Good Doctor Joo Won came to Hong Kong, countdown to Christmas together with fans

25 December 2014, 18:00


HONG KONG – 24th December 11pm, popular Korean actor Joo Won came to Hong Kong apm mall, attending the “apm x Joo Won Christmas Event Countdown Party and Joo Won Special Edition Charity Poster Autograph Session”. That night the atmosphere was very lively. Not only did fans crowd around the 1st floor where the event took place, they also “occupied” the corridor of the 2nd and 3rd floor of the mall.

As Joo Won’s acting in ‘Good Doctor’ left a deep impression, the host requested him to show a live re-enactment. Automatically masking the cheerful atmosphere of the venue, Joo Won immediately transformed into Park Shion from ‘Good Doctor’, a genius paediatric doctor who is autistic with savant syndrome, standing under the Christmas trees surrounded by Snoopy figurines, hunching his shoulders, looked down at the floor, sending Christmas greetings while stammering, “Me-Me-Merry Christmas!”. To this superb acting, the fans reciprocated with warm applause.

Next, using popular TV dramas ‘Good Doctor’, ‘Level 7 Civil Servant’, ‘Baker King Kim Takgu’, ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’ etc that he starred in as the topic, Joo Won played games with the fans, having close interactions. Even though he calmly finished tasks such as feeding fans lemons and drinking cross-cupped wine, he still blushed when he played dice-throwing and was requested to rest his head on a female fan’s lap.

Finally, Joo Won sang ‘If I’ from the ‘Good Doctor’ OST on the spot, mesmerizing fans. During the interview after that, Joo Won shared with reporters about the changes in his mind while he sang the song, “I was very nervous when preparing to sing as there are so many fans. But when I was singing, I gradually enjoyed the process. After I finished singing, I even felt that I sang rather well!”

‘Good Doctor’ has allowed Joo Won to receive the 26th Korea PD Awards – Best Actor Award and KBS Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actor Award etc, receiving recognitions repeatedly in the industry for his acting. He expressed that he hope to challenge roles that are close to real life and will work hard to act each role well. He also hopes to work with Chinese actors, “for example with world-renowned Hong Kong actors Tony Leung and Andy Lau, and also Tang Wei, she is famous in Korea.”

On the night of Christmas Eve, Hong Kong was around 20 °C, Joo Won who had his “first time spending a warm Christmas” thanked apm for organizing an interesting event to play together with fans, and was even more thankful that so many fans spent Christmas with him, wishing everyone happiness and health in the year of Goat.

Other than spending Christmas Eve with fans, Joo Won also specially held a charity autograph session that night, raising donations for the “Doctors Without Borders” organization, calling for attention to patients in poverty around the world.

When Joo Won said he was coming to Hong Kong, his mother specially messaged something like a Hong Kong Food Guide to him, but he had to rush to the event venue before getting to eat anything. However, he does not feel regretful as he is already looking forward to his schedule on the 2nd day – to shop around various places, for example going to Sneaker Street which specialize in selling sports shoes, buying souvenirs for his parents and plans to eat supper at night. However, he expressed that he “have to discuss with the manager (to eat supper)”. Last year, several leading Korean Wave Oppa competed to get chubbier. In order to maintain a good figure, there is still a need for the manager to keep strict control.

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