Tomorrow Cantabile – Main Character Review Episode 9

by farbarri

What an awesome episode! Everything that I envision for this drama doesn’t happen and go the way I wanted. It gets better instead. I don’t see much of the typical k-drama clichés, apart from hand grabbing (the teachers do it too!), instead I get something refreshing in the plot that I didn’t expect to happen. These surprises carry such high meaning to each character for it impacts them emotionally in their growth. This is an upside to not watching the previous projects before~

Yoojin & Naeil

In the beginning, we see Yoojin trying to talk to an upset Naeil. She’s at her lowest moment and she turns to Yoojin, her best source of comfort only to find that that comfort prickles her sharply instead.

Adult Naeil’s conversation with little Naeil indicates to that she knows Yoojin is right on her needing better lessons and that she can’t keep running away. But the fact that Yoojin didn’t ask her beforehand made her feels betrayed. On the other hand, Yoojin knows that Naeil is right that he was wrong, but he can’t bring himself to apologize, keeps wanting to reason with her so he won’t have to.

Naeil’s feelings are easy enough to read as she fully expresses herself. She remains mysterious on her past, maybe due to the fact that no one’s asked her yet. She’s upset with Yoojin for he doesn’t understand her, doesn’t bother to ask her feelings when she needs it the most. With that rare outburst which got Yoojin reminiscing of his own fear, he finally understands her. This is one of the main connections that they have; both of them have a dark past, and only they know how it feels to have to overcome that past in improving themselves to be a great musician.

Despite their differences in personality, their journeys together are similar. We have also seen another great connection between them in episode 7 and 8 when it involves music. No one else understands how it feels to be so emotionally drawn to music, and to pour out all their strength and emotion when they play. Yoojin and Naeil have experienced it, thus making our shallow-emotion Do Kyung feel left out.

(picture from episode 8)

Naeils’ straight-forward attitude is exactly what Yoojin needs. He doesn’t know how to express himself, and having Naeil telling him “If you feel sorry, then why don’t you just apologize?” This is very simple and could be told by anyone. But the way Naeil expresses it, and the timing with which she said it left the deepest impact to Yoojin. Little did she know that our Yoojin has taken care of things with Teacher Do after her outburst, but he didn’t get the chance to tell her about it. I was squealing so much near the end when Yoojin held Naeil to explain what he did, and apologized to her. This is a really major growth in Yoojin for it’s obvious he has never done it before. He tells her because he’s scared of losing her, because he needs her in his life. And the simple Naeil accepts the apology for that is the only word she longs to hear.

Up to episode 6, I still remain uncertain on what Yoojin’s feelings towards Naeil are. However, it is clear to me now that his feelings have definitely deepened, moving towards romantic feelings. He may not express it with words, but he sure does express it with actions. His gentle intonation with her and the way he tolerates her behaviour is spotlighting his feelings, and those watching knows better than him, though he will not admit it. Even Naeil notices it sometimes to his strong denial, as in Episode 7 where Naeil deduces that he hugs her because he’s jealous.

This is in contrast to his feelings with Do Kyung, though he dated her before. He likes her singing, and that’s what attracts him to her in the first place. But he is not romantically attached to her enough to beg her to come back to him when they broke up once their relationship ends. I don’t even see him being depressed over the end of relationship for he’s more occupied with a little rabbit that strays his path. 😡

I really love the moments where he waits for her to come running to him or go to his apartment. He misses her and definitely enjoys her persistent company, but he would jump off a building (half floor only) rather than admit it.

Yoojin & S-Orchestra

I really love the part where Yoojin envisions his ideal orchestra members. He knows the strength of each member, and combines individuals from S- and A-Orchestra to create the best orchestra the school has yet to see. This is what makes Yoojin a good conductor. He knows Ilrak is good, but not good enough to be the in the first violin section, where Shiwon gets the concertmaster (and is usually the violin soloist) position. Yoojin can tell the strengths and weaknesses of A-Orchestra better than any lecturer in the school. A-Orchestra is good individualist, but S-Orchestra is better as a team.

(cr to @jeonghyang)

Naeil’s trust is Yoojin’s life vest. Despite being upset at him, she still goes over to see him and tell him what she thinks and feels. She was there for him at each of his depressing moments, stretching out a hand in comfort or being the middle person to convey his trust to S-Orchestra members and in turn, to tell Yoojin what they are feeling. Having not been good with words, Yoojin’s words and intentions are often misinterpreted, especially by S-Orchestra members who obviously lack confidence in themselves. I don’t blame them, for they must have felt that Yoojin is rubbing salt on their wound, and Yoojin doesn’t explain himself well too, resorting to slightly hurtful words. I believe Naeils’s simple words will be a reminder to Yoojin in the future:

If you don’t talk, how will they know? You always think on your own, and decide on your own. You’ve never asked what we think.


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