Tomorrow Cantabile : Select Your Majors – Ideal Boyfriend

by mrdimples

BF shots

A) Almighty Cha Yoo Jin 

also known as Orabang/Orabutt/Orabulge/Orabaton

Talented pianist and conductor aspirant. Looks hard and cold on the outside but is actually hot HAWT. You might burnt by his hotness, don’t say we didn’t warn you. .

Lives up to his moniker “Almighty” because of his handsome face, aura and a body that will make Greek statutes weep. Those thick masculine eyebrows are darn sexy when they are furrowed. His eyes are like stars in the sky, limpid pools drawing you deep into his soul. Those cute corners of his mouth are inviting you to go in for a kiss. The tuxedo is made for this man. He is SEX on legs.


B) Lee Yoon Hoo


YH smile

Also known as the student from Juilliard

His features are so delicate that you marvel at each one of them. He is cute and winsome. The most devastating feature is his killer smile, it can make an entire field of flowers bloom and the birds sing. His lips are so full and red that they will make you pile on your lipstick to make yourself less dull. At this moment, the boy is featherweight so feed the boy right and be patient for your reward.

C) Yoo Il Rak

also known as Ra Kun


IR spying

He is the cutest thing eveeeeerrrrr… You just want to pinch his cheeks and smother him with kisses. Beneath that rocker getup is a hunky hot bod. He grew up and thrives on skinship so you can look forward to lots of cuddlies, huggies and let your hand go all over that body.

D) Franz Von Stresemann


Also known as Milch and Rat Snake

German Maestro, Conductor who is as notorious for his exploits as he is famous for his talent. Although lacking in looks, he has some killer moves which you will find out when it’s too late


conductor 1


A) Waves so silky smooth that it will make you reach out and pile more conditioner on your own tresses. On big occasions, the bangs will be swept back. When he is in the throes of piano passion, strands will drop across his forehead, oooh SMEXY!

YH hair

B) Hair so impeccable that nary a strand moved even when he was conducting “Mambo” with such gusto. A little bird tells me 10 cans of hair spray went into this one. So safekeep your own can if you live with this boy.


C) Rock Rock Ra Kunnnnn! Rocker Boy has a blond mop that refuses to be tamed because yunno he wants you to think he is WILD. But when he ties it into a ponytail, you just want to ride this wild horse really bad.


D) If you have a fetish for man with Beethoven Hair, this is it.

Your Future In-Law

A) Your potential Mom-in-law is really cool. She is unlikely to demand you make 100 types of banchan for her son and she sucks at housekeeping. She talks to her son like a friend and will probably chat and giggle with you over coffee instead of telling you what to do.


B) This one could be a tigress but her son is not under her thumb so in all likelihood, you are safe. Just leave it to the son to sweet talk his mother.

C) You have the most effervescent Father in law who will probably smother you with love and lots of food. Just make sure you treat his son well or you might end up as food instead. IR dad cleaver

D) Who needs in laws when you have this one? Enuf said

Method of Seduction

A) He is SEDUCTION although he knows nothing about it. He doesn’t talk much but you won’t have time for that anyway. When he is in deep concentration, hitting the piano keys, you’ll have to restrain yourself from grabbing him off the piano, throw him onto the floor and get on top of him.

YJ play piano

The moment he waves his baton, you know you are his slave for life. Even when he is just walking, you will also find yourself panting like a dog.He is Amighty S-E.X



B) Impeccable manners, gentlemanly air and born to charm women.

YH flirting

He knows how to treat a lady properly and is a perfect gentleman. He is all ears and gives you his utmost attention. He makes you feel like you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Just stare at his beautiful smile and soak in the syrupy sweet nothings that he whispers into your ears.

C) He can be flamboyant on the outside but turns into a puddle of goo when he sees the girl of his dreams. He will have eyes only for you and follow you like a puppy. And when he winks and gives you the naughtiest smile in this world, you will be reeled in hook, line and sinker

IR wink 2

D) He is the master of seduction, possessing a skill that only a select few or none can appreciate. But when he makes his Rat-Snake move, it might be already too late. You will be goner.

rat snake

Culinary Skills

A) He cooks as fine as he looks. He whips up gourmet dishes, fulfills your requests and looks delicious in an apron. You might not possess the frame of mind to taste his delicacies because you are drooling at the forbidden fruit under that apron

YJ steak

B) He will buy you Subway only because he is contractually bound to. However, he is actually perfect as a wine and dine guy who will bring you to Michelin star rated restaurants. But who wants to think of food when you have this devastatingly charming young man seated opposite you?

C) His Dad owns a restaurant. You will never go hungry.

dad binge

D) Not sure if culinary skills matter when he likes his food raw and …….alive?

Your Potential Rival

A) A girl who already “Bang-the-oppa” at word go. More importantly she speaks his language which you don’t and they play in a world which you cannot enter. Your only hope is he does not see all these like you can. Get him on the first plane to Europe before he realizes who his soulmate is or it will be hopeless for you.


B) The next item on his bucketlist. Will he still be around after he strikes dating you off his list?

YH bucket list

C) Once he sets his eyes on you, he’s gonna be yours for life. Just take a look at his Dad.

IR in love

D) He is actually more faithful than he looks. Your rival is not another girl but his tendency to run away from anything and everything. Once you find a way to stop this slippery creature from slipping off, he will be yours for life.

Now that you have selected your Ideal Boyfriend, here’s some valuable tips on the next step:

How to Get Your Man

A) Speak his language (which is music)

B) Be Strange

C) Stroke His Violin

D) Look like a rodent or a bird

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