Tomorrow Cantabile Food Project Update

Our Rice Wreath has been ordered and we’ll see it at Tomorrow Cantabile’s Press Conference on the 8th October, I am beyond excited.

Now, we are raising funds to show support for Joo Won during his filming for Tomorrow Cantabile. As you can see, Shim Eun Kyung’s fans have sent her 2 food trucks to cheer the cast on and we have the opportunity to see Cutie tucking into the food with the staff.

I am pleased to report on behalf of JWCIFC admin that our Food Project is well underway, just finalizing and getting confirmations. Please look forward to exciting announcements coming your way and opportunities to participate as a fan. However to present an adequate meal, we need to raise more funds.

I would take this opportunity to thank all who have participated in the Rice and Food Project so far, your contributions made all these possible.  Whether it is USD20 or USD200, we have received it well with a thankful heart.

With Fashion King gaining a lot more attention than expected and the anticipation of Tomorrow Cantabile, this is the best time to welcome Joo Won back to small and big screens.

Tomorrow Cantabile Fighting! Naeil Cantabile Fighting! Joo Won Fighting!

For those who would like to contribute but have not done so, please contact us at


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