Locate us!

Joo Won Cutie has joined several media sites recently. For a summary of our official accounts, please refer to the below:


Soompi / Dailymotion / Twitter / Facebook

Youtube: Subbed | Raw | Extras

Instagram / Tumblr


(as at 31 Oct 2014)


These links can also be found under the ‘About Joo Won Cutie’ tab.


One thought on “Locate us!

  1. Been an avid reader of this blog since Good Doctor reviews began.
    I do have a request to make though.Most of my friends don’t see what we all see in Cutie’s acting and well everything related to him.Apart from this site there isn’t another well informed and updated site dedicated to Cutie and even so (when I despite being a regular visitor to this blog) this blog does not turn up on the first page results when we search for Joo Won or his dramas .Its always on the 2nd or 3rd page and this bothers me.
    One of my friends whom I relentlessly pestered to watch JW dramas had this to say “I wanted to read up about him before watching but there isn’t anything significant ….no good blogs..perhaps he isn’t that good.is he?” Fortunately I made her watch JW scene cuts from OB during a weekend stay-in and by the time she left I knew I had succeeded.The next day she turned up with her hard drive begging to see anything with Hwang Taehee in it.That was just one friend.I wish more and more people out there see the brilliance of his work and admire him for it.
    Is there a way to make this blog show up when ever someone wants to know more of Cutie or wants a review of his dramas?basically I just want the reviews you girls have here (which are one of the best by far) to be read my non fans too.

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