26th November Tomorrow Cantabile Fan Account by K

edited by mrdimples and rionae


It was almost 8.40pm on 26th Nov that my Korean friend who’s Joo Won fan (I will call her “L”) and I arrived at the Tomorrow Cantabile filming site.  We took the bus from Seoul to Anseong, changed to a local bus to a location near the film site and final step; we called taxi to our target destination.  We arrived at the site earlier than the schedule that Manager nim arranged on late 25th Nov. There are many vehicles there including a big black van & Sim’s white van. But most people are in the huge studio. So we just waited outdoor in a chilly 5 degrees Celsius.

During that time, Tteokmo Truck man called L asking for the exact location of film site.  They also arrived earlier than expected. When I came back from the restroom, both trucks had just arrived. We went to greet each truck and saw Jae Cheon manager approaching us.  He told that there was a sudden change in schedule; can both trucks start service at 10pm? Thankfully, both of them said they can.

Meanwhile, we spoke with Jae Cheon manager. I asked him what time did he arrive? He said almost 7pm. It was funny that I spoke in English and he replied in Korean, but both of us can understand each other haaaaa… He can remember my name too, it’s quite a surprise because my name is difficult to pronounce. Still, he could call my name correctly^ ^ I wanna hug you, Manager nim^ ^

Some crew came to the food trucks, asking for the menus. Some came to greet L and me. I heard from L later that Manager nim told her he was concerned that no one knows who we are, so he wanted to stay with us and introduce to the crew. How kind he is!!!

Photographers came to join in the conversations. They’re also very kind. A female photographer knew that I was catching a cold because I was trembling. She gave me a hand hot pack.  When another crew came near our group and saw that, he run to take 2 more big hot packs for me…T.T  I am grateful to all these kind people.


Before 10pm, both food trucks were already ready to serve. Some crews came to enjoy coffee & snacks. Park Bo Geom is one of them.  He ordered a drink and complimented on the violin usb gift. When he finished, I asked him if I could take his photo. I heard his manager said something in Korean like “Oh, we must return to the filming now, we have no time.” But, Bo Geom said to me in Korean, “Yes, together.” Wow, actually I thought of taking his photo only. But he’s so nice tell me to take a photo together^ ^ . After we took the photo, he ran back to film in the studio.

Many actors/actresses came to enjoy the drink and snacks in big groups. I tried to take photos of them, but it’s too dark. Moreover, with a big group, I cannot see any faces just their backs.

Coffeegreate (CF) made me the organic citrus tea even though I didn’t order any drink. He said it’s good for my health and good for the one who catch cold T.T So I had my organic citrus tea in front of CF truck.

Joo Won came out from the studio while my hands were full with the tea cup in one and the gifts bags in the other. Thus, I couldn’t take any photo at that time. He was in a rush as he had something important to tell manager and then headed back to the studio again. On the way, he bowed in greeting when he saw us.  The female photographer told me (in English) that Joo Won was not in good condition. He was very tired and weak. He looked so pitiful T…T


Shortly after, Shim Eun Kyung had a break. She came to the snack truck immediately with her manager. Jae Cheon manager asked me to follow him, and introduced me to her ^ ^ So I gave her the gift bag. She said “Thank you” and asked “What’s this?”  ^ ^ (all are in Korean). I told her it is a One Piece hat. She opened her mouth like “O” and smiled widely with her big eyes^ ^ and said “Thank you” again & again.  I believed that she must really be a One Piece fan.

Finally, Joo Won came out, I gave him the gift bags. He said thank you in a whisper. I think he is trying to protect his vocal cords and not strained them. But he smiled all the time. I asked if I can take his photo. Manager nim told me to go to another place as it was too dark outdoors. So we moved to some small room in the studio. When I looked at him closely, I can see his pale but still handsome face.


I asked him in English, “Are you sick? Caught a cold?” He replied in Korean, “Oor” (which is like affirmative) T…T . The, I asked if I could take a selca with him? He smiled and replied yes^ ^ He asked for my mobile phone and took a selca of him and me. I just stood back by his side a little. I dare not stand closer to him. So he had to move his face down, closer to me to take the selca. Turned out his eyes were closed when the camera snapped. So he said in English “One more time.” We took another photo and this time, I leaned my face towards his shoulder otherwise I may be out of photo, kekeke. Unfortunately,  I couldn’t smell him because my nose was blocked. Anyway, he looked so cute and handsome, right?^ ^ Then, it was L’s turn and I took their photo when they were taking their selca^ ^


It’s time for autograph! I gave him all autograph fanarts JWCIFC prepared. Manager asked me how many autographs I want. I said all ^ ^. Initially, it seemed like Manager want him to sign just a few but Joo Won start to sign before Manager even asked the question on how many I wanted. Joo Won  said it’s only 2 more left, it’s okay, kekeke.


All too soon, it’s time for him to return to the filming again. So he looked at me sincerely and said thank you and good bye to us before leaving for the studio.

Joo Won ate the hot snacks, coffee & special sandwich (bulgogi sandwiches & salad) that CF prepared specially for him.

At around 12.35am, they finished filming. Manager was worried about how we were going to make our way back to Seoul. Jae Cheon asked many drivers if they could give a ride to us. However, many bus for the staff were full and had no more capacity for us T..T. Finally, one staff bus driver said he could bring us to Anseong terminal and we will have to wait there for the first bus to Seoul (6am bus). Manager nim thanked the driver for us. I told Manager nim that he should leave now because Joo Won looked very tired and his next schedule was at 5am. When he left, it was almost 1am T…T.

Poor cutie, you came to film in Anseong since 7pm, finished at almost 1am, rest just few hours in the van and then head to Seoul to film again at 5am. This was why he’s not in good condition.

We waited a little more to watch the crew eat before boarding the bus heading to Anseong. Just when the bus was about to leave, a man suddenly came to the bus and told us to follow him. He said Manager was very concerned on how 2 women can stay at Anseong terminal (more remote place) till 6 am, so he called to ask more staff who can take us to Seoul. Fortunately, 2 directors who were supposed to ride the van took another van to Seoul so we got to take their van instead.  When we arrived at Yeouido, it was almost 2.20 am. We spent the time in Burger King nearby the subway station waiting for 1st train which starts at 5.30am. When I reached my apartment, it was almost 7.30 am.

I do not know what to say when I meet Joo Won T…T Plus, that I can only talk to him in English and understand a little Korean. But I always feel his sincerity from the look he gives me and every fan who have the chance to see him in person. I hope he will have a little rest to be in a better condition.

Joo Won Fighting!


5 thoughts on “26th November Tomorrow Cantabile Fan Account by K

  1. Poor guy. :-/ Hope he gets better soon.

    Haha, I can understand that part about you speaking in English while the other person speaks in Korean. It’s that way with my older relatives too – sometimes I forget words and sprinkle in English with my Vietnamese. But we somehow understand each other, so everything’s fine. xD

    I just discovered this blog, very nice! I already have Joo Won withdrawal after finishing the Tomorrow Cantabile finale, haha. Joo Won, Shim Eun Kyung, and all the other actors did such a brilliant job. Shame that it has low ratings though…I hope it doesn’t negatively affect them. Wish I can somehow message or tweet them that I’m grateful for this drama and all their hard work.

  2. OMG
    Never imagined that reading the food support account would evoke such tears in me.My eyes have turned into a pool about to overflow.Ah Jaechon manager-nim is indeed an angel.He’s a cute-nim.what a soft-hearted person he is.such tender generosity towards JW’s fans.I feel so happy for our Cutie to have him as his manager.
    I particularly loved how both Cutie and cute-nim answered you girl’s english questions in Korean.
    And I’m sooooooooooooooooo jealous of you both.JW and cute-nim can remember your faces…they don’t even know I exist ;'(

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