[INTERVIEW] InStyle MEN ~ 2014 September issue Beautiful Morning Joo Won

A handsome young man in romantic story, a hero in action drama, a talented doctor in medical drama. Actor Joo Won’s acting spectrum is as supple as running water and as solid as marble. I peek the scene of a relaxing morning when he is preparing to transform his acting once again through drama “Nodame Cantabile”. (Translator’s annotation: the drama is now renamed as “Cantabile Tomorrow”.)


He says….

With a slender figure of more than 180cm tall, rather than his looks, Joo Won is an actor having acting skills coupling with his excellent eye expressions.   He had always been using baby lotion until 3 years ago, perhaps it was not long after he started to shave, how far does his charm go? Traces of soccer and PT can be found in his tight and toned body and his smooth skin, I asked him the secrets.

~ Actually, when did you start your skincare?

“Three years ago.  Before that, I only used baby lotion.  It surprised everyone around me and they were perplexed.  However those products are what hyung(s) has/have been using, so I started trying them.”


~ What is your biggest skin problem?

“My skin is sensitive and I received so much stress.  Because I don’t have much beard, I use electric shaver but it causes problems to my skin.  Now, I use razor and apply more shaving gel to shave.  Then, I apply a lot on skin.  It is relaxing and also moisturizing, I apply more around my chin.”

~ Are there any differences with skin care before and after sleep?

“Before going to bed, I wash my face and apply skin care products.  I don’t like oily and sticky feelings, I use mist instead.  I guess this is the way to keep the skin very moist when getting up in the morning.”


~ Do you have your unique know-how keeping your skin moist?

“It is important to follow proper skin care steps.  When applying skin essence, lotion, eye cream, sun cream, only apply a thin layer and let the skin absorb it well.  If you rush to rub it onto the skin, the products tend to stick and then emergency situation will happen.”

~ How do you moisturize your body?

“I normally put on body lotion but I tend to use mist in summer.   Other days, I use water based body lotion, some days I select the fragrance I like. I use whichever according to my mood and skin condition.   If my skin is dry and cracking, I go for rich moisturizing lotion.”

~ What is your standard in choosing cosmetics?

“My first preference is non-oily products, I am not too concerned about the fragrance.  Also, if the product contains too much alcohol, my skin becomes sensitive  after shaving and will get red and sore, so I like skin care products with less alcohol contents.  Wherever possible, I try to find mild products.”


~ How do you tackle skin problems?

“During filming, I sleep without removing make up most of the time.  It will definitely cause problems.  I will then use oil absorbing sheets and moisturizing mist to remove the oil when I have spare time.  And if skin problem occurs, I will stick a patch on the affected area immediately.  If not and I touch the affected area, problem will get worse.

~ What is your dream look after 10 years?

Now it is set as wallpaper in my mobile phone but I want to age like Leonardo DiCaprio.  When looking at his old photos, he was a handsome man representing Hollywood but now he had completely changed into a beautiful and handsome man.  His acting and age match well with his look.  I guess my look will also have some minor changes when I am in my 30’s.  When I am in my 40’s, it will be nice if my face matches well with my age and shows the charm of a profound man.  Not baby face, not long-sightedness, just the look matching my age.



“I pay attention to skin care.  It is not because I have flaws on my skin now but I just feel like to see if any effects are shown.”

Thinking of his future look, Joo Won is managing his grooming care know-how step by step.


“Shaving is a skin care step which I am most concerned.   Problems occur most of the time when my skin is simply stimulated by the razor blade. So when I shave, I use shaving gel which generates plenty of foam.”

His favourite shaving product is to help open up the hair follicles and the after-shave gel which helps grow thin and fine beards. Then use cold water to tighten pores after shaving and finish it off by applying after-shave product.


Joo Won thoroughly self-manages detox effect and weight by applying healthy diet.

“I start in the morning with an empty stomach, I drink lots of fruit juice, as much as 500cc in the morning. I avoid carbohydrates, my meals are mainly vegetables and foods rich in protein. I also take lots of vitamin C and lactobacillus.”


“ Because I like sports, previously I was so keen in playing soccer. Before I played in a soccer club, but now I occasionally gather with some friends to play when we have time. Because of drama filming, I tend to care about my skin. I also started PT about 2 months ago, my thighs are fine, so now I am more concentrated on fine-tuning my upper body, especially working out on widening my shoulders.”


“After getting up, I do thorough moisturizing. Because I wear make up all the time for filming.” Joo Won explained to me it is important to carefully apply the moisturizer in order to let it absorb into the skin. “Must apply on skin twice. After applying once and let it absorb into the skin, apply again and let it absorb. After that, apply essence and cream slowly and move onto the next step.”

Oil-based products can cause skin problems, applying refreshing gel type cream for moisturizing is the secret.

Source    InStyle Men    2014 September Issue


English translation by manyearsago @ soompi

(Note:   English translation is based on using Korean-Japanese Google Translator, translated contents could be slightly different from the original source, some texts  are not translated because Korean-Japanese Google Translator does not translate proper meaning.)

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