[JOO WON] Held solo live! ‘Might cry’ with breakup song (TOKYO FM 2015) [Translated]

Article from Hanryu PIA: http://ure.pia.co.jp/articles/-/30810

3 February 2015

[JOO WON] Held solo live! ‘Might cry’ with breakup song



Went to the solo live of Korean actor Joo Won on 24th January at Tokyo Toyosu PIT.

Joo Won started his career as a musical actor. At the live on this day, he started with the impressionable song from the musical ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ – ‘This Is The Moment’. Translation of the song lyrics was available at both sides of the stage just like musicals, strongly conveying the content of the song that Jekyll sang with full determination.

Joo Won spoke to the audience – “Hello. Have you been well? It’s been a long time since I came to Japan. Today there is no MC too. I will be proceeding and singing as I like!”. Just like his innocent image from variety programs, the live proceeded with a free atmosphere.

Previously, the fan club had collected “…that I like”, “memorable songs” and “dream” episodes from fans which Joo Won then introduced about it, looking just like a live broadcast of a radio program. Episodes like “Ever since I was a child, it has been my dream to be a singer” and “In order to pursue things I like, I dropped out of university but my job hunting has not been going well” were read out and there were communications with the senders.

To the fans’ question of ‘is there anyone you wish to see?’, he replied with a sad but wonderful answer, “I want to meet my Grandfather. My Grandfather taught me things like courtesy and basic things as a person. I cried a lot when I visited him when he was critically ill. My Grandfather passed away while seeing me in that state. He had waited for me.”

Following up, Joo Won sang ‘I Hurt That Person’ and ‘Where Are You’, songs by his favourite artiste Epitone Project. Together with a 4-member band, he let us listen to his breakup song. Before the song, he said “Please take note of the wonderful lyrics. You might cry.” He also confessed honestly, “’Where Are You’ is a song that I cried to after breaking up with my girlfriend long ago.” After finishing the songs, he was embarrassed and said “Hot~”.

In 2014, he has performed in musical ‘Ghost’, movie ‘Fashion King’, China-Korea movie ‘Passion Heaven’ and drama ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’ one after another. Joo Won himself also admitted that he “was very busy”. Just as the name suggests, ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’ which just finished its broadcast in Korea in December is based on the Japanese manga ‘Nodame Cantabile’. Joo Won plays the role of Cha Yoojin which is based on Chiaki Shinichi in the original, taking on lessons for conducting, violin and piano, becoming the “perfect man”.

At the venue, expressions were softened when clips of ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’ were shown, with cute footages of Shim Eunkyung’s Seol Naeil (Noda Megumi) and Cha Yoojin. After the clip ends, Joo Won appeared from the back of the audience seats. He proceeded to the audience seats while singing the insert song ‘Innocente’ from ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’. The refreshing guitar phrasing coupled with Joo Won’s voice spreads a gentle feeling around the venue.

Joo Won received a big round of applause when he made the appeal, “Although there were a lot of pressure as this is a very famous piece, I have worked very hard to film this. I heard that it will also broadcast in Japan soon. I will be happy if everyone will watch and like it too.”

The final stage consist of ‘Baker King Kim Takgu’ insert song ‘My Love’, Toshinobu Kubota’s ‘LA ・LA ・LA LOVE SONG’, band arrangement of Shin Seung Hoon’s ‘I Believe’, and lastly it is ‘Good Doctor’ insert song ‘If I’, and then for encore it is Sung Sikyung’s ‘Two People’. “It was fun. I Love you!” leaving these words behind as he left the stage. It was a night with plenty of songs, worthy to call it a solo live.

24th January @ Tokyo Toyosu PIT
01. This Is The Moment
02. I Hurt That Person
03. Where Are You
04. Time of Love
05. Innocente
06. My Love
08. I Believe
09. If I
10. Two People

Original post from: http://ure.pia.co.jp/articles/-/30810
Photos: JOOWON Japan Official Fanclub
English translation by: rionae@joowoncutie


Re-post/translate with full credits.


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