Good news! We have a date with Joo Won! For our food project. It will be held in the last week of November.

At this moment, we are short of approximately USD300. If we achieve this amount over the next one week, we will be able to send a decent meal to Joo Won and the awesome cast of Tomorrow Cantabile. Not to mention the staff and crew too.
It is autumn in Korea but the temperatures are steadily dropping. To cheer Joo Won and keep him warm, we are planning to send his beloved coffee and hot food items like odeng and grilled sausages.
In times like this, only fans and new fans of the drama will show support for them to tell them how we love the drama, love their acting and appreciate their hard work. Besides hoping for recognition from industry insiders who will take note of their excellent work here, the rest is up to fans to show support.

Joo Won is awesome as Cha Yoo Jin. Time and again, he surpasses our expectations and more than deliver. Let us thank him and everyone on Tomorrow Cantabile for persevering and working harder than ever to give us hours and hours of entertainment. I roared out in of laughter after a hard day’s work, cried a tear or two when it touched me and dance a jig of joy as I snapped my fingers and tapped my feet to the infectious music of Tomorrow Cantabile. Did you?

If we hit our target, we will be able to send not only delicious hot food and drinks to the set but we have something special for Joo Won, Shim Eun Kyung and cast too! I am sure all will be delighted.

Pali, Pali, my dear Chingus! We are almost there! 

please go to cuties2mjw@gmail,com if you wish to show your support



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