Actor Joo Won is establishing his “trustworthiness”

<INTERVIEW>  Actor Joo Won is establishing his “trustworthiness”


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There are people leaving tenacious impressions from the beginning, there are also people carefully building up their personal images at any time.  In a way, it is similar to celebrities when they meet the public.  Actor Joo Won probably belongs to the latter.  His image is different from the attention-grabbing idol stars at first sight, he is seriously consolidating the path of an actor from musical debut in 2006 and moving on to appear on TV screen and then big screen.  During the past year, he took up projects to meet audiences in musical “Ghost”, drama “Naeil Cantabile” and movie “Fashion King”.   Before ending his twenties in 2015, he is doing full-scale overseas activities as one of the promising Korean wave stars.

有人打從開始便要讓人留下強靭的印象 ,亦有人小心翼翼地在任何時間之中塑造出自己的形象, 這方式跟藝人與觀眾見面時沒有多大的分別,相信演員周元大概屬於後者。他的形象跟燿眼的偶像派截然不同,從2006年出道音樂劇至出現於電視螢光幕到登上大影幕的舞台上,周元正認真地鞏固其演員之路。過去一年內,他以音樂劇<Ghost>、電視劇<明日如歌>及電影<我要做男神>(或翻譯為<時尚王>)跟觀眾見面。今年踏入二十歳的最後一年,作為其中一位有望的韓流明星,他將全面地展開海外活動。

In the interview, Joo Won was delighted hearing the news that “Fashion King” is one of the in-flight movies in Asiana flights.  “Fashion King” is a story depicting the growth of a youth whom anyone can empathize with.  Living a meaningless life without goals, this youth grew interest in fashion in order to show the best side to his crush and then became a fashion king.  It reflects how the youngsters enjoy their lives and what they think nowadays.  There are perplexed areas but I think you would find it a more interesting movie if you could open your heart and enjoy it.”   Joo Won played the character Woo Ki Myung and maintained the original image of the character as written in the webtoon.  With Joo Won’s interpretation, he showed us his unique animated portrayal by expressing the liveliness of the character which is totally opposite of himself.   The interesting thing is while “Fashion King” was being shown in cinemas, he was playing an exact opposite character in drama “Naeil Cantabile”.  Its character is different from the slightly clumsy Woo Ki Myung.   Cha Yoo Jin is a charismatic and stylish man possessing music talents.   These are two incomparable characters.  Obviously, it is true that Joo Won is never a stereotypical actor.  Since his debut, he has been seriously analyzing every single character he is to play and keeps presenting us his new appearances.  Again this time, he showcases us the purity of a fictional and comical character and we can also discover the warmth of his portrayal of a “cold city guy” character.

在 訪問中,當周元聽說<我要做男神>將會在Asiana航機上放映時,他感到欣慰。『<我要做男神>的故事描寫一位少年的成長,而他的成長令人有所共感,生 活著沒有意義和目標的人生中,為了向喜歡的異性展示自己良好的一面,於是對时尚服裝産生興趣,最後得到時尚達人的寶座。這部電影描寫年輕人如何享受他們的 人生和他們的思維,雖然有困惑的部份,但我認為如果可以敝開心扉欣賞的話,這會是一部非常有趣的電影。』跟自己相反的性格還有以獨特的演繹,周元所飾演的 启明在形象上跟線上漫畫一模一樣且流露出角色的生動,有趣的是當<我要做男神>在電影院放映時,周元正在電視劇中演繹著跟笨拙的启明完全不一樣的角色,周 元在電視劇<明日如歌>中所飾演的車宥振是一位擁有音樂才華的型男,兩個完全不一樣的角色跟本不可以作出比較。事實上周元明顯地不是一位被局限於演繹某種 角色的演員,從出道開始他就一直認真地分析每一個要演繹的角色,而且每一次都呈現給觀眾他嶄新的一面,今次他為觀眾演活了虛構漫畫中主人公的純朴以及我們 可以發現他所演繹“冷酷都市男”的溫暖形象。

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He chose the acting path when he was very young.  “When I was a third-year junior high schooler, I joined a drama group in order to overcome my fainthearted personality.  At that time, it was really a good experience because everyone of us had to work together finishing a project.  After that, I went into a high school of art where I started to realize the charm in acting and also made up my mind to challenge the path of an actor.”   He has grown up bit by bit through his experiences in playing dramas, movies and variety programs.  Among his projects, he received more love and recognition in particular by playing his first time the title role in drama “Bridal Mask” and then followed by playing an autistic savant in “Good Doctor”.   These two dramas are Joo Won’s masterpieces.  He has been walking these impressive steps as an actor, but actually he debuted in musical which is an entirely different genre.   “Musical is 100% live performance, emotions are gradually poured in when standing on the stage from the beginning, whereas filming of movies and dramas are not shot in sequence, therefore pace and feelings are specifically important, I also think these are their charms.”

從小就立志走演員之路。『在 初中三的時候,為了要克服膽小的性格,我參加了戲劇小組,因為那時候我們要一起制作一部作品,我認為是一個非常好的經驗。之後我入讀藝術高校後便發現對演 戲的興趣,而且還下定決心要邁向演藝之途。』通過電視劇、電影和綜合節目逐漸成長吸取經驗,當中令他受到愛戴和認同的便是他首次主演的電視劇<新娘面具> 與及在劇中飾演一位患有自閉症醫者的<好醫生>,這兩部作品均是周元的代表作,作為演員雖然他是有聲有色地走著每一歩,但其實他是藉著演出音樂劇這個類別 而出道的。『音樂劇是百分百現場表演,從開始便要在舞台上漸漸注入感情,但因為電視劇和電影的拍攝不是順序的,所以節奏和感覚是特別重要,這是它們的魅力 所在。』

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 11.47.52 AM_zpszvx6qndo

Many Asian fans visited Korea in order to see him at a short distance performing musical “Ghost” on stage.  His dramas are aired overseas, he has stretched himself becoming a Korean wave star before you knew it.  Joo Won keeps saying he is really thankful to his fans.  Now when he reads scripts and selects his future projects, his responsibility has become bigger as he must consider his overseas audiences.  “Soon, I will be holding fan meetings in Japan, Vietnam and Thailand.  In fan meetings, I will sing OST and various songs in order to make good memories with overseas fans.”  This year, one of his overseas activities includes a Sino-Korean joint venture movie “Passion Heaven” which is based on a bestselling novel in China.  It will be released soon in cinemas and responses in China are anticipated.  Because he played a pain suffering villain role, he has no idea whether this role will once again be receiving love and compassion from audiences.

為了要近距離一堵周元表演音樂劇<GHOST>時的風采,很多亞洲粉絲專程飛往韓國觀看他的表演,他所演出的劇集在海外均有播放,不知不覚他巳經成為韓流明星。對此周元常常重復説道要感謝粉絲的支持。以後他選擇劇本演出下一個項目時也因為要考慮到海外觀眾而責任變得更大。 『不久我便會在日本、越南、泰國舉行粉絲會,為了與粉絲們製造美好的回憶,我會唱我演出過電視劇的主題曲和其他歌曲。 』今年他另一個海外活動項目是以中國暢銷小説為題材中韓合作拍攝的電影<夏有喬木雅望天堂> ,該電影稍後將會在中國放映而且也期待觀眾的反應,他所飾演的角色是一位心中懷有痛苦的惡役,他不知道這次演出惡役會不會再次得到觀眾的愛謢和同情。

“I always want to play characters with more spectrums.  As times goes by, me being an actor in 20’s will have bigger changes when I am in 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.   I hope I can become a trustworthy actor because of good acting.  Also, because I want to share my experiences, I want to teach students while I am still walking the path of an actor.”  Already being a successful actor, he also has a dream to become a teacher.  Joo Won is a passionate actor who can move you with his heartfelt words.  When looking back, it seems like all the characters he played are filled with that much sincerity.

『我時常希望可以演出範圍層面更加廣泛的角色, 隨著時間的流逝,作為演員的我從二十歲到三十歲、四十歲、五十歲時將會有很大的變化,希望因為我的演技而可以成為一位值得信頼的演員,此外我希望當我走著演藝之途的時候,還可以跟弟子們分享我演技上的心得。』除了巳經是一位成功的演員,他亦有夢想要成為一位老師,從這樣一句由衷的話便可以深深感受到周元是一位熱衷於表演事業的演員。回頭一看,他所演繹過的角色就好像全部都是這樣充滿著真誠。

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 11.47.58 AM_zps08oujvhh

Source Asiana Entertainment Magazine 2015 February Issue

來源:  韓亞航空娛樂雜誌 2015年2 月號

English and Chinese translations by manyearsago @ soompi

中/英翻譯  manyearsago @ soompi

Do not Reupload. Credit Properly.


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