Tomorrow Cantabile – Episode 10 Full Characters Review

by farbarri

What an emotional roller-coaster ride this week! Some of our characters separate, some other conjoined, and friendship and love continues to blossom. I have so much feels watching this week’s episodes for I love every single moment of it, apart from Chairwoman’s scenes, though they’re necessary. Now that we’re halfway through, we’re getting more focus on Naeil. I still hadn’t gotten enough of Yoojin’s inner emotion, but I want to see Naeils’s inner struggles too.

I’ve been thinking about this… What is the purpose of a blind audition if the judge knows who is auditioning? Why does the drama deviate in terms of song choices? My thoughts are as mentioned as we proceed with character reviews.


If you think about it, Yoojin and Dean Mina chooses blind audition (1) to convince the board members to go with this project, though many still disagree. But at least the teachers admit it’s a fair situation since they assume no one knows who auditions. I assume only Yoojin and Dean Mina know that both teachers/judges will definitely recognize the students, and Dean Mina trusts Teacher Do to make the right decision. (2) Mainly to give confidence to S-Orchestra members who Yoojin knows lack confidence somewhat, though he didn’t expect them to boycott the audition. Heck, I didn’t expect any to boycott too.

I’ve mentioned before that only YJ, FS and Dean Mina knows the differences in A- and S-orchestra. Teacher Do said everyone knows, but the truth is they only know that A-oke consists of elite members and S-oke consists of the ‘leftovers’. The lecturers didn’t think that A-oke only wants to build their resumes and didn’t have a sense of belonging to the orchestra as how Shiwon feels. This is what Teacher Do discovers during blind audition where he correctly points out each member’s strength and weakness. He can finally ‘see’ the talent that lies within S-oke members when he ‘blinds’ himself from his original prejudice. Dean Mina knows Teacher Do have this good mindset in him, just like her, but he got too carried away in his students’ personal glory to remember his passion in coaching.

Though A- and S- orchestra members argue when they first join RS orchestra, but they still get scared and embarrassed when Yoojin gets angry. Even A-oke acknowledges Yoojin’s talent in perfect pitch (the ability of a person to identify or re-create a given musical note without the benefit of a reference tone). Yoojin’s anger when he left the classroom is a way of wanting the members to overcome the barriers; get to know each other, learn their ups and downs, trust each other. And this is exactly what they did. So Yoojin is very much alike Franz Stresmann; both give time and space for the orchestra members to bond among themselves and discover and learn each’s jewel within.


Why does the drama deviate in terms of song choices? Because of Naeil. Having not familiarise myself with the original work, I have no idea which song was used when, until I read comments and reviews. Having Yoojin play the Grieg song during his performance with Stresmann is both awesome and meaningful because it was from a composer that he wants to be like too; a great composer/conductor and pianist. The Rachmaninoff song was still played, though by Suji, but the important thing is that both songs spark an emotion in Naeil that she hasn’t felt before. She wants to enchant people with her music, and she wants to do it with Yoojin

Naeil wants to perform on stage for she wants to improve herself, tries to overcome her fear to be more serious about music so she can be on stage with Yoojin. This is a different agenda than wanting to do well to be Yoojin’s wife. I love Naeil’s words “I won’t wear a mask and I’ll wear nicely this time…” This tells me that she her childish behaviour and wearing those Raccoon and Cow outfits as one of hiding/disguise methods, but she doesn’t want to do it anymore now. She wants to stand on stage as her adult self, not in disguise under her childhood fear. She knows that Streamann is right that time and Yoojin will not wait for her forever, so she has to move on. This performance is a major step forward for her, equivalent to IF Yoojin starts taking swimming lessons.

However, I’m a tad bit scared of what’s to come. The scenes of Naeil calming herself made me nervous and want her to do well more than anyone. Overcoming childhood fear is not an easy task, and certainly not something that can be done in days or weeks. She is definitely willing to change, but it requires strong willpower to do it. Does she have what it takes? Maybe she will have an urge to do the best if she finds out about Yoon Ho’s illness? She may find the joy in performing FOR people. This is one of the directions that I hope the drama can steer me to.


Yoojin has moved so many steps forward emotionally in episode 9. One of my favourite scenes is of him apologizing to Ilrak. He remembers what Naeil told him and apologized instead of making up reasons for his actions. Though he was right, but he still apologized for not discussing with his friends.

In episode 10, I love all his scenes for he is now the reason for everyone else’s growth, just like the first half of this drama is about how Yoojin grows. His actions and words are very deep because he’s such a straightforward guy in his answers. This straightforwardness proves to be a setback for Yoojin previously, but now I find it hilarious. The scene where Suji said he’s not her type, I love it when he retorts back to her that she’s “not a very nice type either”. Heh. Anyway, it is essential to discuss Yoojin along with everyone else as opposed to him alone.


I absolutely adore this couple! I re-watched their scenes many times, and I still do now. At first, I was confused as to the status of their relationship. Yoojin definitely acknowledges their relationship for he didn’t deny it when Naeil told him they’ve passed the two levels of ‘green light’ and ‘flirting’ although she’s doing all of those herself. Heh. He didn’t even decline her hand-holding anymore, nor when she said they could be a real couple with her as the pianist and him as the conductor. He even changed his door code and puts back her things to where they were before.

But it’s still unclear to me if the feeling he has for her is LOVE. He likes her, he enjoys her company, he likes her music, he wants to show her talent to the world, he wants to perform with her, he cooks for her, leaves his things in his apartment, he refers her to Yoon Ho as his mutt, and he wants her to follow him around. Ok, when I put it this way… maybe this is love? He even resorts to her orders and wishes. He just needs to say “I love/like you” or start kissing and I’m fully confident they will make a baby by the next few minutes.

Speaking of kissing… my heart was about to burst when I see the couch scene! They just can’t keep their eyes off each other. Yoojin’s expression shows expectation as opposed to love whereas Naeil’s shows desire. There’s no doubt to me that Yoojin-Dokyung have definitely ‘moved on’ in their relationship. I guess that’s why Yoojin didn’t want to make the first move because he wants to see what Naeil would do. He will definitely respond should she do something, he’s just giving her the chance to start it. Haish… my frustrations at the lack of kiss-ship with this couple…

I love how Yoojin stutters when Naeil announces her departure, like he’s taken aback by the nothingness. When he said “you were good at attacking me before”, I was so frustrated because I realized his intentions were to let her come to him. This got me thinking about his relationship with Do Kyung.

Yoojin-Do Kyung

Yoojin and Do Kyung have been friends since school days. But for all I know, they may have only started dating. Do Kyung seems to take their relationship lightly because the reason she’s by his side is just because she wants to be seen with the best. They may not have gone out much together for she said that Yoojin used to hate gatherings and vice versa. So I wonder how they spent time together. Probably just to talk and drink and practice their music.

Though Yoojin have been friends with her for a very long time, the fact that he didn’t open up to her about his fears indicates to me she’s not very important in his life. In episode 1, she said that she won’t hold him back from going overseas, and didn’t seem to care much about his true passion.

She ditches him immediately when she thinks he’s boring, and comes running back only when she thinks he’s interesting with all the attention he’s getting. She couldn’t care less about his feelings. It’s obvious that these two didn’t date due to love, and just for the sake of being together. Perhaps they do love one another, but it was only for a brief moment.

Yoon Ho

Park Bo Geum is a seriously good actor. He made me care for him, cheer for him, hate him, and empathize with his illness. Both Yoon Ho and Yoojin are more similar than they would like to admit, it’s just that Yoon Ho is more well-mannered, having brought up with love from his mother. Both have extreme passion in their own line of music, and both can conduct and play instruments very well indeed. Yoon Ho’s drawback is his illness whereas Yoojin’s are his fears. Without his fears, Yoojin would have studied overseas and performed concerts just like Yoon Ho is now.

Yoon Ho likes Naeil, but I don’t think it is love. He was originally interested in her because she’s just so random and possibly just wants to be friends. It was not until later that he sees her playing piano did he realize that he wants to play with her for possibly the last time. His desire to duet with Naeil mirrors her desire to play Yoojin’s Grieg concerto, though he expresses it differently. He was first attracted to her music then he likes her personality. I’m sure if given the chance, he wants to proceed as a couple, but he just likes her as of now.

I dislike Yoon Ho whenever he’s on the scene when Yoojin and Naeil are having their moments. However, I love his character. He has good manners and definitely traits Naeil well. He probably follows her around too, thus the encounters with Yoojin when he’s at his worst moments with Naeil. Though I dislike it when he embarrasses Yoojin, but I love seeing the tension between these two characters when they’re around each other. Sometimes Yoon Ho simply tries to wind Yoojin up by being an a$$, but whenever Yoojin does it, it just doesn’t seem to be right. Yoojin told Yoon Ho to treat Naeil with manners and not ask her to play for 4 hours, but at this moment I find myself siding with Yoon Ho for I can empathize with his desire to want perfection, for it may be his last time.

I realized that Yoon Ho must be quite a lonely child too. Possibly not as lonely as Yoojin, but he didn’t seem to have many friends. When he saved Yoojin, the way he stares at Naeil and the others are more towards ‘so this is what it would be like to have someone care for you’ look. He was brought up a genius, rich, he must have taken lessons after lessons, and enters competitions after competitions. He doesn’t seem to have time to make friends. So I guess he was initially interested in her as friends, but became more attracted to her in her music and as a couple later on.

Yoon Ho in pain before the concert is one of the best acting moments throughout the drama. He’s quite good in other moments though those moments didn’t leave much of an impact to me. But so far his Mambo conducting and the pain moments remain two of my favourite Yoon Ho scenes. I also really love his cello scenes. He plays very convincingly that I’m sure he’s really playing the song during those close-up shots. His mimic is the most convincing out of all the characters, and Joowon comes second.


I don’t think I’ve ever been this worried about TC’s ending before. So much is at stake! Yoojin needs to do well because RS-oke must get approval with this performance. They’ve worked so hard and there are so many media people present, so they can’t afford to make any mistakes. The smoothness of their performance lies in Yoojin’s conducting. If Yoojin is upset, then it is very likely that RS-oke will be affected as well. I can only hope that Yoojin’s father decides to approach Yoojin face-to-face after his performance. I dread to think what will happen if they meet before the performance…

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