Our Messages to Joo Won : June 29, 2014 Project

Fan Account with Follow Up

I know this has been long overdue. But please bear with me as I narrate what my experience is and the outcome of our project last June 29, 2014. The finale of Joo Won’s Ghost Musical.

June 29, 2014. Joo Won’s last Ghost Performance


21  3

It still brings back a mixed feelings whenever I think about it. Joy as Joo Won will finish one awesome musical that left a big impressions on the audiences and fans. Sadness as this will be the last time that I will watch him as Sam.

When I arrived at D-Cube and met up with our fellow fans, we wait for Joo Won to arrive on the venue. I keep glancing at the entrance if he already arrived. I cannot miss the chance of meeting him and giving him our messages gift. I readied my cellphone to take video and slung my camera on my neck… hopefully, I can take pictures too, I was such a multitasker. Hahahaha. And on one hand, I am clutching the bag where our messages were safely tucked-in.

12 13

There are just so many fans waiting for him. I have seen few who I also saw before when I first watch Joo Won’s Ghost. It’s so nice to see fans gathering and showing Cutie their love and support. I think it’s a boost to his energy seeing his fans.

You will always know when Joo Won arrived. You will hear some collective mini shout or gasps. ^_^. When I saw him coming in with manager-nim. My heart just jump out of my body and runs to him. He looks so dazzling in his black shirt and white pants. OMG! He was sooo handsome that it took me a microsecond to react and goes near him. Joo Won looked a bit startled at the number of fans waiting for him. Fans started to surge in towards him and I know, I have to reach him and give the gift to either him or manager-nim before he will be swamped by his fans. With some ninja moves, I stuck my hand and gave the gifts to both of them. Manager-nim was able to get it along with so many gifts. I was videotapping it but its kind of hard to take a good shot so some parts came out shaky. Fans comes from every directions, greeting Joo Won and giving him gifts. I got swept aside so easily… WAH!!!

I think manager-nim got a hard time fending off the fans because there are just so many. They have to walk real fast while taking in fans gifts. I also have a hard time finding the right position where I can still see Cutie and take a good video. Its mayhem. Hahahaha.

Well, after more than two months. I have always wonder whether Joo Won ever had a chance to even touch our gift. Since manager-nim was the one I last saw holding it.  But we will not wait much longer…

4 Cutie reaching out for our gift.

5Looks at our Ghost Musical Logo.

6 7 8 9Took out the message.

10And he puts it in another bag. ^^

I think he was arranging the gifts given by his fans so he can take it home later.

When I saw this, I was… Waaah!!! Cutie held our gift. I am so happy! Hopefully when he read it, he enjoyed each and every message that we had written.



Fan Account by : coolreborn@joowoncutie.wordpress.com


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Screenshots: by coolreborn for JWCIFC

Lilo Video Credit: Fan Who Loves Joo Won




One thought on “Our Messages to Joo Won : June 29, 2014 Project

  1. Awwww….This little…not little…how is this little!! ^^;
    Reading this just made my day…or ,rather, night!! ^^
    Gives me more hope that he does take treasure home gifts given by fans…well..that hope is a punter I’m willing to hold on to! haha *wonders if he still has my gift somewhere….*
    *conjures a big protective thought bubble*

    Thank you so much!! This brings back so many precious memories for me!! ^^

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