Tomorrow Cantabile Support Projects Update

Support Joo Won, Feed Cutie The Poor

In this past week, we are very thankful to fans who have responded to our call for contributing to Tomorrow Cantabile Rice Wreath Project as well as Food Project. We have made progress towards our target but we are still a distance from our goals.

The Rice Wreath Project will show our support as Joo Won Cutie International Fans to Joo Won and cheer him for his new drama, Tomorrow Cantabile. This is his drama comeback after a hiatus of nearly a year. Needless to say, it is an important one. Many eyes are on him to see if he can pull of the Korean version of Chiaki and make this adaptation a success. The rice we buy will eventually go to a charity of Joo Won’s choice, usually the poor and needy. So, it’s a great way to show support for Joo Won as well as do charity.

We plan to hold a Food Project while Joo Won is filming Tomorrow Cantabile. We did it for Good Doctor and I think it was really then that Joo Won knew Joo Won Cuties International Fans existed. Since then, we have made our presence known through other projects and I am glad that Joo Won knows that he has fans from all corners of the earth. This Food Project is to cheer Joo Won while he is working hard during the filming and show our appreciation to the rest of the cast and staff.

Pali Pali! The deadline is 22nd September and if you are interested, please contact us at


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