“Good Doctor” Serial Interview Vol 1: Joo Won “The film set was filled with laughter and we all worked as a team”


Worries on portraying such an attractive character

~ “Good Doctor” was written focusing warmly on the growth of an autistic young man who, as a doctor and also as a person, aimed to become a paediatrician with supports from others.   As much as we could see, the drama wouldn’t be that successful if it was without Joo Won who played the lead Park Si On and showcased viewers his excellent acting skills.

“Si On is a very attractive character no matter which actor sees him.   To prepare for acting, I watched many American movies for reference.  Autism is curable.  I only realized it now, many of them are almost like healthy people.  After meeting many autistic patients, I realized none of them are the same.  Because they are all different,  I had big problems and wondered which reference I should use.”

~ In the drama, there were so many complex medical jargons in every episode, I guess you were worried.

“Because those unfamiliar jargons are not normally used, even I had practiced, I still got stuck during filming and ended up with many retakes.  However, staff understood it well.  On top of the difficult terminology, articulating these medical jargons with Si On’s fast talking habit, somehow it seemed forgivable.”

~ Joo Won also talked about the difficulty on the love line between Si On and his senior Yoon Seo.

“It was really very difficult.  Chae Won noona who played Yoon Seo paired with me very well.  She also felt affection for Si On.  For me, I just loved with a child’s heart, the feelings which adults don’t have, I wonder if it is possible for a child.   I put in so much effort to deliver “I love you” genuinely with a child’s heart.”

~ I guess while chatting with Moon Chae Won in film set, Si On and Yoon Seo built up a good relationship.

“It seems Chae Won noona was fascinated by Si On’s character.  The role was good.  Yoon Seo treasured Si On a lot and loved him, I guess Chae Won noona herself was also like that.  The love line between us was depicted and we broke the barrier, I remember we discussed with PD for a long time during filming for scene(s) which we didn’t have complete empathy.”

~ I heard co-stars and staff also got along well and the atmosphere was fun in film set all the time.

“It was really warm (laugh).  Because it was a medical drama, awfully complicated situations were just inevitable during filming, starting from PD, not a single person got annoyed at all.   Film set was always filled with laughter, perhaps workmates in hospital were all in the same generation, atmosphere was very lively.    All co-stars and staff worked as a team.”

~ Looks like Joo Won also felt his growth in film set

“I was really very worried about the character and also the success of the drama.  But once I started, somehow I sailed through it.   Every time when I finish a project, I have a thought and only feel “Once again I have finished a single project smoothly”, this time I felt I gained self-confidence even it is just a little bit.”

Moon Chae Won “I had a feeling this drama was produced together with viewers”


A love story played out with rich imagination and sensibility

~ By playing the role of Cha Yoon Seo, an excellent paediatrician in “Good Doctor”, Moon Chae Won has showcased viewers her new charm.

“To peel off the professional label of a doctor, I prepared myself with the thoughts of portraying the character as an ordinary person and also a woman with an open-hearted and adorable appearance.  Because my previous projects were sad and pathetic, somehow I showed viewers too much of my cool image, so I worked hard to portray a character who had a positive mindset.”

~ Playing the role of a doctor who is driven by work, neither wearing make-up nor dressing up beautifully in scenes was necessary.

“Once I was wavered with opinions given by others but when I first saw the script, I set my targets of “Showing a natural appearance” and “Keeping the appearance of a real doctor till the last episode”.   As a result, my approach on taking up this appearance was well received by viewers and I thought it was good that I acted out the character as how I first prepared.”

~ The heartwarming love between Moon Chae Won and Joo Won who played Si On also captured the heart of viewers.

“The highlight of romance in this drama was its dry humor.  From the first episode, we worked hard to repeatedly portray the adorable images of both Si On and Yoon Seo.  We did many ad-lib scenes of which lines and expressions were not even written in the script.  It is not because ad-lib scenes are effective but the more imagination adapted to act out in the drama, the richer the scenes became.  To me, that was my first time I had ever played such a love story.”

~ I heard other scenes were also replaced by ad-lib scenes.

“There were many ad-libs in playing the cooking scene.  Si On used rice noodle to cook spaghetti, I ate and then pushed the dish aside and said “Neither of us will cook for the other ever again.”  Even so, at the end I said “Good try though.”   I reckoned Yoon Seo found Si On so adorable when he was cooking, I added this line in, PD didn’t edit it out but used it instead.  As an actor, I am very pleased and this scene remains deep in my memory.”

~ It was revealed that a deep bond was developed  between PD and actors.  I guess it would have helped viewers watch the drama.

“Because autism was picked as a topic for this drama, how script writer could write the story and actors could portray the characters, it depended on how viewers accepted it after watching its first episode.   Because the topic of autism was an eye-opener for many people, I guess that was the reason why this drama had achieved the viewer ratings of over 20%.   I had a feeling this drama was produced together with viewers.”

~ Then, can you tell us what you gained in this project?

“Worries are never ending, the royal road to become a good person and working hard to become a good actor, I think attitude is very important.  When playing this drama, very familiar educational messages had once again come to my mind.  I think that part was a lesson for me.”

Source   韓流ぴあ Issue 2014 July

Written by Oda Kaori

English translation by manyearsago @ soompi

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