Tomorrow Cantabile Support Projects Update

Yay!!! We hit our target for a 200kg rice wreath. Sim has not announced the date and venue of the Press Conference but I guess it will be very soon. Can’t wait to see all the rice wreaths lined up in support for Joo Won and ours will be there too. 

On the behalf of JWCIFC admin team, I wish to thank all our contributors who generously contributed towards this rice wreath project and help us show our love and support for Joo Won

Thank You! 

Food Project is Next

As the drama draws near and anticipation of seeing Joo Won onscreen again after 1 year increases, I feel both exhilarated and nervous. I think Joo Won himself feels the same way. In a sense, he carries the weight of the drama on his shoulders as the leading man. Nodame Cantabile was a huge success in Japan and Asia with a strong following til today. Many are curious about how the Korean remake will fare and definitely eyes are on Joo Won as to whether he can hit the mark that Tamaki Hiroshi set.

No matter how the drama will be received, we know that Joo Won and the cast will be working hard to give us their best. We will now drive our efforts towards collecting funds for Tomorrow Cantabile Food Project. Joo Won will be happy and proud to have his fans do their bit to show appreciation to his co-stars and staff. So let’s us make this possible.

Tomorrow Cantabile Fighting! Naeil Cantabile Fighting! Joo Won Fighting!

If you are interested to contribute, please contact us at


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