6 February 2015

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Note: Words in brackets with *asterisk are the English translator’s notes.



Everyone, hello~♪      (*in Korean)

On 25th January (Sunday) at Kyoto Theatre,

Speaking of Joo Won, he has acted in various dramas such as ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’, ‘Good Doctor’, ‘Baker King Kim Takgu’ etc., performed in musicals, and his singing and acting are also wonderful too.

The venue was congested with customers.
Waving cute pen lights, they were looking forward to Joo Won’s appearance.

There were loud cheers that came along with the appearance of the actual person.


After he finished singing the first piece ‘Time of Love’,      (*The song ‘Time of Love’ (사랑의 시(時)) by M.C the MAX is a Korean remake of the Japanese song ‘SHOKORA’ by Anzen Chitai)
The first thing Joo Won said was
“Waa~!! It’s Kyoto!!
Hello. I am Joo Won.
I have finally come to Kyoto.
It’s my first time coming to Kyoto.
Kyoto is also famous in Korea.
I’m thinking of touring around Kyoto tomorrow,
Please search for me.
This time there is no MC too.
I think I’d want to proceed as I wish with everyone in the band.
I ate bento on the Shinkansen.     (*bullet train he took from Tokyo to Kyoto)
It was very delicious.
But the bento I wanted to eat was sold out.
So although it was a little regrettable, it was a very luxurious bento
So it was delicious.
And then I slept comfortably.
I think I want to do a warm concert while talking with everyone at this concert today.”

[The ‘…that I like’ submitted at the home page]

1. [The sister and daughter whom I like]
Does Joo Won have brothers or children whom you regard with affection?

A: I have a nephew. He is really cute.
He is exactly like my brother.
I bought the clothes and baby pram right after he was born.
My nephew cries when he sees me (Because he is not used to my face…)
Although he is not my child, I’m always happy whenever I look at his photo. I have also looked at it before coming up on stage today.

2. [The Joo Won whom I like]
Is there a person whom Joo Won likes?

A: My ideals are high.
When dating, I will date with marriage in mind.
That’s why I can’t date.
Although I want to do it soon,
I can’t really do it…
I promised to live with my mother.
And I am not really the proactive type.
If there is someone whom I’m interested in,
I will observe her for around 3-4 months.
I don’t want it to be just a momentary love.

3. [I like jeans]
Does Joo Won like girls who wear jeans?

A: I like girls who like jeans.
I think people who wear jeans are beautiful.
It does not mean that I dislike girls who wear skirts.
I prefer girls who wear jeans or pants more than those who wear skirts.

After that, Joo Won revealed the songs that held memories for him – ‘I Hurt That Person’ (*나는 그 사람이 아프다) and ‘Where Are You’ (*그대는 어디에), songs by his favourite Korean artist Epitone Project.


And then he actually appeared again at the back of the venue,
even providing the service of slowly going round the audience seats!!


[The ‘memorable song’ submitted at the home page]

1. Is there a song that reminds you of someone you like?
A: I sang it just now.
I had listened to it together with her. After breaking up, it pressed heavily against my heart.
I was really sad and cried a lot.

2. Is there a sad bittersweet song?
A: When I was in elementary school, I pasted posters of the singers SES (Eugene).
I co-acted with Eugene in Baker King.


And then by the requests from fans,
He revealed his ‘cornering against the wall’!!     (*search ‘kabedon’… no English word for it)
To Joo Won who was embarrassed doing the cornering against the wall,
the audiences responded with high-pitch cheers.

After that, it was rock rearrangement of Kubota Toshinobu’s ‘LA・LA・LA LOVE SONG’ and Shin Seung Hoon’s ‘I Believe’.
Everyone stood up and the venue reached its highest climax.


And finally,
I think I want to meet everyone with even more wonderful songs next time.

For receiving everyone’s love whenever I come to Japan,
I am really grateful.
It becomes a happy feeling.
I have always felt the love. This is really how I feel from my heart.


With Joo Won’s MCing, singing and talking, it became a very wonderful SWEET SMILE LIVE.

We caught a glimpse of his playful sides and very pure and cute personality from time to time during the concert.
Wonder did all the fans become increasingly addicted to Joo Won’s charms.

We can also anticipate more of Joo Won’s activities after this too.
I will look forward to it ♪


※The photos are from the Tokyo FM. Please take note.

Original post from:
Photos: JOOWON Japan Official Fanclub
English translation by: rionae@joowoncutie


Re-post/translate with full credits.


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