Tomorrow Cantabile 내일도 칸타빌레 – A Critical Review

The most controversial drama of the year goes to…. *drumrolls*

Actually, I don’t find anything controversial with this project. It’s just the hype around this drama that amazes me. There are SO MANY worse dramas known to mankind, but i’ve never seen such negativity surrounding a project before. And this project is not even BAD. In fact, I am enjoying this drama a lot. Watching Tomorrow Cantabile in a fresh perspective, I find myself enjoying this as much as I would have enjoyed had this been a new project with an unknown storyline, or the first project after the manga.

Haters are gonna hate. I will not focus on what made haters hate Tomorrow Cantabile because it’s a waste of time. Even if the drama is awesome, they’re still gonna hate it. But I do realize certain aspects that made those watching with an open mind slightly upset. If the production encounters these aspects, I’m sure the criticism will not be as bad. Some of them reads too much hate and bashing that their scepticism turns to dislike too. I tried putting myself in their shoes, but I just don’t understand the bashers. However, I do have an understanding with those open-mind watchers.


If you notice, when Koreans adapt Japanese manga etc., the expectation of Kdrama always fall short. This is because what makes a Jdrama special is that they use excessive slapstick, over-the-top expressions, and ridiculous real-life settings. Surprisingly, this works for most viewers, international included. Why? People prefer to watch something that did not or would not happen to them, or something that they wish could happen, something that they fantasize over. This could be in the form of storylines that are close to real-life or storylines that are extremely far from normal every-day life. That is why Koreans love makjangs. Because the storyline such as birth switch and body swap does not happen in real life. Contrastingly, people love critical illness dramas because people can relate to having lost loved ones or what-if they lose loved ones due to illness.


I have nothing against the casts’ acting. Everyone is really good. From our main leads down to those bystanders who watch Naeil flung her shoe or get shot in the head by the arrow. I could not find fault in the casts’ acting at all. I praise Joowon and Eun Kyung’s character interpretation for their personalities are likeable which makes me love them. I think Naeil is such an adorable character thanks to Shim Eun Kyung. She is not over-reacting and her adorable reactions made me try it out to my friends, to weird response. Oh well… Anyway, those who say Eun Kyung over-reacts made me wonder if they have actually seen Nodame Cantabile.

Naeil centered:

So far we’re seeing lots of character development for Cha Yoojin. Nodame lovers (jdrama+manga+anime lovers) want the story to be more Nodame-centred. Thus when this early parts of the drama focuses on Cha Yoo Jin, people tend to dislike it. I don’t know how the writer interprets TC, but I’m sure the focus will shift more to Naeil as the weeks go on. I can predict how the next two episodes will go, and if my prediction is right, then Naeil plays a huge part in the S-Orchestra development and also the minor casts’.


Korean comedy is very much different than Jcomedy. Nodame cooks in a classroom, fairies lift her to Eiffel tower and fall, she was punched and kicked hundreds of times, ridiculous orchestra members’ expression in attempting to be different than A-Orchestra, etc. I definitely laugh watching this humor, but it’s really ridiculous and unrealistic. Kdrama humor on the other hand, relates more to real life scenarios and not due to face expressions. Producers try to make the adaptation as realistic as possible. They include the humor, but it falls short of the Jprojects. So when someone has watched something really funny, they expect the same thing in the adaptation. But when Kdrama made the humor realistic, viewers will go “is that is?” then be disappointed. If the project is new and the similar realistic-humor is made, viewers will find it extremely funny. But due to comparison with a ridiculous humor, the realistic-humor falls short. This applies to acting methods as well, which makes viewers somehow dislike Naeil compared to over-the-top Nodame.

Storyline settings & clichés:

I think this is the most important aspect on why haters bash this drama and upsets those watching this with open mind. There is nothing wrong with the storyline for the pacing and general storyline follows the manga. However, I notice certain clichés of the original manga missing. For instance Nodame feeds Chiaki when he was distracted, bath-tub scene, kotatsu scene, etc. These are the clichés of the original project, which made it different than other dramas’ clichés. So when the production did not include them, original Nodame Cantabile lovers were disappointed. To those watching this project for the first time, they would not know these parts. But they will still find Tomorrow Cantabile extremely funny.

A quote to end this review:

If you surround yourself with negativity, you will be a negative person. Instead, be the positive catalyst that changes the negativity.

Until next time, everyone~


by: farbarri@joowoncutie


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One thought on “Tomorrow Cantabile 내일도 칸타빌레 – A Critical Review

  1. I am totally agree with your statement said k drama directors trying to put humor sense in the drama that suits korean people which is more realistic and not face expression type of humor. i have watched nodame cantabille and a hard core fan. when i watch kdrama version, i m slightly dissapointed cuz i aspect that it would be the same level of humor like the jdrama. and this drama didnt focus on the feeling or enthusiasm, their obsession on classical music like jdrama did. i dont know , i just feeling that it lacks of it. and i think they put too much scene i mean the plot was to much to be put on in one episode. it looks like director is trying to make it short episode.

    but joo won and nail (can remeber her actual name) acting is so much entertaint me i enjoy their acting so much including the violinist ❤ . when i watched nails acting, i am too taught that she was overreacting and failed to imitate nodame. but in the next episode, she seems improving and makes a genuine character of her own style. and thats a good actor !

    their acting covers up the lackness of the drama that i mentioned. and i do hope the endings of this drama will be different from the original nodame.. good luck CANTABILE TOMORROW !


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