Joo Won’s ASTAMAG Exclusive Interview

ASTAMAG Vol.09 98 – March 2015



On Location

Story by Dani

ASTAMAG Exclusive Interview Joo Won

What was the most outstanding when we saw Joo Won in person were his height and sweet smile. Even among Korean staff, the manager and stylists, who helped us in the photo shooting, he still stood out from them. The real Joo Won is tall and handsome. He has dimple on his cheeks and it is always like his eyes are smiling. He often looked into the other’s eyes while talking and perhaps because of this straight looking, many fans in the meeting agreed to say that they just could not look into his eyes directly.

ASTAMAG:         First of all, congratulations for the Popular Award from the recent KBS Drama Awards. How do you feel about the award?

Joo Won:             Since this is the Popular Award, so I just have to thank you all for the award.

ASTAMAG:         In the last meeting, you played a guitar and sang. But you said that you just practiced only one song for the meeting. So up until now, how good are you in playing a guitar?

Joo Won:             (Laughing) if it is about playing a guitar, I have to say that I rarely have a time to practice it. But if this is about singing, I think it can sing better this year. I am rather more confident in it.

ASTAMAG:         Can you tell us how you prepare yourself for the role of the conductor Cha Yoo-jin in Naeil’s Cantabile? Can you share us your experience as a conductor? How fun was it? How hard was it? And is it true that during your practice for this role, you only listen to Classical music and you would feel guilty if you listen to Pop music?

Joo Won:             There were many things I had to learn. As for the conductor role, I had to learn how to conduct and control the band as well as some musical instruments. I learned violin and piano. Everything I found at that time was really difficult because it was new for me. I sacrificed all my time to learn it. I don’t know that it is because everything I learnt is all about music or not, but I am always having fun while learning it. In an interview once, I said that during the practice of those classical songs, I myself always tried to listen to as many classical songs as I could to make an acquaintance with them. So I often listened to classical songs at that time. Sometimes I just wanted to listen to Pop songs and I just felt guilty that it was not the time to listen to them. So I turned back to classical songs again to make the most acquaintance with them. If you asked me I am like that now or not, I would say no. Now I listen to both Pop and Classical songs because I like listening to the music.

ASTAMAG:         As Cha Yoo-jin, you have to look good and neat all the time. How do you prepare yourself to look good all the time of shooting?

Joo Won:             In my previous roles, it was never like 100% perfect all the time. No matter it was my hairstyle, clothes or my look, it did not need to be like that. But when I acted as Cha Yoo-jin, since I had read the script, I felt that everything was supposed to be perfect. During the shooting, I always looked into a mirror to check if my clothes, face or hair was perfect or not.I always paid my attention to everything during the shooting. Not only my appearance, but I checked it all. For example, in Cha Yoo-jin’s house scene, I would like everything to look perfect and well-organized. I asked the staff to put all the books in a straight line. No books are allowed to come out from their line. I told them that I would like things to be put here and there. So it was everything that helped Cha Yoo-jin look perfect.


ASTAMAG: As Cha Yoo-jin, he was very good in cooking and housekeeping. In your real life, can you do these girl-like works?
Joo Won: I can do the housekeeping, but I am not as good as Cha Yoo-jin. I try to clean my place by myself. I can cook some foods. I am rather good at cooking. In the past when I was not busy like this, I did the housekeeping myself. But I am busy these days, so I hardly do it.
ASTAMAG: You were born in 1987, but you act as a high-school student in the movie “Fashion King” and as a college student in Naeil’s Cantabile. What are you secrets to keep that young look?
Joo Won: I’m not sure how to respond to this question. I don’t have any secret. I’m just more cheerful than what people think I am supposed to be. Also, I am the youngest son in the family. I have an elder brother. Wherever I work, I am always the youngest member of the team. No matter who I am with, I’m always like a younger brother who goes to talk with the elder ones. Then in Naeil’s Cantabile, I become a sunbae. I’m not sure it is because of such a thought that I am younger than others or not that makes me still receive a role younger than my real age.
ASTAMAG: In the movie “Fashion King”, you act as Woo Ki-myung, who pushes himself forwardto be a king of fashion in the school. But you claim that in your real life, you are not good in fashion. Are you interested in changing yourself into a fashionista as in the movie?
Joo Won: It is true that previously I did not pay much attention in fashion. But I start to like it and would like to learn more about fashion things after I shot this movie. For myself, I like to wear simple clothes. I want it to be harmonious with everyone else. I don’t want to wear it too much and outshine others. I want to understand fashion in a way that most suitable for myself. It may be perfect in own my style. This is may be because I am in this movie and I am into its story, I have learned more about fashion. After this movie, I pay more attention in fashion. Recently, I’ve always got a compliment as Best Dresser for wherever I went to. I also get dress better.


ASTAMAG: Woo Ki-myung’s hairstyle in Fashion King looks so special. How do you feel when you’ve got that haircut? Are you confident when you have to put funny costumes or get funny hairstyle in your acting?
Joo Won: I feel that bangs hairstyle is what most fit this character. The hairstyle you see in the movie is a wig and a part of my real hair. At first, I was worried that this bangs hairstyle would fit me or not or I would look good or not. But I have to look at the bright side that this style is most fit the character. Finally, it did not turn out that bad. It’s OK though.
ASTAMAG: You are a kind of actor who always into the personalities of your characters. Have you ever taken that kind of personalities when you were back home?
Joo Won: I’ve got some impacts from it. When you act as a character, you have to be with him more than your true self. When you are acting, you have to be that character from dusk till dawn. You have to be like that all days. So there were some times when the shooting ended and I gone home, I still had the personalities of that character. Mostly, I would speak their words or keep their appearances. It just went like that. It will take some times to stop being like that because I live with them for a long time.
ASTAMAG: Your works always get a high viewer’s rating. How do you select the role to play? Do you have any pressure selecting it?
Joo Won: While reading the script, I only look into two things. First, I look at the whole story. Second, I look at the role I have to act. Mostly, I look at these factors. If it is the role I am interested with, I am not worried about what kind of story it is. It can be a fantasy story. I don’t care. Or it might be the script that I read and feel like I am into it from the very beginning till the end and I feel that I should get that role. I will mainly select it from these two factors. For other factors, I don’t pay much attention to them.
ASTAMAG: It is going to be the Valentine’s Day soon. Are you a romantic person? Can girls expect for a surprise from you?
Joo Won: (Laughing) I am not good in that kind of events or surprises. But I want to be a guy who can do these kinds of cute events. I am not confident though. I am not sure to tell that you can expect that kind of stuff from me. I would like to be a romantic guy, however. I would like to be a guy who can make a surprise. I mean, I am willing to do it. But I am just not sure that I can do it now.
ASTAMAG: What makes you happy even when you work hard?
Joo Won: I always look at the bright side. For all that happened, I would see the fun in it. For others, they might see it as a hard work. They might feel that the working hours are so long and the work is difficult. But I will see it fun. I will have fun with it. It is good that I can do the work. When you think like that, you will be happy no matter what kind of work it is.

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English Translation by : Natty @joowoncutie

Pictures from Asta website and Natty.

Repost and use in translation with full credits.


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  1. I like the interview. Joo Won sounds so sincere and humble. I think that is why he is so successful. We love him a lot

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