[Article] Watch Joo Won Hong Kong Warm Christmas Countdown

25 December 2014


Joo Won was at Hong Kong apm mall yesterday (24th), spending Christmas Eve warmly with fans and welcomed the arrival of Christmas together.

In order to celebrate Christmas with the Hong Kong fans, Joo Won arrived in Hong Kong yesterday morning, and attended the ‘
apm x Joo Won Christmas Eve Countdown Party and Joo Won Special Edition Charity Poster Autograph Session’ at night. When the event starts, Joo Won appeared in a handsome suit, showed his bright smile, waved and greeted the fans at the venue and even took a group photo with the organizer representative and Snoopy doll.

Regarding his trip to Hong Kong, Joo Won expressed that his mother had sent him a short message before he came, telling him what is nice to eat in Hong Kong, and also said that he must definitely try
dim sum. He also revealed that Hong Kong is very warm and that this is his first time spending a warm Christmas, and there are no shoots too. Although he did not have time to go out as he had interviews scheduled after arriving at Hong Kong, he expressed that he will go sightseeing at Hong Kong the next day (25th), so it should be a memorable Christmas.



Also, when asked about which Chinese actors he wish to work with, Joo Won replied “I wish to work with the world-renowned Tony Leung and Andy Lau, and also wish to work once with Tang Wei who is also famous in Korea.” Talking about working with actors, we also have to admire Joo Won’s acting skills, even though he was suddenly requested by the host to re-enact his role in ‘Good Doctor’, Joo Won was able to re-enact perfectly, wishing fans Merry Christmas in Park Shion’s version! Joo Won even shared his thoughts about the Snoopy at the venue, “Because I saw a lot of Snoopy sculptures the moment I came out, I was a little shocked. But regardless of the sculptures or the human doll just now, they’re all cute.”

After the chat with Joo Won, the interactions with fans start officially. Through drawing Christmas cards, imitating the actions of Joo Won’s various characters, making sandwiches for Joo Won and other games, fans got a chance to interact near their idol. Amongst the games include rolling the dice to determine which action to do with Joo Won where fans gets to get back-hugged, dance, and a fan from Japan even got the chance for Joo Won to lie on her laps, causing other fans to be full of envy.


After the activities with fans, it was nearing 12am. Joo Won, the organizer representatives and the fans countdown together, and toasted after officially entering into Christmas Day, and the event ended after Joo Won sang the ‘Good Doctor’ OST ‘If I’. After that, Joo Won received interviews with the media, sharing his thoughts about the event etc. Let’s look at it together:

Q: When playing with the fans just now, how were you feeling?
A: As it has been a long time since we played, being together with the fans, I enjoyed it and feel that it’s really fun.

Q: Are you aware that there are fans from Japan, Korea, Philippines and other countries at the event? How do you feel about it?
A: I am aware. Other than ‘thank you’, I don’t know what else I can say. Actually during my musical performance and at drama filming sites in Korea, I have also seen fans from various countries coming to support. I’ve also seen Hong Kong fans before. I really only have ‘thank you’ to tell them.

Q: During the game, you had to lie on a fan’s lap, do you feel awkward?
A: Of course I will feel embarrassed, awkward, but perhaps it’s because everyone is enjoying the game together so I felt that it’s quite interesting. If (I) feel that the games are burdensome, then it may feel uncomfortable, but luckily (I’m) having a playful mentality, so (I) can feel that it’s interesting. When filming in the past, I have tried lying on the other party’s knees, but this is my first time on laps.


Q: Will you buy presents for your parents here at Hong Kong?
A: As I had filming yesterday, I gave them my handwritten letter and Christmas card as their present before leaving the house because I didn’t have time today (24th). So when I go shopping tomorrow, I will buy (presents) if I can.

Q: So do you have any place in mind for tomorrow (25
A: Actually I don’t really know the name of that place but I heard that there are many sports shoes you can buy there (Chinese translator notes: that should be the Sneakers Street), I will go shopping tomorrow afternoon, then at night we’ll eat something good, will plan with my manager later.

Q: You are filming a Chinese movie ‘Passion Heaven’ with Han Geng, do you have any anticipation?
A: Of course I am anticipating it, this is my first overseas movie, and on top of it it’s a Chinese movie, so I have to say my lines in Mandarin in the movie, so I’m really anticipating it, hope everyone can give a lot of support when it premieres.

Q: Is there a role you wish to challenge?
A: In the past I wanted to act special roles, but now I wish to act in roles that are close to reality, so I want to try a work that has a story similar to reality.



Q: Do you rarely sing at open places? Did you feel nervous just now?
A: I wasn’t nervous just now, I just felt that it’s interesting, and I didn’t realize time was passing, I just felt very comfortable, and even thought that “Ah, today I sang quite well!”

After the interview, Joo Won officially starts the autograph session. The friendly Joo Won conversed with each fan, and also accepted the Christmas presents that the fans gave. And after the autograph session ended, Joo Won again expressed his thankfulness to the fans. “I’m really touched, seeing the support sticks and boards that the fans prepared, and that so many people came, I’m really happy. Hope everyone ends this year well. Because the next year is the year of Goat, I wish everyone spends the next year gently just like goats.”

現場記者:Kpopn 的 Jessica
現場攝影:Kpopn 的 Toffey

Article from: http://kpopn.com/2014/12/25/254675/
English translations by rionae@joowoncutie

Repost with credit and link back to this article.


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