Puhaha. Then people started to crowd around, taking pictures of the laptop. Haha, it was quite rare for me to see other people in real life being more excited about Joo Won than me xD I was like, calm down eonnis, you can watch the video next time, but… ^^; well, I took photos too (≧▽≦)/


Thanks to the Thai fan for playing this on her laptop and showing everyone ^_^

(Btw, you can watch the English-subbed version here. Cr: Joo Won Cutie)

I don’t know how I passed the time, but eventually hours later it was registration time. I had printed screenshots of the ticket order but didn’t bring it to the venue -.- how smart huh. But anyway I had soft copies but they couldn’t accept it as my name wasn’t on it! ¬_¬ Geez, they didn’t send any official receipt or confirmation in the first place… Another staff then came and took out a list of names. So I could just show my passport to get the tickets.

Tada~ Our tickets! And the ‘fan club pass’ to enter Press Con.


Oh and that’s our flower pens at the corner. Joo Won Cutie’s promotional gifts (kinda). I will mention that again later~

We rushed off for a quick snack at a nearby café and then ran back to Aetas Lumpini. Thankfully it didn’t rain! The sky was a little dark… After getting our seats, we heard that cameras can’t be used, but phone cameras are allowed ¬_¬ Sheesh…


At 2pm, the MC came out. Took a few ‘experimental shots’ to test the camera settings first hehe.


But fwah, he talked for so long! And of course we don’t understand anything since it was in Thai. After what felt like an eternity, Joo Won finally appeared at 2.15pm!!!

What I actually planned: This is my first time seeing him in person. I shall focus on watching him and not take any… or much pictures/videos. When he comes out, I shall just cheer to welcome him.

What I actually did:


OMG! JOO WON IS THERE! IN PERSON! RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY OWN EYES!!!! Σ(⊙◇⊙!!) That tall figure and small face!!! OMG IS THIS REALLY NOT A VIDEO?!?! *kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!* Finally the moment has arrived!

When he came in, he stood near the door, faced everyone and posed for a while before making his way to the stage.
Ehh… did someone say something about cameras? Molla~~~

I actually didn’t make any sound when he appeared ^^; So my first reaction when I first see him was… an unbelievable feeling of disbelief that even overcomes all the excitement? Even with all the fans shouting, I still couldn’t believe that it was him there. And then I decided that I want to film it afterall pwaahahaha but aww, I was not fast enough to catch his pose.

And so, the Press Con starts! \(≧∀≦)
I finally understood what people said about him looking better in person.


Ah, such a nice smile… (。♥‿♥。)


Don’t know what they’re saying though. @meg15 was doing some live translation beside me but sorry eonni, I think only half of what you said went into my head ^^;


↓ Haha, how cute! (≧▽≦)


And it was hot, so he started wiping his sweat pwaaaah!!! He even offered to wipe the MC’s sweat! LOL!!


And then MC said something about Top 10 Sexy Man? And Joo Won got a shock :O and asked, ‘from where?’ xDDDD


Haha, he laughed a lot at the next part. Talking about his butty again? (≧∀≦)


Ah, missed the timing slightly for his pouty mouth ( ̄▽ ̄)


At one point, Joo Won got up from his seat and put his mic down. Then he was saying something but I couldn’t hear.  Waaaah but that’s his raw voice!!! And then, he started conducting! ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━


And then some time later, he got up from his seat again and stood beside that Edwin pic.


Something like this is how he was told to smile during the photoshoot?

But this is how he always smile…


(✿ ♥‿♥) *audience screams*

Then, he posed for photos.

Eh, what’s this face?


Waaa Orabang~


He also did the Thai greeting pose and a conducting pose. Eh but I think he held his hands too low?


Puheeee that surprised face! Like, ‘andwae? =o –raises more-’

Then he tries to raise even more….(≥︿≤;)


But looks like his arm was hurting T.T


Awww Joo Wonie..!! (≥︿≤!)


And… it was time for him to leave T^T andwae!!!


But! There was still another activity! He was going to hand out his autographed posters! So everyone just waited in the room. @coolreborn then gave us these flower pens which was initially meant to be Joo Won Cutie Fan Club’s promotional gifts to other fans but in the end, each of us is going to hand one to Joo Won xD


I didn’t take picture of it. So this was taken by @coolreborn at a later time.

And so, the handing out starts. Once again, I saw that Joo Won has the glowing aura around him. Don’t know if it’s the makeup and lighting, it just feel like a dream to see him up close. And with that hairstyle and suit, he really looks like a prince. ( ˘ ³˘)❤


Heol. So we were queuing up for our turn to receive the poster (which moved very quickly!). I was the last of Joo Won Cutie Fans to go up.

Omg. When I was right by the stage, I saw him smiling and those large dimples. I think I had already blanked out at that point. So when it was my turn, I looked into his eyes and wanted to say ‘Nice to meet you for the first time’ in Korean, but I got the words in the middle wrong Σ( ̄△ ̄) And after saying that, I kept looking down while he handed me the poster T^T Didn’t look up to have eye contact with him T____T. After I received the poster, I handed him the flower pen I was holding while staring at his hand all the time.  Then I heard him “ah….” It was a very clear voice~ And it sounded like his usual ‘ahhh…’ from 1N2D, very innocent-sounding xD.  And he personally received the pen from me!!!

Even though it was just one ‘ahh’, I MANAGED TO HEAR HIS RAW VOICE UP CLOSE! Can’t believe my ears! I’m hearing the voice that I have always listened to through speakers up close with my own ears! And those large hands! Those hands that i recognized from photos! It was slightly tanned. The skin tone looks so even and nice!

I guess I was frozen at the spot in front of him for quite ‘long’. Maybe 2 seconds? (look at how fast the fans moved in my gif above) He must have wondered why this girl isn’t moving away and ‘ahh’ when he saw I was passing him the pen xD

His autographed poster~


We had to leave the room right after that. Waited around outside the room but did not see him coming out. Ehh… was there a secret door elsewhere? Then we just went down to the carpark area. Saw some staffs carrying the presents to a white van but eh… those vans don’t have two rows of headlights =/


But anyway, we waited for a bit before hearing that Joo Won was having an interview. So we stopped waiting ^^; Took a taxi back to our hotel to freshen up before heading to Platinum Mall but we didn’t know what to eat. Then we found out that the other eonnis were having dinner at Siam Paragon so we decided to head there for dinner too.



It was around 6pm. There was traffic jam and human jam! So we took a tuktuk there. Wow! Tuktuk is like a roller coaster lol! Luckily I had tied up my hair due to the heat or I’d be looking like a crazy woman. Fwah, we were cutting through the wind so quickly! But tuktuk was fun! Tuktuk dee~ After dinner, we took a tuktuk back to our hotel too ^^ And that concludes our Saturday.


1 February 2015 (Sunday) 「Joo Won Sweet Melody FM in Thailand

Finally, the day we have been waiting for has arrived. Registration starts at 1.30pm but we don’t have to go so early as we already received our tickets on Saturday (and we have fixed seat numbers anyway). We went to MBK Mall for lunch first before heading to Scala Theatre. And wow! It was decorated with Joo Won’s posters! It was so empty when we came here on Friday.



They even put the event title there. Looks good^^

And when we stepped in, there were many many banners of Joo Won ^^ Waaa. I’m getting dizzy seeing Joo Won everywhere – but hey it’s a good thing! I usually don’t get to see Joo Won on anything other than electronic devices ^^; So this is like my first time seeing his pictures in the public. Wonder if I’ll ever see such a sight in my country… 。◕‿◕。



But they could have used different pictures though.. haha.

Continuing on, there’s also a photo zone with two Joo Won standees.


The official goods sold there:


Heol… no calendar?! I wanted to buy that! T^T And the passport holder was sold out. Geez. And the light stick is the same as Japan FM. ‘Sweet Smile’ is Japan’s, Thailand’s is supposed to be ‘Sweet Melody’. Ah well, not that it’s important anyway. But I’m still disappointed that the shirt is the only option we have to get it signed.
(I don’t think I saw anyone holding onto that doll thing too… geez)

Then there was a tree where you stick post-it notes on. I think we’re supposed to write what we want to do with Joo Won on stage if it gets picked. Photo of the tree will be posted at the concert section.
I wrote my message in Korean with some help from @meg15 and our Korean eonnis xD

Finally, it was time to enter!


In to the hall I go~


Waa. So much dry ice inside! Can’t see anything from the top! Even when I got near the stage, I had difficulty seeing with so much dry ice around. =/

Took my seat with @farbarri and @coolreborn eonni~

And then… what? Heard that Joo Won’s parents is around?!?! Nyaaa~~~~ Someone spotted a row of reserved seats behind us. The ahjussi does have a very… familiar feeling. Ah, then is that really Mama Moon??? Omo~~~~ (*゚ロ゚)
I think his hyung weren’t there though, or more people would have recognised them, probably.

After a longggg time, a loud majestic-sounding music suddenly played and everyone stood up abruptly. I was surprised by the sudden movement and also jumped on my feet ^^; Ehh… is this the national anthem? ^^; Ah, no. The Thai fans in front said it’s just a ceremonial music that’s played at the start of events.

After some time, the FM finally starts! At 5pm! A video of Joo Won’s photos in various CF and drama played out. Omg it’s starting!!!


At the last part where it was Naeil and Yoojin’s almost-kiss scene, fans at the back suddenly screamed… very loudly! I thought, eh, do we have to scream so much for this scene? And what! Joo Won himself actually appeared at the back of the stage!! KYAAAA! Ah right, his usual style.

Hah. While writing this fan account, Joo Won Cutie had subbed one of the media videos. So… the MC had said that when Joo Won appeared, the people in front were still looking at the stage. Hah. We must be one of those who were looking in front, not knowing what was happening at the back xD

JWTHFM15-047Joo Won’s dark ninja(?) entrance – view from my seat

Huuu. But it was too dark at the back. I guess the lightings in that theatre can’t shine that area T^T what a waste.

But even in the dark, his white suit stands out.

I think it’ll be a bigger surprise if he didn’t come out so quickly. If he revealed himself only when he starts singing, I think fans will go crazier.

So down the steps he go, singing Innocente and handing out roses to some lucky fans by the aisle~

The spotlight didn’t really hit on him until he was halfway down.




Joo Won smiled a lot on stage ^^ And at the last part, the music fade off, but he continued singing the last 2 lines without the music with his falsetto. It really sounds so heavenly!

JWTHFM15-051Joo Won greeting the MC and translator.

The MC and translator then came out. *don’t know what they’re saying* We have heard previously that the MC is a famous DJ and TV Host(?).



When the screen behind started to show his live footage, fans all screamed. And he was surprised and puzzled at why everyone was screaming suddenly. Hah. (Look at his expression below xD)


Forgot what he was saying. What was he doing? Pointing up?




Love his sitting posture lols. Long legs~

MC then said Joo Won is good at singing…

And Joo Won replied.. “No, I just wish to be good at singing” or something like this. Hah and the fans’ response. At the Press Con the day before, he was asked the same question but he had replied with “that’s right” xDDDD

Then they played clips from Good Doctor and Tomorrow Cantabile. Nyaa. Clip is dark. But well, it IS dark. He looked so embarrassed at some parts xD

Next, they took out the trees with post-it notes that fans wrote before the event. On the post it notes, fans wrote what they want Joo Won to do with them.


↓Hehe this expression. Shion???


Wa. He was holding a note at the bottom but didn’t pick it. False hope >_< Wonder did he see something interesting kekekeke.


And oh! So this is where my butt shots are!



And even such a shot!


Finally, he’s selecting a note and Oh!!! That’s near where my note is!


He didn’t pick mine though ^^; But at least I’d like to think that his hand touched it haha.
And what did I write? Ehhh…heh. That’s a secret =p

One of the girl who got picked was seated near the back, and slowly made her way to stage. Joo Won then shouted “palli wa!” (*hurry up!) xDDD So cute~

Three or four fans were picked… don’t quite remember how many…

With one of the chosen fan, I don’t know she wrote but he kept looooooking at her! Maybe the wish is eye contact? Waaa but but but, he looked into her eyes for 25 seconds!!! Even when the girl covered her face and looked away, he continued looking at her! And after 25 seconds of staring, he said… “ma ha pi ma” (I later learnt that it meant ‘come to me’). After that, he continued looking at her for another 5 seconds!!! @_@

In pictures…. slowly walking up to the girl with a serious face


And the staring begins! “Ma ha pi ma!”


Fwaaaah. Crazyyyyyy!!!!! I’d be melting!!!


☆_☆ Waaa that smile!! Those dimples!! ♡_♡ And lol, the MC’s face. (This was the moment right after he said ‘ma ha pi ma’ xD I think I’d have the same reaction too xDDD )

And then with the next girl, he was to give a back hug. Oooh finally a full body shot!


Hmm yeah his shoes – if anyone wants to analyse them.

Haha and they pranked the 2nd girl. It was the MC who went to hug her instead xD and… it was actually Joo Won who motioned for the MC to hug her! Lol! Maybe they already planned this in advance keke.


But after that of course the real Joo Won gave her a back hug. Fwaaah. I thought I was going to die of heart attack!! OMG!!!!

There was two cameraman blocking… ehh…. Didn’t see properly. Hopefully there will be official videos ^^; They took a polaroid photo of the backhug and gave it to the fan.

I think my soul had already left my body….

He also took selca with the other selected fans.

Next, he sang ‘The Road To You’ from Level 7 Civil Servant.
Ah… time to slowly let my soul return. Calm down~
That was what I thought.. until…. O_O He came to my side of the stage and did that dance!!! Swaying right in front of me!!! Puhahaha I called it the ‘wriggling dance’. Ok my switch flipped again.

I was worried as I heard that his voice wasn’t good during the Japan FM the week before. But his voice is really great here and carried the song well. Everyone got excited ^^

Then he left the stage.

The screen started playing the Making Of for the latest Edwin shoot. He looks fresh with the new hairstyle. Looking at such scenes reminds me of Life Log T^T
(I wonder if Edwin is a sponsor of this FM? They used Edwin photos for the official posters, the standees, and now there’s even this video.)

And what! Apparently this clip was shot on the same day he took this picture which he posted on Weibo:


And it was shown that for the roses he handed out when he made his entrance with Innocente, he had tied the ribbons on them himself! Many fans went “AWWW!” and “Oh my God!” when they realized this. And he was positioning a ribbon on a red gift box…. which we will see soon later.

Coming out in dark blue suit, Joo Won sang the 3rd song, My Love.

JWTHFM15-071 JWTHFM15-072 JWTHFM15-073 JWTHFM15-074 JWTHFM15-075 JWTHFM15-076 JWTHFM15-077 JWTHFM15-078 JWTHFM15-079


Next, he was asked to pick a fan that he thinks has his photo as the wallpaper. So, he came down from the stage! Heh, Cutie, lock screen wallpaper, phone wallpaper, Kakao wallpaper, Whatsapp wallpaper, Line wallpaper, which one do you want to see? 😀

He then picked a fan somewhere from the back and they went to the stage together. I think he is really considerate to go to the back as much as he can so that the fans there can get a better view of him ^^.

He selected a fan and said “ma ha pi ma” to call her down xD


On the stage, they took a selca and I think the fan was going to set it as her new wallpaper.


Kekeke. Joo Won peeking while the fan changes her new wallpaper xD

When she showed Joo Won her phone, lol, he went “oh waaaaaah. *shocked* Look at this” LOL! Hah. Is that the ‘old man voice’ that his Hyungs described during 1N2D? Sounded so funny! Anyway, he showed the phone to everyone. And the wallpaper was… only showing him xD


“We definitely took the picture together.”  Hahahahahaha xD
Waaa and then. He gave this fan a present! A red box…. The one we saw in the Edwin clip just now!! Seems that it contains the t-shirt that he personally drew on! And then hugged her! WAAAAAHHH!!!

Look at this expression. He has this “I prepared this myself, if its ok with you…” kind of face! Awww~ so sincere ♡



Next, a video was played. It shows Joo Won in Scala Theatre, sitting on certain seats and then holding a piece of paper that shows a seat number. The 6 fans with those seat numbers were then invited up to stage.

And what! It turned out that they have to dance! And then Joo Won will pick the best dancer?

His reaction when the music starts hah. Did the fans dance too furiously?


Getting into the mood? haha


Keke, he saw something amusing? xD


Haha. One (or two?) of them was covering her face and just moving around. The MC later imitated her xD
Facepalm dance? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Joo Won then chose the winner. And to that girl, he drew a picture of… himself and the girl? While drawing the girl’s clothes, he even looked up at what she was wearing before drawing xD


Hahaha. The audiences were like crying and laughing at his drawing. Nyaaa, was it really that bad? I think he draws better than me though xD ahahaha~ And then he ends with an autograph. Giving the drawing to the fan, he also shook her hands and gave her a hug.


Ah…. Next… They played a special clip prepared by the Thai FC (watch here. Cr: JWTHFC). It then dawned upon me that we’re watching a video of Joo Won… WITH Joo Won!!! It was surreal… like, we’re all a big family who have gathered, laughing and crying together while watching him on TV.
With Sung Sikyung’s ‘Every Moment of You’ as the background song, it first started with his funny moments from 1N2D. But there was no time to laugh. Many heartfelt messages soon followed, conveying what the Thai fans wanted to tell him, how much they wanted to see him, how much they missed him and how much they waited for this day etc etc etc. Joo Won, and many fans, started to cry while watching it…


Andwaeee. Don’t cry T____T


When the clip ends, all the fans held up the paper that the Thai FC distributed before the event – with the message “We’ll always protect you by your side” in Korean and Thai. And when he turned and see it, he cried even more T___T

Eonni then said his parents were crying too. So I turned to look and saw Mama Moon wiping her tears T^T And I heard that Papa Moon had tears in his eyes but didn’t cry.

Don’t know what they were saying after that… hopefully the media releases video.


Eh, I forgot what happened next xD A pretty long talk after the crying I think. I just followed the Thai fans’ responses ^^;

Next, he sang Sung Sikyung’s Two People.
I thought the instrumental was a little too loud though… ^^;


Feels like he’s looking here but he’s not but it looks like he’s looking here~ xD

After the song, Joo Won started making his way slowly to the right of the stage, like he was going to leave… Amidst the fan’s cry for encore and not to leave, he had this cheeky smile lol.


He slowly walked to the right of the stage (the stage exit is that side), stood there for a while, and made his way back to the center. What a tease!

He then introduced the final song, Love Medicine.

Joo Won walked to both sides of the stage while singing this song. When it got to the 2nd chorus, strips of paper were blown out, making it fall like snow. So pretty~ I wanted to pan my camera to it for cinematography sake but heck, who cares about paper when Joo Won is there! xDDD

Ohh? Is he looking at me? 😀


The song ends with the fans singing along with him.

After the song, he left the stage. The screen then plays a clip of his message to the fans.
Video Joo Won: Everyone, did you have an enjoyable time today?
Everyone: YESSSS!!!

Then, with all the fans calling out ‘Pi Ja~’, Joo Won came out again and sang ‘If I’ for the encore.


Amongst the fans’ continuous cheers, the concert ends.
It was 7pm then. So the concert lasted for 2 hours. Eyyy it felt shorter than that T^T

So, the goodie fanservice part starts~

Fans were sitting around for quite some time. Then they started to organize the people to go out in rows, starting from the front.

While queuing, the Thai fans were taking photos of the MC who posed for them haha.


We stood in the queue for some time. Then some staffs arranged chairs on the stage. Ah, must be for the group photo.


And well, we still had time. So eonnis took selca with the MC too! Haha. And we told him which countries we’re from. MC also told us, “Welcome to Thailand!” in English. Haha.


I took a selca with MC too ^^


Finally, the queue started to move. It was…. Constantly moving. I suddenly thought of a fanaccount I read for one of the Japan FM 2014… something like, “Going out of the hall, Joo Won was right at the door. Joo Won with a small face and wearing a hat looked lovely”. So I thought, ah, maybe he’s there at the door, giving handshakes.

And yes, there he was! Standing in a line with his manager and several bodyguards, he looked like a groom thanking guests for attending his wedding. Haha. But it was so dark T^T And all I could hear was the ‘Go go go’ in the background by the ushers. Well, I had wanted to say something to him but I just got swept along with the flow and only had a momentary touch with him ^^; I think there were too many people so he didn’t really hold the hand firmly. Just hold briefly around the fingers T^T But I still touched him~ For the first time~ His hand felt cool (well, I have quite warm hands ^^; )

Outside the hall, it was sooooo messy. There were lines here and there. People were queuing for the selca and group photos. And some were queuing for the fansign. We thought we were standing in queue but the line suddenly disappeared and we had to queue elsewhere. But no problem~ we aren’t rushing to be the first few anyway~ In fact, we prefer to be the last few xD So we just stood at the back of whatever queue we see and… practiced taking selca lol. After practicing A LOT (no kidding, there were 188 selca shots in my camera just from that time  ̄▽ ̄; thanks to burst mode), we finally entered the hall again.

We wanted to continue practising taking selca in the hall but then the staffs told us to keep our camera the moment they saw it! Eh? Aren’t we going to take selca? Then they said…. Selca will be taken with Joo Won’s phone!  ∑( ̄△ ̄)!  Looking down at the stage, we saw Joo Won posing with fans, holding a selfie stick which was supported by the translator at the end. After all that selca practice… lols.

Nearing my turn, I noticed a women squatting behind the fans. Eh what was she doing? I didn’t really think much… not enough capacity left in my brain. Joo Won is just… 1 metre away….

Then, it was my turn to take the selca……. Omg what had happened!

Joo Won had the smile on his face all the time. I greeted him with “Annyeong, I’m from Singapore!” but I don’t think he heard it ^^;
Heehee… I wanted to put my arms around his back xD But I hesitated and just put halfway. Then I felt his left hand shifting to his back, so I put my hands on his arm instead xD But all I felt was… his super thick cushiony jacket ¬_¬ I didn’t grab hard enough to feel his arm. Uwaaaaa that was my once in a lifetime chance!!!!!! T^T @mrdimples had tasked me to smell him for her. Eh but, there’s no smell… was I breathing? I should be. Maybe I didn’t get near enough… Mission failed x(

Ok back to what was happening in front, hah. First, I saw his huge dimples. UP CLOSE. Then I turned to face the camera and Waaaa! I was looking at him on the screen! I was like, wow he look so great! Waaa, a selca shot with him! Waaa I’m looking at him ‘live’ on the screen! And then oh yeah! I should look into the camera! Eh which one is the camera, where…. I think the photo was taken while I was looking at him on the screen  ̄▽ ̄;Mission failed again…

I then exited the hall with a sense of disbelief. Am I sleepwalking??? nyaaaaaaa~

Outside the hall, the other eonnis were saying they got butt-shifted (pulled by their butt) by the women squatting behind. Ehhh. I don’t think she touched me though.
But I think it wasn’t nice of them to pull people that way…

We went back to the entrance of the hall to queue again for the fansign. Some Thai fans told us that we need to be in rows of 10… but all the queues seem to have 10 people already. Ah well, so we just form a new row by ourselves. But when going in, all the rows still went in at the same time? Ah, where are the staffs who are supposed to coordinate the queues. Are there even any?

So this time, it’s really going to be the last last chance to be near Joo Won T^T

During my turn, I passed the shirt to the staff. Manager-nim (not Jaecheon) was standing right across him, so we have to go round him. After Joo Won signed, he smiled and looked at me, waiting for me to say/do things~~~ waaaa! I have Joo Won’s attention! So I said “처음 만나서…” (first meeting) in Korean. Well the sentence is supposed to be followed by 반갑습니다 (Nice to see you), so he was like, looking at me to finish my sentence (omg! Stare for 1 second?). But I panicked and just bowed and said “I’m from Singapore~” in English. Then manager-nim said “ohhhh Singapore” while Joo Won showed that big “oh” reaction he always shows xD. The translator also said “Thank you so much” in English. Ah, finally he heard it ^^ That’s one mission accomplished at least. Then I took the shirt and left the hall….. annyeong, my Joo Won ssi~

I later heard from eonni that Joo Won did laugh out after I finished saying my things. But I didn’t hear it T^T. But anyway, Joo Won ah~ you have been mentioning about coming to Singapore for 2 years already. I hope I have reminded you again~~~

Outside the hall, we were telling each other what we said/did at the fansign. Then @meg15 told me that if I only said “처음 만나서” (first meeting), it is actually banmal! (informal speech). Oops, did I just talked down to Joo Won? ^^; kekeke. Forgive me~ I’ll be more prepared with speaking Korean the next time I see you~ till the next time! Someday again, definitely! (^-^)/
(And I’ll be equipped with a better video camera when that day comes ¬_¬)


The shirt that Joo Won signed ♡

After the event ended, there was this feeling of emptiness and disbelief inside me. Meeting Joo Won in person was really like a dream. We waited at the entrance of Scala Theatre for awhile. But somehow there weren’t much fans around. They were probably all at another secret exit. We initially planned to go to the nearby Siam Paragon for dinner but our Thai eonni said there are bombs there… O_O err WHAT?! So we just settled for MBK Mall again.

In order to meet Joo Won for the first time,
This was my first time going to Thailand.
This was my first time taking a flight alone.
And I got to meet all the eonnis in person.
This was my first time ever attending a celebrity’s concert.
Queuing for fansign.
And even taking a selca together!
I want to meet Joo Won again~
Don’t know when and where will that be.
But I’ll go and see you again…

Joo Won Thailand Fanmeet 2015 Set List
1. Innocente
2. The Road To You
3. My Love
4. Two People
5. Love Medicine
6. If I [Encore]

Eh…only 6 songs for Thai FM T^T Isn’t this supposed to be 「Sweet Melody」?~
He sang 10 songs for the Japan’s 「Sweet Smile」 FM.
Maybe they should have swapped the names since he smiled so much for Thai FM (200+ selca? ^^; )
And I was kind of hoping to hear him sing ‘This Is The Moment’. Because this is the moment that I want it to last forever…

2 February 2015 (Monday)    Joo Won… Departed Bangkok?

Hmm so Monday came. Eh. We heard some information like, Joo Won. Flight. Chiang Mai. 10pm? 10am? So we thought of going to airport to see him off if he is going to Bangkok airport at 10pm. And then we heard, ah. It’s 10am flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, then 10pm flight from Chiang Mai to Korea. Ah well. So we didn’t go.

@meg15 eonni went back to her country first, so @farbarri and I changed to a smaller room. I went to try Thai massage near my hotel.


Hmm? Fluffy feet package? Seol le bal??? Haha ok I know it’s supposed to be fluttering and not fluffy xD *still linking every random thing to Joo Won*


Later that night, we finally opened the goodies we received from Thai FC at the Press Con. It’s jelly. Looks cute~ Hmm, was it coconut flavor? Can’t tell~ Just eat~

3 February 2015 (Tuesday)   Goodbye, the Land I First Met Joo Won!

Finally, it’s the day for me and @farbarri to go home T^T We arrived at the airport too early!

I checked in all my luggage and baggage… and hugged the posters all the way home xD Can’t let my baby get bent!

Was killing time with eonni at duty free shops. I was telling farbarri about a product halfway when I received a message. OMG! Our selca with Joo Won is out!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAA!!! I really had fluttering feet when I saw it! We just stopped everything and left the shop to focus looking at our selca. ☆_☆ We noticed Joo Won’s face was the same though haha. Maybe his face had cramped already xP

My selca~


Uwaaa, there was quite a gap in between us!!! T^T  (There’s the strips of paper on the floor… or is that the carpet? Anyway, that’s the gap…)
It was a once in lifetime chance. I should have plastered myself to him (づ-̩̩̩-̩̩̩_-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)づ

Memories may fade
But all the memories of meeting Joo Won, and being right next to him,
That moment right there and then
Is captured in one photo that lasts an eternity.
Whenever I see videos and pictures of him now, I thought,
“He is so awesome!….”
“…and, this person was just right beside me!!”
This photo, a proof that the memories aren’t just a dream,
I’ll remember it forever…….

Anyway, soon it was boarding time. Separated with @farbarri eonni T^T


Goodbye Bangkok! Goodbye to the land I first met Joo Won!~♡

See you again someday, Joo Won~♡

Fan account by rionae

Joo Won Cutie International Fans
Do not crop or edit the photos and videos.


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