10 Reasons Why I Love Tomorrow Cantabile

by mrdimples
Earlier on Naeil’s Cantabile soompi thread, forum users contribute their reasons why they love Tomorrow Cantabile. Although I could not capture everyone’s points verbatim, I drew the essence and make this list. If you have not tried Tomorrow Cantabile or hesitate because of hearsay, go and watch it. I promise you won’t regret it.

1. Almighty Cha

His campus mates worship the ground he walks for how can they not? He is tall, handsome, talented and has a swoon-worthy body to die for. He even cooks gourmet dishes and does housework too.
Joo Won pawns the role of Cha Yoo Jin. We love how Joo Won plays Yoo Jin to perfection. His interpretation of Chiaki is a sensitive and well layered one.
He does not give you whiplash between an arrogant, perfect jerk and an insecure, incompetent human being. He also does some of the funniest expressions which totally contrast with his deadpan ones.
Joo Won gives more depth to the character and is a delight to watch.  In him, you get glimpses of Cha Yoo Jin’s inner turmoil, frustration, despair and moments of enlightenment.

2. 4D Naeil

We love the effervescent, 4D, innocent yet perverted Nae-il. She is constantly bursting with joy and wears all her emotions on the sleeve.
Although she behave quirkly, Naeil is actually childlike. SHe can also be quite perceptive. She has a big heart and chooses to see the good in everyone. What we really admire about her is her undying enthusiasm and devotion to the things and people she cares about. She plays music with such joy and love. Her obsession and public display of affection towards her orabang are the most refreshing things in kdrama land where heroines are mostly passive.
Shim Eun Kyung plays the quirky, guileless and talented pianist Naeil to the tee. She is hilarious when she does the funny and is as cute as a button.
But she shines the most in the quiet and emotional scenes. In her portrayal, Naeil becomes more real. She tugs at your heartstrings and makes us root for her easily.

3. Goofball Concertmaster, Rakun

Il Rak is goofy, wild and totally adorable all thanks to Go Kyung Po. As a concert master, he often acts as the bridge between Yoo Jin and the S orchestra members. Il Rak is such an exuberant character and very expressive for a guy.
His scenes with his dad are a hoot with both of them equally open with their love for each other.

4. Fantastic Four

The side characters like Ma Soomin and Mini Minhee are not only funny, they are actually interesting. It is to actors Jang Sehyun and Dohee’s credit that these characters are more than caricatures. Ma Soomin constantly bickers and fights with Naeil over Yoo Jin but hilariously gang up in an instant when a new enemy comes to fore.
Together with Naeil and Il Rak, they are a riotous four which often exasperates Yoo Jin but they are truly friends who stick by him.

5. Skinship Galore

It is simply hilarious how Yoo Jin is a hug magnet. He is constantly ambushed on all sides by people who adore, and it’s not only Naeil. Yoo Jin’s reactions of exasperation and resignation to all these make it even funnier.

6. The budding romance

It starts out as a one sided with Naeil being deluded about Yoo Jin and taking her orabang as husband. Although Naeil seems more crazily obsessed or infatuated with Yoo Jin, I do think she really loves him.
It is not in her loud declarations which are hilarious but you can see it in her actions. The look in her eyes when she stares at Yoo Jin sleeping on the couch, the tears of pride and happiness when she looks at Yoo Jin in his S Orchestra sessions down to her effort in sewing the infamous “S” shirt for her beloved. It is not the weirdo girl I see but a girl who is totally in love with her man and stands by him in whatever he does.
Even the Ice Man starts to thaw under such warmth. Slowly but surely we see Yoo Jin’s growing affection for Naeil. He is not romantically interested in her yet but he knows when she is not by his side, he looks out for her and cares for her as a true friend.
The way he smiles at her or her antics is enough to melt rocks. I can’t wait for the day when he realizes that he has fallen for her because it is gonna be so awesome. We can expect fireworks and a bagful of laughs whenever this couple appears.

7. Loving parents

Unlike most Kdrama daddies, Il Rak’s Dad is so unbashful in his love for his son. It’s a rarity to see such awesome and adorable father and son relationship in dramaland. Yoo Jin’s mom is also another cool lady. Although Yoo Jin does not seem close to her, we can see how much she wants to be near him and cares for him. Got a feeling she and Naeil will make good friends, haha. Minhee’s Dad is the kdrama typical father but he shows that beneath that gruff exterior and curt words, he loves his darling daughter just like any other doting dad.

8. Beautiful cinematography

The work is simply gorgeous.
The settings, scenery, color and tone is very suitable for a drama whose focus is on classical music. Somehow the images enhanced the beauty of the music that accompanies each scene. They make you want to attend Haneum School, learn to make awesome music and soak in the atmosphere.

9. Music that touches the heart

We love how the music is incorporated into the story and used as a narrative tool instead of just “being there” or playing it because this IS a drama about classical music.
You will find that the music reaches out to you even if you are not a classical music fan. The choice of pieces fit the mood of the scene and the emotions of the characters so well that you can’t help but be swept by it. You need not know classical music or the famous composers, just watch the show and the music will speak to you.

10.  Beautiful story

Most fans will say Nodame Cantabile is a story about music. Indeed, classical music filled the drama and much of the protagonists’ lives revolve around it. However, I think there is much more to it. This story is about love, faith, family, friendship and self-discovery. Tomorrow Cantabile has succeeded on this front in weaving all these into a story that is not only delightful to watch but one which resonates with the viewers.

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