Joo Won challenging the role of a paediatrician who has savant syndrome


Joo Won admires Si On’s Charm


~ Drama “Good Doctor” depicts the growth of a young paediatrician who has savant syndrome.  Joo Won, who played the lead Park Si On, actually went to meet autistic patients before filming had started.   Besides going through this experience, he had to learn Si On’s way of walking and his gestures.


“Before meeting autistic people, I thought “are they only a little bit different from us?”  However, after meeting them in person, their speech and expressions are natural, that really surprised me.  Their eye movements are actually in line with what I prepared to act, so I just adapted that in my acting.  I also thought in order to express his past that “he was afraid of his father”, Si On hunched his back to walk.


~ Joo Won said “I think I admire him” when playing the role of Si On

“Needless to say, I admire Si On’s talented memorization (laugh).   There were so many lines to remember this time, I thought “If I were Si On, I guess I would have remembered all the lines only by reading the script once (laugh).”


~ He continued talking about similarities of Si On and himself

“Si On is an adult but his heart is as pure as a child.  I am an adult but I am trying hard to be pure.  I guess it would be nice if only my heart remains like Peter Pan’s.  Honestly, I still don’t know whether it is good for being an adult (laugh).  Once becoming an adult, there are more disappointments, people are calculative while living their life, aren’t they?  This is what I really don’t like.  However, from the viewpoint of children, the world they can see is much wider.  I think this is exactly what I don’t want to forget.”



Joo Won gloriously received four prizes at the annual drama awards

~ Joo Won spent enjoyable time with co-stars Moon Chae Won and Joo Sang Wook in film set.

“Sang Wook hyung is really an interesting person. Kim Do Han is a very serious character but he plays pranks when he is not filming.   He is a chatterbox among all co-stars (laugh). Contrary to the character of Kim Do Han, he is very interesting.   And for Chae Won noona, she just freely walked into the dressing room full of male actors (laugh). Because she was with us all the time whether it was rest time or meal time, we really had so much fun.”

~ Joo Won achieved four awards namely Best Excellence, Netizen, Best Couple and Producer Awards in 2013 KBS Drama Awards for playing “Good Doctor”. I wonder what sort of project this drama is to him.

“Through this drama, the feelings which are forgotten by adults had once again come back to my mind.  It is an important project which coincidently reminded me of my initial enthusiasm.  Also, I was very pleased that I received many awards but at the same time I think I have to work even harder from now on.”


Source   haru*hana Vol 023

Written by Yumiko Maeshima

English translation by

manyearsago @ soompi


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