Joo Won held solo live with self-MC! JOO WON 2015 SWEET SMILE LIVE Coverage Report!

A regular favourite with the hit drama ‘King of Baking Kim Takgu’ and earns high ratings consecutively in ‘Good Doctor’ and ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’ etc. Dubbed as the Prince of Ratings, Actor Joo Won who is also in great demand in movies and musicals had held a solo live ‘JOO WON 2015 SWEET SMILE LIVE’ in Tokyo on 24th January 2015 (Saturday) and in Kyoto on the 25th (Sunday). This article will report the situation in Tokyo’s Toyosu PIT on the 24th.


The drama ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’ which started airing in Korea from October 2014 is a Korean remake of the popular Japanese manga ‘Nodame Cantabile’, drawing attention prior to the broadcast.  Joo Won plays the role of the male lead Cha Yoo Jin, the equivalent of Chiaki Shinichi. He has originally debuted as a musical actor, and in the live this time, he entertained fans with his reputable music sense and self-MC.

For the opening, amidst the loud applauses, Joo Won who appeared in white jacket enthusiastically sang ‘This Is The Moment’ (from musical ‘Jekyll and Hyde’). To the voice that sang the highlight song in a musical style, the audiences erupted in applauses and cheers.

Joo Won greeted, “Annyeonghaseyo~ Have you been well? It’s been a long time since I came to Japan. I have greeted in Japan in September last year. I had a dinner show yesterday and today I am meeting everyone in this way. In 2014, I had performed in musical ‘GHOST’, acted in the movie ‘Fashion King’ and also shot one Chinese film. For dramas, I shot the drama ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’. I had spent a really busy year. And in 2015, this is Joo Won who is welcoming 29 years old in Korean age”, and while looking seemingly embarrassed, he talked of his enthusiasm, “Today it is my concert. As you can see, there is no MC. Although I’m inexperienced, I think I want to proceed and sing the songs as I like”.

Joo Won who had a bad throat since the day before started his introduction “Today, I don’t know how it will be. In order to let everyone hear my songs, I hope everyone can watch over the efforts I have put in and the enthusiasm that I have”. Then, sitting on a chair, he introduced the episodes that have been collected prior to the event.  To the fan who wanted to enter the jewellery industry, he encouraged her with “Do your best!”, and when the fan reported that her employment had already been decided a few days ago, the audiences clapped warmly.


And, to the question of ‘Is there anyone you wish to see?’, Joo Won started by saying, “Personally, I want to meet my grandfather. When I was a child, he had taught me things like courtesy and human basics”. He then told of his sad memories with his grandfather, “When my grandfather was in a bad condition, I was doing my musical activities, and when I went to the hospital to visit after a long time, I cried a lot when I saw his condition. In the end, grandfather closed his eyes while seeing such a me. It felt like grandfather was waiting for me before he passed away. I want to meet that grandfather.”

To the question of “is there a way of overcoming setbacks?” he answered “Today my throat condition isn’t good, right? Right now, I’m in the midst of overcoming it for everyone (laughs). I overcame it by believing that everyone is warmly looking over me.” He then sent a yell to that fan, “Please fight on without being discouraged”. Also, the fan whose dream was to be a singer went up the stage and sang ‘My Love’ from ‘Baker King Kim Takgu’ OST together with him, letting her experience the feeling of a singer. “I wish that 2015 will also become the best year where everyone’s dreams are fulfilled”, concluding the segment and moving on to the live corner.

Joo Won explains, “The next song with be sang with the band. These are songs by Epitone Project, a singer whom I like in Korea. Although there are no reasons, I have chosen these songs to let everyone listen to it. The lyrics are very wonderful, so I wish that everyone can appreciate the lyrics while looking at it. My heart felt numb while practicing it. Please don’t be shaken if I start to cry (laugh).” He then sang with great emotions, ‘That Person Hurts in Me’ and ‘Where Are You’, a song he listened to a lot when he broke up with his girlfriend.

Speaking to fans, “It has been around 1 year since I sang with the band. This time, the songs are decided while we were preparing. Everyone does know that I am going to Kyoto tomorrow right? They are not the same songs as today. Manager is very regretful because many parts are changed from what we practiced. (Due to the bad throat) the voice can’t come out at parts where it was supposed to come out high originally. After saying that, the audiences cried out ‘It’s alright!’

The theme of the next episode is ‘…that I like’. To the fan’s whose episode was “I like the blanket that I used ever since I was a child”, Joo Won answered with “For me when I was a child, I received the comic ‘The Three Kingdoms’ from my parents for Christmas. I’m reading it even now too. Now, it is not to the extent of using the things that have been used since childhood. After this, I am going to make one of it.” (T/N: create something that he can say ‘this is something I used when I was young’ in the future)

There were episodes like “I call my dog of 10 years as Joo Won (laugh)” and to the mother-daughter with the episode of “I love my mother, I want us to get along well forever”, Joo Won proposed the idea of “try saying saranghae (I love you)”. “It’s good to say a lot of ‘saranghae’. I love everyone. I mean it.” With that, fans then said “saranghae~” which he replied with “I also love you”. “This is the concert of Joo Won who is filled with love and with deep meanings that warms the heart right? It is hard without the MC.” With a bitter smile, he moved onto the next song.  Originally by Anzen Chitai, he sang the song ‘Time of Love’ by Korean group M.C the MAX, and then left the stage.


After video clips of his latest drama ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’ were played, with the venue in total darkness, Joo Won suddenly appeared at the back of the hall, causing a commotion! Wearing a red and black sweater and muffler, he revealed the insert song ‘Innocente’ from ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’ for the first time. While singing gently and sending passionate gazes, he passes through fans and slowly makes his way to the stage. Appealing to the fans, “The original ‘Nodame Cantabile’ is very famous so there are pressures but I have filmed with my utmost efforts. As it is a work that I have worked hard on, I will be happy if you would like it. Please watch a lot.”


Next, “Listening to this song, it feels like the first feelings have returned. I have sang it just now too”, and with that, he revealed the song he sang with a fan just now – the insert song ‘My Love’ from ‘Baker King Kim Takgu’. Fans listened well to his touching singing voice.

Next, the band starts the light performances. Joo Won who appeared once again on stage in glistening flashy costumes and sunglasses shouted ‘STAND UP!’ and the audiences all rose to their feet together. One side were waving the pen light, and the audiences went crazy with ‘LA・LA・LA LOVE SONG’. Listening to the loud cheers of the fans, an increased-tempo version of ‘I Believe’ then follows. The audiences get fired up as he jumps and runs around the stage. Removing his sunglasses, Joo Won who was drenched in sweat said, “I have chosen ‘LA・LA・LA LOVE SONG’ as I thought it would make everyone fired up.  Although I have sang ‘I Believe’ many times, today I have sang it with a band. I will show you a 100% live that does not lose out to real singers! (laugh)”. He then called out to fans, “If there is anyone coming to Kyoto tomorrow too, please show a lot of energy!”


“Fun time is something that passes by quickly right…” With that, fans became regretful, saying “Eh~ No~”. “The last song is my favourite piece from drama ‘Good Doctor’ that Sion sang – If I. And I have to say a concluding comment right… Today I definitely must ride the train. Really really thank you. I will dedicate ‘If I’ to everyone. Please listen well to the lyrics. And so, this is the last song.” The quiet tones of the piano starts and Joo Won’s charming voice envelopes the venue.

Although he left the stage waving his hands and saying “I love you!”, the audiences’ calls for encore and applauses does not stop.  And then Joo Won, jogging in short steps, returned to the stage and said “This is a song I really love, so I have sung it a lot. I have also sung it as the congratulatory song at wedding ceremonies” and with that, he revealed his gentle singing voice with ‘Two People’. “It was fun, I LOVE YOU~!” waving as a response to the fans’ warm cheers while going to the back of the stage.


Although the condition of his throat was not good on this day, in order to not let it be felt, Joo Won has let us enjoyed with his superb singing abilities, performance and talk. Our anticipations are increasingly looking forward to what kind of acting and appearance he will show us this year.

[Set List]
24 January 2015 (Saturday) @ Toyosu PIT

Song Name (translated) Original title Artiste
1) This Is The Moment 지금 이순간 뮤지컬 ‘지킬앤하이드’
2) That Person Hurts in Me 나는 그 사람이 아프다 에피톤 프로젝트
3) Where Are You 그대는 어디에 에피톤 프로젝트
4) Time of Love 사랑의 時 M.C the MAX
5) Innocente 이노센트 주원
6) My Love 내 사랑 주원
8) I Believe I Believe 신승훈
9) If I 내가만일 주원
10) Two People 두 사람 성시경

Original post from:
Photos: JOOWON Japan Official Fanclub
English translation by: rionae@joowoncutie

Repost/translate with full credits.


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