[PROJECT] Birthday Postcard Project 2014


This year we are planning to send Cutie love from around the world! To do that, we need everyone’s participation!
The plan is to send Joo Won a postcard from your country so that he will be able to see the international stamps and know where his fans are. Please do not put your postcard in envelope. The stamp should be on the postcard itself.

Of course, we are sending as a group, so there must be something in common that each of us have to write on our own postcard. We have formed Korean sentences as below and each participant will be assigned one word to write at the top-left of their postcard. These postcards will be sent to a fan in Korea who will collate the postcards before forwarding to Sim.


생일 축하합니다!
드라마에 복귀하는것을 오랜시간 기다렸어요~
내일도 칸타빌레 파이팅!
차유진 파이팅!
항상 사랑 해요!

(Translation: Happy birthday! We have waited a long time for you to return to drama~ Tomorrow Cantabile fighting! Cha Yoojin fighting! Love you always!)

For example, the 6th person will write “#6: 니” and the 7th person will write “#7: 다!”

To participate, please write in to jwcutiebirthday@gmail.com to indicate that you will be joining for the Birthday Postcard Project 2014 by 7 September 2014, 15:00 KST so that we can assign the word to you. Please indicate which country you will be sending from.

It would be good if your postcard shows something that is representative of your country or culture.
We would really like to have as many participants from different countries as possible!

– Joo Won Cutie International Fan Club


[Update] 6 Sept 2014

We have fixed a date for all postcards to be received as 23 September 2014. Please estimate based on your country’s postage service. This will mean that we are running on a very tight timeline. As such, especially for those outside Asian region, you may have to use express courier service to send the postcard.

These are the rules for the postcard project:

1) Please write ‘Joo Won Cutie International Fan Club’ at the bottom of your card.

2) Please write your designated word at the top left of your postcard.

3) There is no restriction on language usage. You may write in Korean or English. Please write something that Joo Won understands! He may be able to read basic simplified-Chinese and Japanese greetings, but please keep it to a minimum.

4) Please send us a photo of the back and front of your postcard for collation ^^

5) We are targeting all postcards to be received by 23 Sept. Please estimate based on your delivery time.

6) Note for those who are using express courier service (DHL/Fedex/etc): Please attach a stamp (can be used/unused) that has your country’s name as well as we want Joo Won to see the stamps.

Sample of postcard:


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