Tomorrow Cantabile 내일도 칸타빌레 Review Ep 3 & 4 – A Fresh Perspective

Just when I thought things could not get any better, it did. I got a major realization mode as I watch this week’s episodes 3 and 4. Stakes are higher, pride is challenged, friendship develops and love unknowingly grows.

We are still in the midst of character development, most of which involves Cha Yoojin. I see some growth in Ilrak too. We are introduced to more side characters and I’m really interested in them as much as I’m interested in Yoojin and Naeil.


I really love Ma Soo Min, Ilrak and mini Minhee. Together, they’re all like the High 5 members. So loud and hilarious! Naeil and Ilrak are close enough to work together in finding her bully culprit, but then they all just get close to each other, though Naeil and Soo Min still bickers. I love the relationship between Naeil and Ilrak. They’re in their own delusional world which is why they get along well from the get-go. This week we see Ilrak finds himself another challenge in Shi Won and because of this, he acknowledges that he needs more help to play better.



Minhee and Soo Min were introduced to us and I totally did not expect them to be so funny! Both play a minor part in Yoojin’s development. Soo Min, in a way that made Yoo Jin realize that playing with passion and excitement is much better, whereas Minhee made Yoo Jin opens up his heart more to help others in need.

And they even cover up for Yoo Jin’s mistakes. This is why I really love them~



Yoo Jin

I said in my last review that Yoojin has a high wall separating him from others. It turns out, that wall is actually not high at all. He has such a kind heart that seeing people have a hard time climbing it, he jumps over instead.

I notice that Yoojin is extremely patient. I realized this as he walks in the park, angry at being humiliated by Stresmann. Naeil and Ilrak were arguing while he bears with them so patiently in his messy state of mind. He could have stalked off earlier but he lets them have a go first. We see him doing this first with Naeil, and now he’s doing it with other people too. He roughly pushes away people or he wants them to do as he thinks is right, but then lets them do what they want instead because that is the better option. This behaviour applies to his friendship and S-Orchestra members.

He is still ego enough to actually say “Sorry” but he shows his remorse. He relents to Naeil when she sulks after he said he’s allergic to her, and he helps mini Minhee when she needs help the most, after hurting her feelings in his apartment. Yoojin is not as difficult to soften as we think. His scene with his mother indicates to me that he’s quite a lonely child and that she doesn’t hug or touch him enough as a child. He opens up slightly to her and is not rude, though they don’t seem to be very close. She wants to, but he’s not really letting her in too much. I hope they show more of Yoojin’s childhood so we can see why he’s such a cold person. He’s not originally a cold person, he’s just been very lonely for a long period of time.



I love Yoojin’s determination. He sets his mind in becoming a conductor, and he pursues it when he has the chance. Before this, he goes back and forth between changing and not changing because he still thinks the teachers are not very good, but once Franz came, he determinedly pursues his dreams.

By the way, I LOVE Yoojin’s neat-freak attitude~ Not sure if you notice these scenes:



Franz Stresmann

I still dislike him. But I’m beginning to see that he’s making things hard for Yoojin because he sees the potential in him. Franz’s way in conducting is to convey music with feelings, which is why we see the main difference in how Yoojin conducts then FS took over. Yoojin said they’re still not very good, but the feeling is different. This is similar to how we do work because we are forced to or because we want to.


A lot of people were surprised when FS took the first step as a conductor with S-Orchestra by organizing dinner and karaoke. He wants the members to feel comfortable with him, and he believes that friendship and teamwork is essential for the members to be able to play harmoniously when they understand each other better. Thus why he looks ridiculously happy in the bathroom being hugged by those students.

Initially, he wants Yoojin to get to know the members, thus he sets the lunch mission. But I think he was just goofing around to test whether Yoojin has the determination and he was proven right. Then when Naeil steals FS’s full score and he went over to see Yoojin conducts, he lets Yoojin try out for a week for he saw that Yoojin actually has the potential to be a really good conductor. Later on, he realizes that Yoojin lacks the understanding with orchestra members, which results in the members playing tricks and not playing with feelings.


All the while he plays tug of war with Yoojin was to challenge him, to put him in his own league, to let him try his strengths. This is a man who can spot a potential. He’s not one of the best conductors in the world for nothing. He knows what it takes to deliver, and he shapes Yoojin to deliver. This is why he kept saying to Naeil “Baby, it’s a misunderstanding” for she believes that he’s playing with Yoojin. But he’s actually challenging Yoojin for he knows Yoojin will learn the best this way.


Let’s not forget the person who made all this happen. Just because she lacks screen time, doesn’t mean that she’s not important. I think in the battle, Yoojin will let her play. The storyline in episodes 3 and 4 build up to the climax in orchestra battle which will surely shines Naeil. I don’t know what will happen, this is just my guess.

Let’s see how important Naeil is, which people doesn’t seem to notice. Because Naeil:

– steals FS’s music score and baton, Yoojin gets to conduct properly for the first time. And because of this, FS took notice of Yoojin’s skills.

– helps Yoojin to find S-Orchestra members for lunch, he manages to complete his mission.

– bonds a close friendship with mini Minhee, she brought her to Yoojin’s house which made Yoojin lash out at her, then feels bad and helps her to get a part-time job instead. She also helps Yoojin to find Minhee at the supermarket.

– sulks with FS, we get to see FS’s true intentions in helping Yoojin.

– partners up with Ilrak, we get to confirm Ma Soo Min’s true feelings.

– believes in Yoojin and the S-Orchestra members, she constantly gives support to them when they need it the most. Thus boosts their confidence.


So  much in store for week 3! Until then, everyone~


Review by: farbarri@joowoncutie


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